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213: Discover Your Creativity with Christopher Lowell
213: Discover Your Creativity with Christopher Lowell

213: Discover Your Creativity with Christopher Lowell

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How to Discover Your Creativity

cl-imageChristopher Lowell is an Emmy-award-winning television personality, design guru and best-selling author. But that’s not what it’s about. Christopher wants to help you uncover your creativity and use it to create the most amazing life you can for yourself. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Christopher talks about how to find your creativity and build an amazing life around it. Disclaimer: Creativity comes in all forms, not just art and design, so if you think this doesn’t apply to you — listen anyway!

About Christopher

Christopher Lowell’s first 20 years in the microcosm of the arts, working side-by-side with fellow artists, gave him an intimate hands-on view of the perils that often besiege those with true talent. As a sought after visionary, respected performer, musician, artist and director in his own right, Lowell soon became a private confidant helping many other acclaimed performers navigate the often- treacherous waters when fame, and celebrity enter the picture. Lowell soon began to question the difference between talent, seemingly available to few, and personal creativity, which he suspected was inherent in all humans.

While continuing his own performing arts and design career, the next 16 years took Christopher on a compelling odyssey in the quest of discovering the true origins of human creativity. After spending three more years teaching and facilitating remarkable creative breakthroughs on thousands of collage students in an academic setting, Lowell took what he’d learned about the transformative power of personal creativity to millions of mainstream viewers on national television. In creating a mix of comedy, psychology, interior design and personal creativity instruction, Lowell’s show broke all the rules and changed the face of lifestyle television forever. His show would later become the template for an entire network, HGTV.

Under the guise of home improvement millions of viewers discovered their own source of creativity that had long been buried, making Lowell’s decade-long series the highest rated daytime show in the history of the Discovery Channel. Now an Emmy-winning host, 6-time best selling author, head of his own multimedia studios and national brand (retailing products in over 3,800 popular retail stores), Lowell could see the economic crash looming in the distance. Sure this compelling, shared experience would change everything, he decided to make his exit from daytime television. After executive producing, writing and hosting over a thousand hours of original programming Lowell said good-bye at the top of his game.

In 2009 Lowell walked away from the spotlight and became entrenched in the micro-living movement, catching the next glimpse into our very near future. Christopher now returns live, one last time to share his vision of what that future could look like for millions, hungry to reinvent. In his upcoming national tour called RightSIZE UP Lowell delivers a compelling, time- sensitive message—a call to arms towards more intentional living through the power of personal creativity for the next generation. Join Lowell as he travels town-to-town delivering this much-needed message of hope, and learn how there’s never been a better time to reinvent through the power of personal creativity…then right now!

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