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233: How to Accomplish Goals - How To Quit Working
233: How to Accomplish Goals

233: How to Accomplish Goals

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Setting goals is so important But the real power comes in how to accomplish goals. Last year, as my family and I embarked on a road trip for our fourth of July celebration my husband said, “We should listen to some podcasts. I think you’ll like them.” I hadn’t listen to a podcast in a long time. So we began listening. After listening to several Entrepreneur on Fire episodes, I turned to him and said, “I could do this! I should start my own podcast.” Here we are a year later and so much has happened. I’ve accomplished so many of my dreams.

Why is it so important to set goals?

Goals are your guide as you navigate through life. If you don’t have goals you’re like a lost ship at sea. You won’t know if you’re headed in the right direction. I recommend setting goals in the following categories: Career, Finance, Physical Fitness, Spiritual, Family, Relationship, Personal Development, and Community Service. This helps you realize the integration of who you are. You aren’t just your job, or your career. You are a whole person. You have vital family relationships, you have a dynamic body to care for and a spirit to nurture. After you’ve set these goals check them often. I typically check my goals once per month. I’ll write down what I’ve accomplished for that month and look at what I still have to accomplish.

How to Accomplish Goals

Find an accountability partner

Accountability is a word that we hear thrown around a lot but, it’s really vital to your success. Accountability means the state of being answerable. You need to be answerable to someone. Most people don’t feel challenged by being answerable to themselves. The accountability partner doesn’t have to be someone you are paying, although it could be. It could be a friend you can trust, a relative or a spouse. I’m always amazed just before my coaching calls with clients I can see that they are getting their “homework” done. This leads me to believe that if we weren’t meeting they wouldn’t be doing it. That’s so important! Who is your accountability partner?

Don’t be afraid to dream big

I love to dream big. And when your dreams, that you’ve narrowed down into goals come true you feel an ultimate level of happiness and fulfilment. I think of my goals as layers. The top layer is the dream layer and then as you dive in you get more and more specific and measureable with each level.

Make sure to be committed to your outcome, but flexible to your approach.

You never know what is going to happen in life. Who you might meet, what strategic partnership you might create. Life doesn’t usually look like we hoped it would. Life is unpredictable and the best laid plans can crumble. Your process might be totally different in the end than you thought it would be in the beginning, but that’s okay. It’s okay to be flexible, moveable, changeable as long as you are committed to your outcome, your end goal. For many reading this, the outcome is business ownership and leaving a job behind. That goal my take the shape and form of so many different things, so just be flexible.

Here I am a year later and my goal of being a business coach and starting a podcast have come true. They didn’t happen exactly like I thought they would, but they have happened. My year has also come full circle. On our drive last year, as I was listening to the Entrepreneur on Fire I set a goal. This year as we’re making the same trek on the same day we’ll be listening to Entrepreneur on Fire and I will be the guest!!! I knew that I could do this and I know I can do a whole lot more. How about you? What are you ready to accomplish? What dreams and goals do you have set for yourself? By this time next year, what will you have accomplished? It could be a little and it could be a whole lot! It’s your choice.

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