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245: How to be grateful for what you have - How To Quit Working
245: How to be grateful for what you have

245: How to be grateful for what you have

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Sometimes concepts in our lives or society get so overplayed that we become numb to them.The idea of gratitude is one of them. It’s an idea we’ve all heard so much about we glaze over the concept and keep right on moving. We do lip service to the idea of gratitude. Of course we’re thankful for what we’ve been given, of course we feel blessed beyond measure, at least that’s what we say. We use our mouths to delivery the message of gratitude. When we hear someone talk about gratitude and it’s value we think to ourselves, I’m grateful. However, at a heart level are you really grateful for all you’ve been given? how to be grateful for what you have? If you’re reading this you are one of the most affluent people in the world. Yes, you heard that right, you are one of the most affluent people in the WORLD. You have been given more and you have more than most people. Are you truly grateful? How can an attitude of gratitude have an impact on your transition from employee to business owner? Let me show you why it’s so important.

First, true gratitude puts life into perspective

What is true gratitude? True gratitude is believing and knowing with your whole being that you are blessed. You can be grateful for any number of things in life, your relationships, your house, your car, clean water to drink, electricity, a good internet connection. You must truly believe you are blessed. Your gut, stomach region is typically where most people hold fear and anxiety. Move up five inches to your heart center, or chest and that’s where most people hold their feeling of love. In that deep place of love is where you can also hold your feels of gratitude. Understand at a deep level that you have been blessed.

Approach your day with gratitude

Approach your day, both the good and the bad with a feeling of pure gratitude. This gratitude will spill out of you and have a positive impact on those you encounter. We all have good days and bad days. We all have parts of our lives going really well and the parts we wish were different. We all have difficult situations and circumstance to face, but we are so blessed. I recently went on a camping trip with my family. Living in California water is scarce at the moment as we’re in the middle of a drought. I was excited to camp with my family but discovered when we arrived at the camp ground that the water had been turned off. There weren’t showers, or flush toilets. No water. Having small children playing in the dirt all day with no water is a challenge. Not having flush toilets and having repeated conversations about the use of a porta potty is also a joy with small kids. So many us of take running water for granted. Having clean fresh water coming to your house is a huge blessing. Do you see it that way?

Gratitude allows you to put life into perspective

As an entrepreneur you have the freedom and flexibility to make choices to do and be what you’re meant to be. Are you thankful for the drive? or your desire to create? Not all people have the desire to make more of themselves and their situations, but you do. You desire to take advantage of what you’ve been given. Being in a state of gratefulness will propel you to the higher levels.

How to be grateful for what you have

Accepting the talents you have and striving to grow is a position taken by most great business owners. Are you grateful for your current situation? I occasionally lift weights at the gym. I’ve been doing weight lifting for about six months and I’m never satisfied. I’m always the slowest in my class and the one who lifts the least weight. It can get discouraging. During this mornings workout I was bummed that I finished last. I made a comment about how I wish I could do more and one of my classmates said, “You just don’t realize how far you have come.” She is right. I was only looking at today and not focusing on my journey. I’m doing far more than I did just six months ago and I’ll do even more six months for now. Being grateful that I have a body that is able to lift weights is the best place to start. Simple gratitude gives you the attitude to move forward. Feeling the success in the past and the possibilities for the future will drive you to create the life you desire.

Approaching those around you with gratitude will allow your relationships to go much deeper

As you’re starting your business it’s very easy to feel frustrated with your lack of progress. I’ve often heard people say things like, “I only have five customers.” Are you grateful for those five customers? How would pure gratitude toward those five people change your business? How will it empower you to deliver a very high level of customers service? As an employer, being grateful for the employees that surround you will also allow you to communicate a valuable message to your support system- you’re valued and this business counts on you. By sending that message, employees who are hard working work harder and slackers know they need to step up.

Are you thankful for the hard times in life? That’s when you know you’ve reached a true level of gratitude, when you’re able to rejoice in all things, knowing all things work together for good. The hard times you are facing now are preparing you, they are creating in you the person you are meant to be. It’s certainly more difficult to be grateful for the hard things in life, the things that really suck, but if you’re able to live from a place of gratitude you’ll be empowered innumerably.

You are blessed! How are you using that gratitude for your blessings to set your mental state and push you in the direction of your dreams?


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