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257: Your Business and Your Spouse - How To Quit Working
257: Your Business and Your Spouse

257: Your Business and Your Spouse

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Are you a wife? Are you a mother? Are you a business owner? Chances are you’re at least two on this list. So how do you balance all this? How do you create a dynamic company, spend time with your children and give your husband the attention he desires. It’s certainly not any easy task, but here are a few tips to help you juggle it all.

First, know what your goals are as a women. What are your core values? What kind of a wife do you want to be? What role do you want to play in your relationship. In regards to your children decide what you want to teach them. As parents it’s our responsibility to teach and guide our children to maturity and produce hopefully a very successful adult that will contribute to the world in a positive way. Next, think about your business. What kind of a business owner do you want to be? What role do you want your company to play in your life. Is it playing that role? Once you’ve established these boundaries and guidelines for your personal core values and goals you can approach each situation in a more intentional manner.

Create boundaries. I’ve found that I am very driven by my desire to create a really successful business. This rubs off on my husband and family. They are supportive of my efforts. My husband also is motivated by the entrepreneurial bug and that helps. It is wonderful to see my daughter emulating my behavior. I have found working from home is a positive and a negative. My husband who’s business is outside the home will often return home with the laundry still stacked in a pile and the sink overflowing with dishes and dinner yet to be made. He might think that I should have addressed those household chores during the day, but my goal was not to do housework, but build a business. Establishing clear boundaries for myself allows me to detach from the mess of the household and focus on the creation of a business.

Be clear with your spouse about income creation. When you start a business you aren’t instantly profitable. It takes time. Bring your spouse into the money conversation. Let him know what your projections are and how  you intend to produce a certain amount of income by a certain date, given that you are able to work on your business for the hours you’ve allotted.

When your spouse returns home let them know all that you’ve done that day. Working at home on a computer and for a portion of it on social media may send the message that you are “playing” on the computer. For a non-entrepreneurially minded person it is difficult to grasp what you are doing. Be very open with your spouse about what you are doing, how you are doing it and show them the work you’ve completed so that are aware that you aren’t just messing around.

Get your business to profitability as soon as possible. Once you make money your spouse will look at your business creation activity in an entire new light.

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