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Create Cashflow with Real Estate with J. Massey
261: Create Cashflow with Real Estate with J. Massey

261: Create Cashflow with Real Estate with J. Massey

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J. Massey on creating passive income through real estate

J. Massey had a 380 credit score, 75 bucks in his pocket, and was squatting in bank owned property. Until he discovered real estate. When he learned how to identify and capitalize on real estate, his life turned around completely. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, J. reveals the four elements of real estate investing and how you can create cashflow with real estate no matter what your existing resources. 

What success means to J.

Success is being able to tell your children they can do whatever they want and be able to be an example of that.

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About J. Massey:

Meet Jermaine “J.” Massey…

J. Massey is a husband, father, entrepreneur and full-time real estate investor/developer. A highly sought mentor who enjoys one-on-one coaching, J. earned a reputation in the world of real estate investing as someone skillful in identifying and solving problems. He has experience completing hundreds of real estate transactions in eight states. He is also a landlord with more than 300 units in his portfolio. J. hosts the board game CASHFLOW 101 and is a master facilitator. Just being around him will improve your financial IQ. Why?  He’ll ask you scenario-based questions that bring out your own critical thinking and creativity.

J. has always been interested in business, investing and money.  Prior to real estate investing, J. worked in the insurance and financial planning industry as a licensed representative with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the California Department of Insurance (CDI), and he was a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (RIAR).

In his book, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy! the author shares with you why he left his financial planning job and the stock market.  J. takes readers along his personal journey into becoming a real estate investor. Sharing the ups and downs, fears and doubts, the physical and emotional pain, the mistakes and life lessons.  With a mix of humor and deep insight, J. takes us back to his early days as a novice real estate investor up to today… where he has achieved the lifestyle of his dreams and financial freedom for his family.

By applying the concepts, strategies and insights imparted in J.’s fieldwork as well as his weekly and daily podcasts, investors learn how to negotiate, how to structure win-win solutions and how to solve real-world real estate challenges. They also learn how to build wealth using retirement plans to achieve measurable results they can see, touch… and actually drive by!

J. Massey WANTS everyone he works with to be just as successful as he is in real estate investing… if not more!  His new book is evidence of this commitment, as he shares his approach, ways of thinking and the action steps one must take to transform their reality.  J.’s book will be one of the most valuable resources an investor could have.  It is a must-have for library shelves everywhere.
J. has become an articulate educator and highly sought speaker. His personality, presence and expertise are requested at many live events and he shared the stage with his own mentor – Robert Kiyosaki as well as the Real Estate Radio Guys, Russell Gray and Robert Helms on board the Summit at Sea™ investor cruise to Belize, J. is helping to develop a luxury resort village. J. is a member of Renatus, and past member of the National Sales Network and Toastmaster’s I

nternational (CC).  His speaking has brought him more than 12 awards, including 2nd Place in the 2008 Founders District International Speech Contest, 1st place in the 2009 Founders District Table Topics, and 2nd place in the 2010 Founders District International Speech and Table Topics contests.

J. doesn’t sit still.  He is always seeking new opportunities that will advance him closer to fulfilling his dreams, which are of a scale that will impact many… and he shares just a few of them with readers in his book, which is available wherever books are sold.  Prior to this book, J. co-authored 3 Money-Raising Questions and contributed to Greg S. Reid’s book, Initiative.

Aside from his book, J.’s current projects include Cashflow Diary™ and Investing Made Easier™, two in-depth video training series for new and experienced real estate investors.

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