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263: Internal Vs. External Blame - How To Quit Working

263: Internal Vs. External Blame

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When issues arise for you in your life and in your business what is your knee jerk reaction? Do you have a tendency to blame others or do you ask what role you’ve played in the situation? For many of us pointing fingers, looking around to see who the easy target might be is an easy and almost second nature response. How is that reaction helping you or hurting you as a business owner?

When we look to blame others instead of taking responsibility we’re giving our power away. If your business is in a negative situation or a situation that is less than perfect by blaming someone else for the predicament we’re saying to ourselves and the world, “this happened TO me. I had no control in creating this situation.” If you had no control in creating the situation than you have no control in rectify or fixing the situation either. Not a positive position to be in while running a business.

Looking to others as the cause of the issues in our business takes our focus off of the desired outcome which in most cases is to deliver a great product or service at a profit. Looking to our employees, vendors or customers as the cause of our problems makes us focus our attentions on that person. If we think it’s our employees we focus on getting rid of the bad employees and finding better employees. If it’s our vendors we think about how we can get better vendors and discredit the vendors we use. If we’re blaming our customers for being cheap or not wanting to purchase our product we focus on the lack that is coming into our organization. In most all cases these aren’t the areas we should focus. Does this mean that you shouldn’t make sure you have the best team, absolutely not. Does it mean that you shouldn’t make sure that you’re getting all you can from your vendors in the way of price and serve, no. What it does mean is that we need to consider what part WE plan in our issues.

As a business owner we’re the person creating the business. It is our brain child. We’re the captain of the ship and we need to always take full responsibility for what is happening in our organizations. If we’re successful as business owners we’re the first ones to take the credit, but often when things don’t go as planned we aren’t willing to take the fall.  As the LEADER of your company you are the person who’s in charge of your success and your failures. If you are able to ask yourself, what role did I play in this you’ll see progress. When an employee steals money instead of reaching out in blame, which is a normal reaction, we might ask ourselves, did I do a poor job hiring? Did I not fully background check this person? How can I hire differently in the future to better serve my business. If you find out you’re being charged twice as much as you should be charged for product you’re purchasing from a vendor you might think, how can I do a better job of price checking so that I’m paying the best possible price for the highest quality product.

Focusing internally gives you power. It allows you to see that you have a choice in your business. You always have choices and that power to choose will allow you to see that you are the ultimate creator of your business and your destiny in business. When we choose to blame others for our failures we step away from the essence of who we are and what we were designed to create.

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