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Jeff Steinmann Announces New Book! - How To Quit Working
Jeff Steinmann Announces New Book!

Jeff Steinmann Announces New Book!

When I left my full-time job back in April, I knew something huge was about to happen. But I don’t think I realized just how huge it would be. I don’t mean huge in terms of money, fame, success, or anything like that. I mean huge in terms of totally shifting how I think about life in general — even more than had happened already.

I always wanted my own business…I always wanted to have freedom to do what I want…I always wanted financial freedom, etc.

But, I did not fully comprehend the degree of happiness and pure passion and joy that arises from having complete and total freedom of what you do on a daily basis. I knew I had a passion for entrepreneurship, business, writing, experts, marketing, etc. But I had no idea how much until I found myself in a situation where I control what I do and how I spend my time. I’ve learned how awesome and fun and exciting life is when you are constantly focused on exactly what you want to be doing!

This journey has helped me to better understand how important it is to me to help other people to have that same freedom and joy in their lives.

That became really clear on a whole new level, when I was having lunch with a few former coworkers last week. We went to lunch to catch up, because it had been a while since we all got together. Everyone was very excited to hear how things were going for me, since I was now a few months into my entrepreneurial journey. I ran my mouth for I think a solid 30 minutes, maybe more, talking about all I had going on and how excited I was about it all. They were very excited for me and supportive, which was great. But, regarding their own situations, they were very glum. They had no excitement, joy, or passion for what was going on with their professional lives or “careers.” They are very unhappy in their jobs and certainly not fulfilled.

They have tons of passion and excitement about life, but that passion and excitement ends the minute they walk into the door of their corporate job. It starts up again, the minute they walk out. That’s the way millions of people live their life. It’s the way I lived my life until April 13, 2012. I think it’s bullshit.

My company helps experts to get known as experts in the area where they have passion and expertise. But Braveau Experts can only work with so many experts. I want to get even MORE people out of their unfulfilling, unrewarding, 9 to 5 jobs and into a life they love and are passionate about.

I’ve been working on a way to do that for a while now. But that conversation over lunch made me decide I can’t wait to announce it.

Big AnnouncementOK, let me go ahead and make the big announcement right now. Ready? I am writing a book. The book is going to be about my journey through the corporate world, my desire for more freedom and flexibility in my life and starting a business based on Information Marketing. More importantly, it will outline exactly how YOU can do the same. It will walk through my struggles, successes and failures and from that, provide a path to success for YOU! It will be out early to mid-2013, depending on a number of factors, but I will be finished drafting it in the next six months or so.

The best part of the whole process of writing this book is how much I am learning about myself! I had no idea how much I want to help other aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap from working a full-time job to having their own sources of income.

I want to show YOU how to live the life that YOU want to live on YOUR terms. Not someone else’s 9-5 terms.

Writing the book and working with my coach has really helped me to see this very clearly, and has gotten me even more about the book and about my business! I’m writing a book and building a company that is about no longer having to turn your life off for 40+ hours a week. And I’m building a company that allows me to live out my dream.

The best part of that is that by living out my dream, I’m helping other people to live their dreams.

What gets you most excited? Tell me in the comments below!

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About Jeff Steinmann

Jeff wants to help you Live More. He is the author of How to Quit Working, A Simple Plan to Quit Your Job for a Life of Freedom. He hosts a weekly show called The How to Quit Working Show that features lessons from Freedom Fanatics who quit their soul-sucking 9-5 job and created a business that lets them live a passionate life of freedom. Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehack and Elite Daily. Most of all, Jeff is a Freedom Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding a better way to “do life”.

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  • Mark A. Ittleman

    What gets me excited is knowing exactly what I want and committing to making it happen.  It’s no picnic, granted, but it’s all mine, and no one is telling me what I should or should not do.

    It’s meeting guys like you, Jeff, who are helpful and kind, and supportive.  The kind of guy I can trust; the kind of guy I know will have time to speak with me if I need; not some guy who is guarded by a bunch of gate keepers!  You will succeed because you have the heart, and that is why I am doing business with you.

    Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP
    The speech pathologist who can make a rock talk!

    • http://jeffsteinmann.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      Mark, thanks for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to talk with and help someone so sincerely following their passion and with such a great thing to sare as you do in your new book!