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Blueprints - How To Quit Working


Use the below worksheets to think through and actually create your business. By creating these worksheets, you will create the very blueprint from which you can construct your life of freedom with what you know.

Lifestyle Elevation View

Use this document to think and dream about what you want your life to look like and use it as a guide to design your expert business and guide all of your decision making. Download

Knowledge View

Use this document to write about what you KNOW. What do you know more about then 90% of the the population? Don’t under-estimate what you know. Download

Improvement View

Use this document to write about HOW you improve lives. How is your client’s life different after consuming your products or programs, reading your book, etc? It is very important to know exactly how their life is better and what you do to provide that improvement. Download

Niche View

Who desires the improvement you provide? You provide some sort of improvement to the people you serve, but who wants that? This is how you will figure out WHO to target your marketing to and HOW to talk to them.Download

Business View

You are running a business and just like the doughnut shop, mechanic’s shop and dry cleaners, you need a business plan. There’s no need to make this long or complicated, which is why I provided you with this simple fill-in-the-blank template. Download

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