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Challenging Yourself - How To Quit Working
Challenging Yourself

Challenging Yourself


Sometimes in life we feel like we’re good. We’ve got everything dialed in and we’re kinda going along on cruise control. Like when you’re driving. You’ve had those times when you arrive at your destination and you think, “How did I get here?” You don’t remember anything that occurred during your drive. Your brain took over and since your body knows how to drive so well you mentally “checked out” while you were driving. Now if you were having a similar “checked out” experience while driving and then all of a sudden a car swerves into your lane, suddenly you are 100% present. You deal with the situation at hand and then most likely stay very focused on your driving for the duration of your trip.  The same things happen in life. You are on cruz control.  Everything is going well and then all of a sudden you arrive at your destination and wonder? How did I get here? Where did you turn, which paths did you take to allow you to arrive at the place you now inhabit? It could be that you are happy and content or you could be asking yourself, “Where did the last 10 years go?”  Or perhaps you didn’t notice that you were checked out of life until something significant happened. Perhaps you lost a job, a house, a loved one. And now you’re wondering how was I so out of touch with life. So why does this phenomenon happen to so many and how can you avoid this pitfall?

First, consider how you are getting in touch with yourself day to day. Are you taking time at the beginning and the end of your day to reflect on the day’s events and your experiences? Do you set time aside time to meditate and pray? Are you making a choice daily to be consciously living or are you happy in your autopilot life?  Bringing awareness to your choices will take the guess work out of your actions. When you live in full awareness realizing that the choices you make day in and day out are the foundations of the life you’ve created, you’ll be empowered to either continue making good choices or improve the quality of your decision making. If you’re interested in learning more about decision making read the blog post here: http://howtoquitworking.com/making-decisions/

Next, evaluate your goals. If you don’t have a clear roadmap created for where you’re headed, you aren’t going to get there. Going on autopilot let’s life happen to you. It puts you in a position of vulnerability and allows you to easily fall into the role of the victim. Do you ever tell yourself things like, “It’s no wonder they’re so successful, look at all the support they’ve gotten from their family.” or “If I had a million dollars I could become a really successful property investor too.” or “I just have bad luck. No matter what I do things don’t seem to turn out well.” These are self sabotaging thoughts that aren’t allowing you to grow beyond your current limitations. Set goals and check in daily, weekly and monthly to see how you are doing on your path to creating the life you’d love.

Get real about your ability to contribute to the world. Everyone has something to offer. What are you offering? Is it your best, or is it merely a shadow of who you are capable of being? You were created to contribute and if you are in a receiving position turn the tables and think about what it would be like to give. Give of your time, give of your money and give of your talents. If you don’t feel like you have any of these resources to give, take a second look. You have time. Everyone has time, its a matter of prioritization. You have money. According to a CNN Money report  it only takes $34,000 a year, after taxes, to be among the richest 1% in the world. Even the poorest 5% of Americans are better off financially than two thirds of the entire world. You have talents. You may not being admitting it to yourself, but trust me, you have talents. Its your responsibility to give of yourself.

Finally, think about a challenge in life. Challenges are what make you feel alive. Challenges are the fabric of enthusiasm. The energy that allows  you to spring out of bed in the morning ready for a new day and new victory. Living in your autopilot world may seem safe, it may even be comfortable, but it won’t allow you to create a life of distinction. It won’t allow you to be the person you know deep down inside you were meant to be. Put your eyes on the road. Wake up and live life!


If you are interested in what it would be like to have a coach visit www.howtoquitworking.com/coach to sign up for your free 30 minute strategy session. In this session we’ll discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them.

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