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City Garden Montessori School Fundraiser - How To Quit Working

City Garden Montessori School Fundraiser

cglogoDo These 3 Things Today to Quit Working!

  1. Decide what value you bring to the world. What do people ask for your help with? What do they turn to you for advice on? What do you know more about than 90% of the population?
  2. Start a conversation about that topic. Start participating in discussions about it on social media, online groups, trade associations and local networking groups. Do this with this question in the front of you mind: What do these people struggle with most and how can I help them?
  3. Create something that addresses that struggle. This could be a short video, a document or an afternoon in your living room teaching about it. When you distribute that piece of value, make sure you capture contact information for the people who were interested (name, address, phone number, email) and connect on social media.

Do this for 3-6 months and you will begin to gain credibility as an expert in that area. Not only that, but people will start asking you for more. Then it’s time to offer something for sale! There’s lots more detail in the How to Quit Working NOW! online training, which is available at: http://howtoquitworking.com/how-to-quit-working-now-registration/.

Video from The City Garden Montessori School Fundraiser and How to Quit Working Book Launch

More information about City Garden Montessori School at citygardenschool.org

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