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Promotional Strategies (Connectors) - How To Quit Working

Promotional Strategies (Connectors)

As I discussed in How To Quit Working, the best way to drive yourself absolutely insane is to try to do EVERYTHING. Trying to do every tactic, strategy and what every guru tells you is the “new hot thing”, never works, simply because your efforts aren’t FOCUSED. Pick TWO and focus on them like a laser.

I call these your Connectors. They are the things that help you build that deep connection with your niche so you can learn about what they want, create it, and sell it to them.

Below are just a few examples of things you can do. There are infinitely many. Pick ones you like, we’re all about lifestyle here. :)

Write a Book

Writing a book is an awesome way to get known for your expertise. Spoiler alert: that’s why I wrote this! Having a book can give you instant credibility. Books live on forever. Your book will probably be passed on to others many times, each time passing along more credibility to you. If nothing else, having a book shows that you actually took the time to write down a bunch of what you know, which is a huge demonstration of your commitment!

There are a few downsides. One is the lead time. Your book offers virtually no promotional benefit while you are writing it. You don’t get an ounce of recognition until it’s finished and published! As of right now, I am about three months into drafting this book, and have at least another 3 to go – just for a draft. Then there is editing, publishing, cover creation, etc. From concept to shelf, your looking at, at least 8 months, and that’s if you self-publish. I don’t want to get into all the ins and outs of self-publishing vs. traditional here, I’ll point you to some resources here:

Create a Podcast or Web TV Show

It’s so cool that these days, you can literally have your own web TV or radio show up and running in minutes. This can be a great way to build credibility, relationships and a following in your niche. Not to mention it’s fun! I am launching something on this order in the next 3 months. I know this because it’s part of my strategy!

You can interview people in your field, interview clients, or really whatever would be of interest to your niche. It’s very important that whatever type of show you do is congruent with your audience. They have to see benefit in it, want to watch it or listen and get real value from it. Then, it will be an awesome lead-building source.


Everyone should blog. But, what I’m talking about here is “uber-blogging.” This is more than the one blog a week that I recommend. This is making blogging an integral part of your strategy. That means probably blogging more frequently, as well as working much harder to build an audience. This is a strategy where you are becoming a very serious blogger and using it very strategically to build your following.

Become a Speaker

Sort of like blogging, every expert needs speaking skills. Every expert will probably find themselves speaking at some point or another. But, you can also make speaking a major promotional strategy. You can bill yourself as a speaker and spend lots of time speaking. You get to actually interact with large groups of your followers in real time, gauge their reactions and get to know them. This is time consuming, requires travel (usually) and being on the schedule of other people for their events. But, it is an incredibly powerful way to build your following because every single person who hears you becomes an instant lead.

Video Marketing

Again, everyone should be doing video on some level. But, you can also take video to the next level by creating LOTS of video and promoting it heavily. Everyone says “video is hot now” and I can’t stand hype, but they are right. Online video is not a fad, it’s here to stay. It’s not new, either. We’ve embraced video as a communication medium since the 1950’s. It’s just more accessible now and it’s delivered online instead of over the airwaves. It’s an awesome, powerful medium. Everyone should use it to some degree, you can use it to a huge degree if you choose that strategy. It is fun. It is also time consuming to create, edit and publish. Video editing is among the most expensive things you can outsource.

Social Media

I advise experts to get their social media done in an hour a week and simply be done with it after that. I also do believe it is a viable option to use as a heavy-hitter strategy. What that means is that you would spend considerably more time on social media and using it to build a following. Many people have done this successfully. However, most experts I talk to simply don’t want to spend that much time on social media. They want to get it done and move on. There are a lot of people out there who are telling you that social media is going to change your life. It can. But it takes a lot of time.

Everyone should be on social media, but I feel you get the most benefit by doing the 20% of the work that gets 80% of the results. Having said that, I felt obligated to include social media as a heavy-hitter strategy, but frankly, I don’t recommend it, because if you follow my system, you’ll already get 80% of the results in a very small amount of time.


Webinars are basically just live presentations over the web. You will also hear people say they are “hot” right now! Well, they are hot right now, but let’s just put it into perspective, they are just a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge in a live, interactive format. Demonstrating something live is nothing new, webinars are just a new, modern way of delivering that demonstration.

You can do a live webinar a few times a week, or on some regular basis on your topic area. This will be fun, you’ll get it polished after a few trys and it will do great things to build your following. Just remember, it’s a live demonstration or presentation delivered over the web, that’s all.

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