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Create a Lifestyle Business with Rebecca Tracey
81: How to Create a Lifestyle Business with Rebecca Tracey of the Uncaged Life

81: How to Create a Lifestyle Business with Rebecca Tracey of the Uncaged Life

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How to Create a Lifestyle Business — Rebecca Tracey of the Uncaged Life

Rebecca Tracy on getting out of the cage and into a lifestyle business

Rebecca Tracy of the Uncaged Life

Rebecca Tracey refused to settle for less. She decided it was time to give up the standard 9-5 life, grab life by the lapels and make it everything she ever wanted it to be. Rebecca knew the best way for her to accomplish that was with a lifestyle business. So she moved into van. Yep, she moved into a van for 8 months while she got her business off the ground. As she points out, living in a van is really cheap! Rebecca used that time to build her business and travel. You don’t have to move into a van while you build your lifestyle business, but you do have to consider how you’ll make the transition. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Rebecca explains how she transitioned from 9-5 to having this ideal lifestyle business for herself and how you can too. 

What success means to Rebecca:

Success is being able to be happy and fulfilled on a daily basis. It’s helping a lot of people and it doesn’t feel awful every day when I wake up. That’s pretty great.


About Rebecca and the Uncaged Life:

Unclear on what makes your business or your services stand out (and therefore unsure how to position yourself in your crowded market). Like you’re banging your head against a wall of endless, fragmented business ideas that are actually keeping you from actually creating ANYTHING. Afraid to embrace (/not even sure?) what makes you different, so your business message falls flat (and no one is listening). Like you’re undervaluing yourself, and you know it…but you’re not doing anything about it. Out of touch with feeling alive and excited about life (and work!), and are ready to step it up big-time and finally start getting shit done.

Want to get laser-focused on what it is your business IS so that sales and marketing are the easy part (yes, I said easy!) Need to clear away the fog and the hurdles involved in the who/what/why of your biz, and get unstuck. Are dying to quit the endless cycle of watching and learning and planning and instead just fucking START. Need a romantic reunion with risk-taking and a final breakup with fear. Are ready to make shit happen. Like really happen. Are prepared to work (hard) and start now. Need someone to give them that PUSH to go bigger and sooner and free-er (and other ‘er’s) with their dreams and plans.

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