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Create a Ton of Content in about 1 hour a week - How To Quit Working
Create a Ton of Content in about 1 hour a week

Create a Ton of Content in about 1 hour a week

One of the most important things you’ll do when building your Expert Lifestyle Business is to create regular content and publish it to your followers. Everyone complains about this – it takes sooooo much time!

But not if you do it right. I create a blog post, a video, an infographic and 7-14 social-media posts each week and it takes me less than an hour.

To see how, watch the below video or just keep reading.

Last year, I blogged about consistency and persistency. What I realized was that I wasn’t taking the advice I give to my clients all the time, which is:

Create and Publish Great Content Consistently

You look like a real dork when you don’t practice what you preach!

So, I knew I had to start doing this, but I was already so darn busy! So, I knew I needed help and a process that would take all the parts of this out that I didn’t like and that were not in my core genius, so that I wouldn’t hate doing and it would take an extremely small amount of time.

Create a Ton of Content in about 1 hour a week

Create a Ton of Content in about 1 hour a week

Here’s how I do it:

I decide what each week’s topic is going to be and plan that out for 3 months. As of today, I know what content is going out in 8 weeks. I create content a month at a time.

I write four blog posts. These are just 500-900 word articles that discuss some aspect of my area of expertise. Your reading one of them now. I don’t publish them, I just create them in a MS Word Document. I also create a summary outline, which just outlines my major points, without a bunch of extra words.

Then, I notify my assistant that this is done. He does several things:

1)Engages a contractor to create a presentation in Prezi (prezi.com) which is just like Powerpoint, only cooler.

2)Engages another contractor to create an “infographic” like the one you see below.

3)Fixes all my mistakes (details are not my strong point) :)

4)Finds articles, blog posts and other information on the Internet that is relevant to that week’s content.

Then he turns that back over to me. I use “ScreenFlow”, which is a software that captures your screen to create a brief video on the week’s content. I record that and turn it over to him. We do this for a month’s worth of content at a time. When each week rolls around, my assistant does the following:

1)Loads all the week’s social media posts into Hootsuite, which is the social-media scheduling software we use.

2)Uploads the video to Youtube and three other video-sharing sites, sets the keywords and places links to the blog post in the video descriptions.

3)Publishes the blog post, including all keywords on my Blog, and includes a link to the video.

That’s it. All I did was write a 500-900 word article and then talk about the topic for a few minutes.

It’s fast, easy and gets a bunch of content out there! If you practice this, it will take less and less time. You can easily get this down to 2 hours a month with practice and streamlining.

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  • http://www.myjobsit.com/ Mike Kawula

    Great video. When you upload the infographic that you have created at Fiverr (love them) are you uploading the image of the Infographic? How does google know that its an infographic jammed with great helpful tips vs. an image?

    • http://jeffsteinmann.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      Thanks Mike! Glad you enjoyed. Google doesn’t try to (to my knowledge) to read the text in an image. That’s not really my purpose in creating the image. It is more have a visual element to break up the text and get people’s attention, primarily on social media. I see higher interaction on posts with images, simply because they stand out. To your point, however, that’s why I embed the image into this blog post. Google will rank that image, based upon the information contained on the page around it. Hope that helps!

  • Guest

    Great content. Funny, you said they catch all your mistakes… you might want to do a little quality control on that, approximately around the part where you talk about them correcting your mistakes ;) I thought that was some nice irony!

    • http://jeffsteinmann.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      LOL, thanks for pointing that out. Humbleness is important in this industry. :)