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Dealing With Your Crazy Life
Dealing With Your Crazy Life

Dealing With Your Crazy Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was less?  You know what I mean: less busy, less cluttered, less overwhelming, less consuming –just less.  It’s not though; life is crazy.  There are certainly many, many great techniques to help you calm your crazy life.  Yet, you never know what will happen from day to day.

photo credit: Victoria Nevland via photopin cc

photo credit: Victoria Nevland via photopin cc

Accept your crazy life

My day has been crazy.  We have an older home and our plumbing has been deteriorating for years.  After one too many leaks we decided (or more correctly were forced) to have ALL the plumbing and sewage redone in our house.  And this is all happening today.  Let me tell you, saws, and men working and lots of noise on top of the kids usual insanity. What do you do when life gets too chaotic?  Life’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be too much.  You need to find a path to peace through the craziness.

Practical steps to dealing with your crazy life

1. Get Clear

First, make sure that you’re clear on your priorities and delegate your time appropriately. Spend time working on the things that matter.  If you’ve got a full time job and you’d like to start a business, this is crucial.  You have to spend your precious “extra” time doing activities that are going to propel you in the right direction.  Cut out the fluff and get serious about what is edifying your life and what is stealing your time.

2. Work with the crazy

Second, learn ways to work in the craziness.  Perhaps that’s a good pair of earphones and calming music, or a quiet space to yourself in your house.  Giving yourself space from distraction amidst life’s go, go patterns will allow you the focus that you need.

photo credit: melgupta via photopin cc

photo credit: melgupta via photopin cc

3. Say “no”

Learn to say no.  No is a hard word to embrace, but very necessary.  You need to say yes to the right opportunities and no to the time-suckers of life.  This goes back to the idea of having clarity.  If you know what you want in life, it’s easy to say no to the things that are not within your purpose or life blueprint.  If it does contribute to the over-plan for your life, say yes.  Know when to say no.

4. Accept Craziness

Accept that life isn’t going to always to easy or simple.  If you live with anyone else (i.e husband, wife, children or even roommates), life is going to be a bit crazy.  I like to have a plan for everything.  When I wake up I create a plan, when I go to sleep I think about my plan for the next day.  I plan out my week, I plan out my meals, and I plan out my months. You can’t forget the year, I plan my years.  The problem with a plan is that it doesn’t always (or sometimes ever) go the way you expect it to go.  Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan, you should, but you need to be flexible.  You need to know that life happens.  Pipes leak, sewer lines fail and kids get sick.  Work needs you to work overtime and Christmas is coming (soon!).  Life is a lot.  There’s a lot to do, a lot to manage a lot to take in, but that’s what makes it fun and fulfilling.

If you’re working in a job and you want to start your own business, but you’re waiting for the right moment (you know… that moment when things slow down or life gets easier) I’m here to tell you that you’ll be waiting for a really long time.  Life happens and you must take advantage of today regardless of it’s craziness.

Take action in the midst of the craziness!

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