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Do Something You Love - David Brower on how you can too
Episode #64: Combine Multiple Passions to do Something You Love

Episode #64: Combine Multiple Passions to do Something You Love

David Brower on how to do something you love.

David Brower — doing something you love

Do something you love with David Brower:


David Brower has done all kinds of interesting things throughout his career. He has worked a variety of jobs around his passions, but finally stirred all of them up into exactly the right mix that has has allowed him to create an amazing business he loves. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, he will tell us all about his journey and what he has learned in the process. You’ll learn how to combine your passions so you can create a business that lets you do something you love.

“Jump in that dingy and row to your dream island”

Listen to the interview here:



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More about David:

David has a unique blend of international worldclass professional experience with top coaching training. He coaches, trains, and serves in both English and French. He is a genuine blend of culture & nationality, creative & business industries, coaching and impactful training styles. And a hungry entrepreneur. Hungry for a brilliant lifestyle. Day in. Day out. David pulls from all these experiences and ongoing cutting-edge training and study to serve his clients intensely and warmly, strategically and creatively. To deliver intentional outcomes. And have a brilliant time in doing so.

David’s Favorite Food Flics:

  • Ratatouille (flashbacks from food, gotta love it)
  • Like Water for Chocolate (emotions passed on through cooking)
  • Babette’s Feast
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