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Email Providers - How To Quit Working

Email Providers

A few of the major email providers are below. I’ve added commentary on a few with which I have experience.

Aweber aweber.com: Aweber is a solid email delivery service. It delivers large numbers of emails very efficiently and inexpensively. That is all it does. It does not have any of the other features that many of it’s competitors offer.

Infusionsoft infusionsoft.com: Infusionsoft is one of the most flexible and advanced business automation systems. It is, however, the most expensive and the most complicated. If you use it, be prepared to pay someone to help you with it. Infusionsoft is also a shopping cart and CRM system.

Office Auto Pilot officeautopilot.com: Office Auto Pilot is a very easy to use solution. It is capable of handling plenty of volume and many of the big gurus use it because of it’s ability to handle their complex needs and volume while remaining simple and easy to use. I frequently recommend this to clients.

Mail Chimp mailchimp.com: Mailchimp is a capable and simple email platform. Like aweber, it only performs email sending. But, it is inexpensive and works well. They have a free option, however remember what I said about FREE in chapter 9. :)



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