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Episode #14 Transcript: If what you are doing right now is not fulfilling you, just stop - How To Quit Working
Episode #14 Transcript: If what you are doing right now is not fulfilling you, just stop

Episode #14 Transcript: If what you are doing right now is not fulfilling you, just stop

Jeff Steinmann – Hello everyone. Welcome to the How to Quit Working show. I am Jeff Steinmann and today I have got an awesome, awesome guest. Nick Rogue Quick does not do anything the way he’s supposed to. He does everything completely opposite of the way everybody tells him he should do it and that has been hugely successful for him. Nick started out managing a gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. He didn’t like that. It wasn’t fulfilling. So he used something that he learned there to start an online business and live the lifestyle that he wants, travelling throughout South America with his Chihuahua as well as living now in the city that he considers to be paradise. And he also is now helping other people to do the same thing and I am so thrilled to have him on the show. Nick, welcome and how are you doing today.

Nick Quick – I am rocking and rolling.

Jeff Steinmann – That is awesome. So Nick, now you’ve got some really interesting stuff going on so you know, we put out these requests for people interviewing and I got to be honest with you, I got a lot of really boring people who contact me. People who just want to promote their, you know silly, silly internet marketing thing or whatever it is that they have but you’ve got a really interesting story. You’ve got two main things going on. So you got a website where it looks like you are teaching people how to get laid. Number 1.

And then you are also teaching people once that’s out of the way, how do you build a lifestyle that you love and you’re really interested in. And it lets you live life on your terms in the way you want.

Nick Quick – That is exactly correct. I mean I am doing two separate businesses that both are kind of passion businesses for me but yeah, really excited and passionate about doing both and helping people with you know being able to follow whatever that is they want. Whatever would make them truly feel the moment. And sometimes, you know I’d start off with a business bet, is something that will help guys but then evolves into something else. And I think that’s all about what it is to create this kind of lifestyle. It’s just being able to follow those passions.

Jeff Steinmann – Well that’s a perfect segue into the first thing that I wanted to ask you which is how on earth did you decide to start a business that is about helping guys get laid?

Nick Quick – It’s funny that you should ask that. First off, it was because I was really, really, really terrible with women at one point in my life.

Nick Quick – And through a lengthy process, you know I could get in to but I probably won’t in this interview, I could tell you that the evolution of how I got really good and then decided you know what, I hate my job and I had a job at that time that most people would really, really be, most men would be envious of.

Jeff Steinmann – What was that?

Nick Quick – I was managing a gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. And I can remember I took the first vacation I’ve done in years because I was basically a slave with a you know I guess I wore a suit every night, I would say I was a slave of the blue collar but I was wearing a business suit every night to work. So I guess I was a slave to the white collar.

But I remember I took the first vacation I had in years to Costa Rica and I was sitting on the beach drinking a imperial and I was thinking ‘you know, why can’t I do this every day’? Then the gear started turning. I am like I think I could.

You know, didn’t really wanted to be chained to living that lifestyle where I had to could be in this certain place, certain time which keeping in mind wasn’t even like a standard typical desk job or something that most people would hate. I actually somewhat enjoyed my job. I just didn’t have the freedom that I wanted. The freedom to just go wherever I wanted and when I wanted.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Yeah. Now you said you just decided ‘yeah oh yeah, I can’t do this. I can’t sit here every day’. Now we all know that it’s not that simple.

So talk a little bit about like how did you get from that point of you know, because you I assume like everybody else in this country and in the world basically was brought up with this asinine notion that the only way to live you know is to go to school and go to college and spend a bunch of time and money getting educated on something that you may or may not like and then go see if you like it. It’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. But I assume that you came from that mentality, right. So what was it that, how did you get yourself out of that mindset and into the mindset of ‘no, there is another way to do this’.

Nick Quick – You know, it’s really funny because the whole path that I took to get there is really kind of strange. Now I grew up in a very small town in Idaho and I never really went more than like 300 miles from my hometown. Most of my growing up life.

Jeff Steinmann – I understand. I did the same thing only in Illinois.

Nick Quick – So I totally can empathize there. Yeah, exactly. But you know, it gave us really kind of frustrating for me because I got to see my younger sister. She got to travel the world doing silly stuff like dancing. She was a clogger. It’s a silly kind of dancing. But you know I was so envious of her that the first thing that I did when I graduated high school, I went to a semester college and then I got on a plane the first plane I’ve ever gotten on and took what was at that time the longest flight in the world from New York city to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh wow.

Nick Quick – I ended up living there for couple of years and you know I was supposed to be on a student exchange but I, you know for 6 months and then 6 months turned into several years. Finally I had to get back to reality. Came back and I’m like I got to do what they laid out ahead of me. I got to get my degree because once I get that piece of paper, then you know all these doors are going to be unlocked. They are going to be open to me. And you know, finally

Jeff Steinmann – The doors to the strip club.

Nick Quick – Yeah, exactly. Well, I found out that the cold hard truth was after I graduated, I found out that the job that I was doing to pay for college in the first place was paying a lot more than the jobs that I was going to be offered with that piece of paper. So I quickly found myself right back into, you know I paid for college through bartending.

So I found myself right back in the bar business once I had quit you know all that and decided to get my first real desk job and realize I hated it.

Jeff Steinmann – Well, what was your first desk job? Was that the gentlemen’s club?

Nick Quick – That wasn’t. No. I was a, this all sounds fancy pants but I had no idea what I was doing at that time. I was the international marketing director for a publishing company.

Jeff Steinmann – Wow. I almost fell asleep when you said that.

Nick Quick – Exactly. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no marketing experience. I had a degree in philosophy. So how I landed that, I don’t know. But it didn’t pay very well. And I was better off bartending.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay. So you were bartending because that was making better money than the international marketing blah blah blah. And so you are bartending and then did you kind of worked your way into managing the club. How did you get to that point?

Nick Quick – You know, it’s funny because I started off especially in the gentlemen’s club. I had a very good resume but it was in a resume that in a city that is the polar opposite of Las Vegas. It was Salt Lake City where I went to college. And so I remember went to a bar down there. A gentlemen’s club there just you know, ask for job. And he’s like I would never hire you here. I’m like well, you keep that attitude, and I’m going to be back next Thursday. And I came back the next Thursday. He’s like what did I tell you last week. I’m like I know but what did I tell you last week. What’ve you got this week? And he’s like nothing. I’m like well, I am coming back next Thursday so you better have something for me. He’s like okay, whatever. But the next week I came back and he’s like alright you start tomorrow but I started off on the strangest job like, you know the lowest rung on the ladder there.

Jeff Steinmann – I am scared to hear what this is going to be.

Nick Quick – It sounds like and it probably is the most brain dead stupid job that I ever had but I turned a brain dead job into a kind of a cash cow which meant I got a promoted downward basically. What I would do is I would basically walk the dancers to the cars, to their car at the end of the night. Now they thought I was just security you know protecting them. Basically I was just making sure they weren’t turning tricks or selling drugs. The first night that I did this job you know the couple of the girls tipped me here and there. I made like 40 dollars. The last night and I was trying to keep it this on the down low. And the last night I was there, I made a little over 2000 dollars.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh my gosh.

Nick Quick – You know just walking the girls to the car. And the funny thing was I was playing the same games they were playing on all the little Johns that come into the club you know. One would hand me a 20. Another would hand me 50 bucks, you know just for walking them to their car but because of that relationship I was able to build with each one of these girls and I guess they couldn’t see their own tricks being played on them.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay. So you leveraged what you learned in your job to make money doing that. So how did you get from that then to teaching guys how to get laid?

Nick Quick – I think that was like where I really started to get good, really understand the female psyche because I was around over a 100 – 150 girls every night.

So it really helped me to really get my grasp on what makes the female mind tick, so gradually I became kind of this underground “hero” in this whole dating scene. For a guy who is known for being able to hook up with girls really quickly, so the funny thing was that was not my first attempt at an online business that would allow me to escape my job, you know, that idea that I had, on a beach in Costa Rica. In fact my first attempt was a total flop. Total flop.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh okay, so what was that first attempt?

Nick Quick – I tried to do an e-commerce type of site, where I was selling adult products, if you will. So ah, total flop. I had no idea what I was doing. At the time, you know, I was very determined, I knew that I could make it happen, you know that moment in Costa Rica, my first attempt was a utter flop and it mostly because, you know I didn’t know what I was doing. However I was determined to make it happen regardless.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay. So when you were doing that, that e-commerce site, were you doing that full time? Or were you doing it on the side with some other income?

Nick Quick – I was doing it on the side. Still in the Gentlemen’s club, still wishing that I could get out of that.

Jeff Steinmann –  Yeah, yeah. So what happened that made you say, “You know what, I don’t have to do this anymore. I don’t have to this manage this Gentlemen’s Club; I can go out and do my own thing”. What was it that gave you the confidence to step out of the Gentlemen’s Club and step out of the security, the perceived security of that paycheck dropping into your account every 2 weeks?

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Nick Quick – I lighten it to Cortez burning his ships behind him. I started another site, the site that we were talking about with the dating advise, it still wasn’t  making very much money but I decided that the only way that I was ever gonna be able to get that “boat a float”, was just actually just to burn all those boats behind me.

I made it so that, I quit my job, I decided that I am gonna figure this whole internet marketing situation out, I am gonna figure out how to sell stuff online and you know I am cutting off all my escape routes in order to make that happen. Just like Cortez burning all of his ships behind him and was able to conquer an army that was far superior and far more numerous than he is, 500 soldiers. You know I figured that was the only way was if I just made it so that it was do or die or almost. And luckily it ended up being a “do” and I am not saying that it was easy at first but

I was able to build something  and you know, although I made a lot of mistakes early on, just out of my own, I guess ignorance, I just didn’t know exactly how to sell online yet. I knew how to sell in general, didn’t know how to get the word out online but I figured all of that out. Basically because I had to.

Jeff Steinmann –  Yeah exactly, so this fascinating because so you, you basically said I don’t want to have an out, I don’t want to have something that I can go back to if this doesn’t work out. That my way only option is to make this work.

Nick Quick – Yup that was exactly my attitude and it still is, I am constantly making it so that and if there are guys who are listening to this, people that are listening to this and they are, thinking you know, how do I get myself motivated, cut all your outs so that you just have to make it work. Or else and that has kind of always been the thing that keeps me determined is I make it so that, I have to create this product or I have to get this thing to sell. In order to succeed, I had no other options. So it keeps me motivated.

Jeff Steinmann – I, freaking love that mentality. I think that if more people did that more people would be a lot more successful, you know, when I left my full time job I did very much the same thing. So I left my job and then I started a business that talked about how awful the corporate world was and how much I hated it, so I sort of burned that bridge too and that really scared me at first but then I started to kind of see the good side of it, which was that, it gave me no other option. Like nobody teaches that, is there any “Guru” out there, teaching you to burn bridges? And I thought it all and so I hope that you worked that into your lifestyle stuff that you do because I think that is awesome. How did go back learning how to do that?

Nick Quick – You know, at first, I didn’t know anything, so I just started you know, I gotta do something.

So I started off, just of doing, kind of like what we are doing right now, I started interviewing the people that were in the same space as me. And was able to start building connections that way and I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but I guess I was doing something right because all of a sudden now I had a lot of connections with people all over in the industry and they were willing to put out the good word on what was going on, even though I was actually just interviewing them.

So that was kind of how I started and then, you know, just through gradual study and through just you know, being willing to break the rules sometimes, like a lot of the ways that I sell is not what the copywriters will tell you is the best way  to do it. But I found that it works for me.

Jeff Steinmann – Ah okay. Well I want to ask you some more about that but before we do that, the question that I have for you is, you have to educate me because I am not familiar with your niche, but what I suspect that is a very crowded niche.

Nick Quick – It is extremely crowded and not only that, it’s a tricky niche because it is typically viewed as one step above, like hardcore porn and a giant leap below adult friend finder which may as well just be porn as well. So it is something that people doesn’t want to promote, it’s something that Facebook doesn’t want their name on, you can’t run ads.

And it’s very difficult to do search engine optimization, it’s something that, they would rather just not be involved with, even though I don’t do, even though there is not so much as a nip slip on any of site.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay. I would imagine that email is really tough too?

Nick Quick – You know e-mails were actually where I finally found myself.

Finally I was able to get something right. Now getting their email, yeah that’s a little bit tricky but.

Jeff Steinmann – Why do people come and buy products and learn from you instead of the 90 million other people out there who are teaching the same sort of subject?

Nick Quick – I think it’s because of, you mentioned, you know, I think it’s because of the emails that I send out daily. They really feel like connecting with me, where I reveal stuff/stories from my past, or I will, basically will entertain the shit out of them.

And I am not sure if I am allowed to say that but It’s probably fine. I entertain them every day.

With an e-mail, so if you like to know me, they feel like they can connect with me, I always, you know, if I do get an email, I respond personally to all of them.

I know that it does end up taking a lot of my time, but it’s one of those things where my second email in my auto-responder’s sequence and I only have two actual messages in my auto-responder. My second email encourages them. Send me a message. Tell what frustrates you the most? And I always respond to that. And try to get them hitting the ground running and from there like it’s pretty much an easy sale.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay, because you don’t have any trouble like outlining the benefits for them?

Nick Quick – No the benefits are obviously there.

Jeff Steinmann – But I think that you are, the short answer to the question is that you engage heavily with your followers and you build a really deep and strong relationship with them.

Nick Quick – Yes, absolutely.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay, now I was listening to you say that you only have 2 e-mails in your auto-responder, so that means that these daily e-mails that you send, you are typing those every single day right?

Nick Quick – Yes, yes. Fresh e-mail every day, which a lot of people think, it’s, that’s way too much work, it’s just better to, you know load up 30 to 60 to 90 or however many messages, you do it once and then it’s over with but for me, I find that, when I, not only is therapeutic for me to be writing each day but I find that it’s a lot more authentic. It is coming from a place where, you know, I think people can almost sniff out that message that I am talking about. Last night I was at the bar when this happened, you know there are thinking, you know there is details in this story that don’t match up with what’s going on right now.

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I like to include stuff that is happening right now, so they know that this probably did happened last night. So if I was talking about this song was playing while I approached this girl and it’s a song that probably hasn’t been played at a bar for years.

Or it’s a song that just barely came out, they’re gonna think, okay, well probably this did happen last night and you know, the beautiful thing is, I live kind of transparently in that sense that, I am always willing to tell the honest truth and to tell them stories about what actually happened and give those little details so they really know, it’s not just some e-mail that I wrote for them 2 years ago.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. So it all comes down to relationships, and I know you said it takes a lot of time to respond to all the e-mails and send the daily e-mails but you know it’s probably best possible use of your time that you could have.

Nick Quick – Yeah absolutely, I mean I don’t have the world’s largest e-mail list, but I do have what I believe to be one of the more responsive ones.

Jeff Steinmann – And that’s what matters.

Nick Quick – Yeah I mean you could, have, you know, a 100,000 people on your e-mail list but if only few of them ever engaged. Who cares, all you are doing is paying extra money for all those extra names on that list, I would rather have a list that’s full of people that are actually responding so I am only paying for people to be on that list who actually want to hear from you.

Jeff Steinmann – Yes exactly, you know and the thing that is interesting about that is the strategy that all the big internet marketing “gurus”, right now, are teaching and they won’t say that they are teaching it this way, but they are. Trust me, I study them, I know them, what is that is, it is a number’s game. If you get a 1 % response rate on your e-mail list, then you are doing great and the only way to grow, is to get that, you know 100,000 name-list, so that you can have, so that you can actually get something substantial out of that 1 %. And that is absolutely the prevalent mentality today, if you just look at a couple of, you know, we are all on several e-mail lists and if you just look at the way that is being done, that is completely the strategy. But you have flipped that around and you figured out a better way to do it. So I congratulate you for that, I think that is awesome.

Nick Quick – Well thank you, thank you. You know it’s far more beneficial for the people that are on the list because I pretty much only have people that want to hear from me.

They don’t want to hear from me, they either unsubscribe or, you know, they quit opening and I delete them if they don’t open after a while.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh wait, oh, oh wait a minute. Wait a minute. You delete people if they don’t open your e-mails?

Nick Quick – Absolutely, yeah, I don’t need dead-weight on there. If they haven’t opened in, usually between 60 -90 days, might as well get rid of them.

Jeff Steinmann – That is fascinating. A lot of, a lot of marketing experts would tell you that you are “nuts”.

Nick Quick – I probably am. They might be right.

Jeff Steinmann – I think that’s just, I just love it when somebody takes matters into their hands and they decide what they want and they just go and do it. So I applaud you for that. I think that’s awesome. When you are approaching potential joint venture partners, I mean that’s gotta be a huge selling point. Literally, there are no unresponsive people on your list. Or at least, you know, not within the, like 90 days or so.

Nick Quick – You know it’s really funny, because I don’t really, I don’t do many joint ventures, I don’t participate in launches but when I do, it’s very rare that I don’t land in the top 10 of those, big launch sizes and I probably got, by far the smallest in any of them. But size doesn’t matter; it’s how you use those people in that list.

It is how responsive they actually are or how much they trust you.

Jeff Steinmann – Yes it is not about the size, it is about the quality, we will just tone that to leave the pun.

Let the pun go and move right along. But so, I think this is awesome what you are talking about for our listeners because you are giving everybody a whole new perspective on how to do this internet marketing thing. And you got a successful business, teaching men how to get laid, and then how do you go from that to all this kind of lifestyle and quit your job, that you are doing?

Nick Quick – You know, it’s funny because that was my passion for a while, I was teaching guys how to get laid but it was really only a means to an end, it was only that I wanted that freedom, I remember living in South Africa, I remember when I was on that beach in Costa Rica, I wanted to be able to just, you know, be able to cut all the chains that kept me tied to any specific place and be able to go and live where I wanted and in fact, for the past year now, I guess it ended about 2 months ago. But i actually lived in a motor-home, in South-America; I was just, you know, I lived wherever I parked my set of wheels. So it was the adventure of being able to wherever I wanted to go but that is where I lived at the time.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay, so what are you doing now? Like where are you living now?

Nick Quick – I am now currently in Medellin Columbia

Jeff Steinmann – Oh okay, you travelled around South America in a R.V, did you do that by yourself?

Nick Quick – I did that with my Chihuahua and so yeah I mean if you think that you can travel with a pet, yeah you could do it. Some people might think it’s a bit narcissistic in it and probably is but you know, I was able to create a lifestyle where I am able to, not only go and see and the places that I want to see but I can also take my little guy with me.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay that’s awesome. But hey it’s about living on your terms. Who cares if people think it’s narcissistic, it’s what you want and that’s what this is all about.

So what are some pieces of advice that you give people who want to leave their job and go do something more free like what you are doing?

Nick Quick – Well first off, I mean there is a lot of ways that you could do it. You don’t have to follow my exact path in fact don’t follow my exact path because it was laden with lots of hurdles and lots obstacles. Yeah. But

Jeff Steinmann – That’s what makes you an expert.

Nick Quick – Fair enough. Yeah. Exactly just being able to discover those things. If what you are doing right now, is not fulfilling you, find a way that you could do what you do love that will fulfill you and that you could live that kind of life-style. There is a lot of ways you could it, you could start an online business, you know, I talked a lot about travel because that’s something that really, I am very passionate about. Just being able to experience new cultures, new places, new exciting adventures, that’s something that I really enjoy. It’s not necessarily for everybody, some people just want to quit their job and stay in Cleveland, Ohio or wherever they happen to be. That’s fine.

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Jeff Steinmann – Yeah you are probably right

Nick Quick – Exactly. So long as they are doing what satisfies them, fulfills them. That’s what is important to me. Now in my case, that incorporates a lot of travel, and a lot of seeing the world and I think that I am not alone on that. I think there is a lot of people out there that, you know, hate their job and just wish they could see the world. Wish they could you know sip big Foofy drinks on the beach, a pineapple chunk and a paper umbrella in it. And the funny thing is that once you get into the mindset of being able to escape that kind of safety of the regular paycheck, you know, it’s amazing how much further your dollar can go in a lot of places around the world. I basically gave myself a 50 percent pay raise just by going to a place that I find to be practically heaven on earth to me.

Jeff Steinmann – Wow. That’s awesome.

Nick Quick – Yeah, not only am I giving basically myself a pay raise but I get to live exactly where I want to be where the weather’s perfect year round and you know, the women are beautiful, the people are friendly. And it’s just an exciting, there’s an exciting energy about the city that I am in right now. Now does that mean I am going to stay here forever? Probably not. There’s so many places that I want to see. There is so many places I believe that a lot of people want to see. And they’d be surprised how cheaply they could actually do it. It’s funny how Americans tend to think just in general, about vacation how they never really take it in the first place and how infrequently they travel. And you go to a lot of places. They think it’s really, really expensive but there’s so many ways that you could make it happen that are really a lot more cheap than you think.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Well, Americans have this notion and I think Europeans are certainly much better about it. But in America, we say ‘oh yeah, vacation. Well that’s what we do 1 or 2 weeks a year’. We travel 1 or 2 weeks a year. And that’s all that we do.

Nick Quick – If we even could do that. If we even take the 1 or 2, a lot of people take their vacation pay and keep working straight through which is a tragedy.

Jeff Steinmann – That is a tragedy. It is a huge tragedy. But tell me what’s your day to day life like, down there, in your dream city?

Nick Quick – Alright, it’s funny. Basically the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is I will wake up and check my email, I put my, I basically go to my office which is put my laptop on my belly and you know, check my email. Make sure to respond to all those emails that I sent out you know to hundreds what not. Checking sales. I usually will end the night by me writing the next day’s email.

But for most of the day, I can spend that doing whatever I want. And you know a lot of the times, I will be working but maybe I will be working from the coffee shop. Maybe I will be working from an amazing view over the city or I have a little personal Wi-Fi device, a “MiFi” device. I am able to get internet pretty much everywhere.

So I can go and be out in the middle of the Andean Jungle and be working on my business or just you know, sitting back and relaxing with a cocktail or something.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Yeah. Well, that is awesome. So I love it. So what are some of the things you would advise people who want to do this for themselves. They want to have this awesome lifestyle that you have. What are some of the things you tell them that they should do?

Nick Quick – First off, you know, if you are thinking about it right now, stop thinking about it. Start doing. The guys who are going to be successful and this people that are going to be successful are the ones who take action immediately. The ones who kind of tries to think about it, mull it over, try to, you know be really methodical about it and be like ‘I’ll quit my job when this happens’.

The person who’s going to be successful at this is the ones who take action immediately. Make it happen, like if you are thinking about this do something today that will make it possible. Other things are people are going to think that you are crazy. I think everybody I know turns back home, I know most of family think I am absolutely nuts. Or, you know, up and quitting my job and just travelling and living where and they are like ‘how do you get by? I mean that’s just crazy that you can do that’. Realize that people are going to think you are nuts for doing this.

But don’t listen to them. It’s very possible and you will be living a much better lifestyle in fact it’s really funny because I mentioned that you know, I went to college and got that piece of paper. I also took the LSAT and I took the LSAT with my best friend who’s still my best friend in the world. We both took the LSAT together. I actually got a higher score than he did.

He went to Law school. I didn’t. You know, I ended off down my path. But it’s funny because he calls me all the time and he will tell me, he’s like ‘I hate my job. I hate the scene and everything’. But you know, he’s now a half a million dollars in debt. Law schools are really expensive. Prestigious law school and all that. You know I probably gone to one similar and would be in the same situation. Now he’s pretty much stuck in that job that he hates because he’s got an insurmountable of debt of college loans and what not.

Jeff Steinmann – And yeah, so for folks who might not know the LSAT is a preparatory exam you take for going into the law school and what that means is Nick you probably were thinking about law school. Otherwise, you wouldn’t had taken that god awful difficult horrible test.

Nick Quick – It is god awful. You know I didn’t study for it. It’s not a fun test.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. You must have given that some pretty serious thought.

Nick Quick – Yes I was actually. It was something that I wanted to pursue. I thought I would be really good at it. But ultimately I didn’t think that I would enjoy it. I now 100 percent convinced that I know that I wouldn’t enjoy it.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what’s the biggest mistake that you made on this journey that you’ve taken?

Nick Quick – The biggest mistake. Well, there’s been so many of them. Well, let me think. I would say the biggest mistake that I’ve made was and it’s funny that I’d mention this is I would spend basically sipping the Kool-aid that the marketing gurus would dole out. It’s kind of almost like my belief that a lot of the marketing gurus out there for better or worse and there’s some good ones out there but lot of them basically would tell you what worked for them 2 years ago but it no longer working. Now they are going to sell it to you.

So you know I followed a lot of advice that might have worked at one point but doesn’t but one thing about the fast paced life of internet marketing is that it’s always changing. You got to be able to adapt. And when they were telling me that you know you really just want to look at quick through reads and I was thinking okay yeah, I’ve got to get my quick through reads better when really, it’s about the bottom line. Like how many sells are you making? I can get people to click on stuff easily if I wanted to like, trick them into clicking but I’d rather have people click because they want to, they actually want to buy or they want what’s being offered.

I want people opening not because I came up with some clever subject line which I do; I come up with clever subject lines but want them to click because Holy Christ, it’s that Nick guy. Yes, I’ll open. I mean think of, if your mom or whoever your best friend sent you an email, would you even care what they get to leave the subject line blank?

It wouldn’t matter. So yeah, I mean all of these things were not really discussed. It wasn’t really so much about building a relationship so much as you know all these different split tests and big launch plans that you know just don’t work as much anymore. I think people are on to that or silly video sales letters that are all the same.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. Sometimes you look at those long sales letters and you are like, what they just took the standard sales letter form and pulled out all of this or you know pulled out the other person’s stuff and stuck in their own stuff.

Nick Quick – I have even seen the products, lately where, here is a video-sales letter generator where you just put in a few little details here and it will spit out your video sales letter and I am thinking, but where is the relationship, where is the personality, where is the actual, you know, stuff from your life or the stuff that really motivates you or where is all that being put in this generator? It’s not there.

Jeff Steinmann – It’s not, yeah. Yeah I think that, one of the things that, that I use as rule of thumb is if you think that you are able to iodinate relationship-building, then you are probably wrong. I think that, the thing you are doing, that the biggest thing and you probably would agree, that you are doing is that you are building that really, really strong and deep relationship with the smaller group of people then kind of having a one way blast out carpet-bombing with e-mails and it sounds like that’s the key and that’s where you are putting your time and that is absolutely the best place to put your time. So, I think, think, would you agree that, that’s the secret sauce?

Nick Quick – For me yes. Especially given the competitiveness and the non-Google friendliness or even social media friendliness, that my primary business is niche, it’s just I need them to get privately run on one, you know in a metaphorical sense. That is the best way to do that.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah that is awesome. That is awesome. So it’s funny because as I look down here at Skype, we tape these interviews over Skype, for folks who don’t know but, your name on Skype is Nick-Rogue-Quick.

So think the ‘rogue’, the vogue moniker is very appropriate because you are not doing anything the way anybody says you are supposed to. And that is why I wanted to have you on the How to Quit Working Show and that’s why you are successful as you are and that’s why it was such a blast to talk to you. Anything else that you want to advice people? What’s the last thing that you want to leave people with who want to go out and create this lifestyle for themselves?

Nick Quick – If what you are doing right now is not fulfilling you. Stop. Make whatever changes you have to do; life is too short to really just be a slave for somebody else. If you are going to be a slave, it might as well be a slave to yourself.

Create something that you think is awesome, that you can feel proud of and that will ultimately give you that lifestyle that you desire. It’s possible, it’s something that’s within the grasp of anybody who is willing to put in just the, just the minimal effort I mean, the way that I always look at it is, if you, you know, contrary, here we again being contrary, contrary to saying where, you know, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I say do what you love and you will probably work almost every –day of your life but you will enjoy every damn minute of it.

So that’s kind of the thought that I want to leave people with is that, if you do what you love, you are gonna work a lot but you are gonna enjoy every second of it.

Jeff Steinmann – Yup, definitely and great, great, great advice and where can folks go to get more information about you if they want to laid or if they want to create a lifestyle?

Nick Quick – Well I rather start with the lifestyle. That’s gonna be more appealing to most people more, who knows? But you go to Escapehacker.com, in fact on the Escapehacker.com, you can get my video presentation, I give 7 ways that you can quit your job and you know, live your ultimate dream life style, whether that be travelling the world or whether it be back in Cleveland, Ohio. However you want to do it, there are 7 strategies on how to do that. You can get there. And if guys are really interested, you can go to Samenightseduction.com, I got a free guide there as well. But I would highly recommend checking out Escapehacker.com.

Jeff Steinmann – Alright sounds good. So we will link up escapehacker.com below the podcast, you can just, or below the show, so you can click down and see that and click on that. And again I want to thank you Nick, for being on the show and I wish you the best of luck with everything that you are doing and I look forward to staying in touch.

Nick Quick – Hey thank you very much for having me on the show. This was an honor and a pleasure.

For more about Nick, visit him at escapehacker.com (it’s totally work-safe :) )

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