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Episode #15: Do the One Thing That Scares You TODAY - How To Quit Working
Episode #15: Do the One Thing That Scares You TODAY

Episode #15: Do the One Thing That Scares You TODAY

How Loralee Hutton Quit Working so she could be mobile and help others do the same.

Loralee Hutton

How Loralee Hutton Quit Working so she could be mobile and help others do the same.

Loralee has been at this lifestyle thing for a while. She left her corporate job doing accounting at a software company to start her own accounting firm, with lifestyle as her goal. That worked out great, but she wanted MORE freedom.

Do the One Thing That Scares You TODAY.

So, she starting looking at a leveraged business. She wanted something that would give her a way to make money even when she wasn’t working.

She figured it out.

Few people are as smart about how they start and evolve their lifestyle businesses as Loralee has been. She’s taken a grass-roots approach with everything, which is the key to her success.

On this episode of the “How to Quit Working Show” Loralee is going to tell us how she did it and also share:

  • How she took her “time-for-dollars” business and converted it to a leveraged business.
  • The scary thing that happens around the two year mark and what to do about it.

Listen to Loralee give you the entire scoop here:


Click here for a full transcript of this episode

You can get more information about Loralee at: loraleehutton.com.

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  • Loralee

    Loved being on your show Jeff!

  • Andrea

    Really insightful interview! I’m one of Loralee’s 14 Day Challengers and can attest to her being the real deal. She offers true to support, practical business sense and a belief that we all have it in us to be successful and to learn from every situation. She’s a remarkable community builder as well.

    Also, love the tip about doing something that scares you when you’re feeling stale!

  • Kelley Fluharty

    I completely adore Loralee Hutton, as we belong to the same FB Mastermind group, and she always has such good information to share.

  • Moneeeq

    So inspiring. Loralee’s created some great strategies for

  • Moneeeq

    So inspiring. Loralee’s created some great strategies for keeping herself in action while supporting others! Love it.

  • Amber McCue

    Jeff, your write up about Loralee is so spot on. She is a total rockstar. I’m bookmarking this to listen this weekend. Can’t wait!

  • Trezlie Brooks

    Hanging onto your coat tails Loralee! Just finished something I have been procrastinating and doing it because it scares me. Thanks for a fabulous interview Jeff & Loralee!

  • Victoria Cunningham-Downey

    I LOVE Loralee! I might be scared but she makes me feel like those big leaps are just teeny little steps in my entrepreneurial journey.

  • Savannah Caden

    Loralee is such a great coach. She’s both authentic and generous. I love her content!

  • http://www.crystalcolson.com/ Crystal Cherry

    Great interview. Loved getting more insight into how you do things, Loralee. I’ve been weeding out a lot of newsletters recently, and yours is one of the few I actually enjoy reading each week. :-)

  • http://jeffsteinmann.com/ Jeff Steinmann

    Wow! Thanks for all your great comments. Loralee’s success is 100% a product of the amazing relationships she has built with her clients and colleagues by being a hugely supportive resource!