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Episode #17 Transcript: No More Limits to Life - How To Quit Working
Episode #17 Transcript: No More Limits to Life

Episode #17 Transcript: No More Limits to Life

Jeff Steinmann – Hello everyone. Welcome to the how to quit working show. Today my guest is Madisen Harper and Madisen is awesome. She started off in the corporate world. She did that for ten years and then finally decided, guess what she wanted more freedom in her life, wanted to able to choose what she does every day and do something that she really cares about. So she started a fashion business where she was selling women’s clothing online and then she moved into creating a platform that helps people to live a limitless life. She is gonna tell us all how she did it on today’s show. Madisen thank you for being with us and welcome to the show.

Madisen Harper – Thank you, excited to be here.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah I am excited to have you here because you have got a really fun and interesting business. I am so excited to hear more about it. So you are all about exploring a limitless life. Tell us a little bit of what does that mean?

Madisen Harper – Well indeed I am about exploring that and it’s really about looking at your full potential. So being a human potential expert, really opening that up, because a lot of people, the only reason why they are not achieving what they desire in their life is because they are often focusing on the wrong things. I don’t have enough education, I don’t have enough, you know self-worth, I don’t have enough support, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money. And then they wonder why they are stuck in that rat race position so I am all about, just really introducing that into their lives.

Jeff Steinmann – Well that is awesome. So you talk about the rat race. Did you spend some time in the rat race?

Madisen Harper – Oh my gosh, when I start my major talks I ask everybody if they want to know a secret and of course everybody loves to know a secret, so they put up their hands and I said, I have been institutionalized for 20 years and they look at me and see if I have got any tats, if I have been in jail and I said ‘No’. I have got 3 university degrees. A different type of institutionalization. 3 university degrees and I have been working in the corporate world for, you know, over a decade and then I started working for myself because I was never quite comfortable working for others. I always wanted to be a bit more free. So yeah, it’s definitely, there’s some great opportunities are out there for people if they choose.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah what kind of work did you do in the corporate world?

Madisen Harper – Well I was very fortunate because when I looked back to what I am doing right here right now, it is almost like the universe conspired to give me the best education possible, not only from university point of view, but every single job I did has helped me to this point. So I have a marketing background, and as you well know Jeffrey that if you can’t market your business, basically you can’t sell a secret. So I am so thankful for that. I worked in marketing and publishing and now when I write books, and used to work in marketing for a speaker’s bureau and now I do speaking. So I did a lot of corporate consulting for the last, probably 13 years before I sort of went into full time into this, sort of purposeful work, that I call that.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay, so what made you decide, okay that is enough? I had enough of this, I am going to go do my own thing because this is what I always wanted to do.

Madisen Harper – Okay I am going to be honest. Ever since I got of the university I was gagging to get out of the corporate world. This is something within me. You know I have always been very ambitious and I thought, you know, one day I would be the marketing director of a big company. But I can remember sitting in the hairdressers, once and I was still studying my masters of commerce and marketing and the hairdresser was telling me that they had all these issues and I am like, ‘oh but we can totally figure that out’ and the next thing, I was out on my cell-phone talking to my university colleagues, going, ‘we have got a consulting job, we have got a consulting job’.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh well that is awesome.

Madisen Harper – Yeah, so I think probably in response to that my number one value is freedom. And then abundance and then working form that place of love. So I think that desire for freedom has always wanted me to, kind of be my own boss.

Jeff Steinmann – Were a little bit fearful when you made that transition?

Madisen Harper – Absolutely. I think that I really noticed that I have had probably 3 weeks of space throughout my lifetime and how I got out of the corporate work, I remember returning to my beautiful waterfront apartment in overlooking Sydney Harbor and I dropped all these files on the ground that were from my corporate office job and something inside of me just switched and went there is more to life then this crap. And I got a phone call form a girlfriend who is overseas in New York and she is going ‘Oh my gosh we have got to start this online business and it is going to be amazing. Let’s do fashion for plus size women because they don’t have that in Australia where we are at’ and you know that was in 2000 and you know naivety gets you everywhere sometimes because we just went for it.

And it was a bit of baptism by fire so I was really great at marketing and she was really great at the online stuff but I also had some ideas on how to design clothes, that was quite funny.

But it was, yeah exactly details. But you know, back in 2000 as well, people were not that confident with buying online, so we were a little bit ahead of our time. But what I realized out of that whole situation is what I really, makes my heart sink now was that I was good at communicating a certain/sort of message and we got over 3 million dollars’ worth of PR which I am sure you can appreciate .

Because it is challenging to do and but that is what kind of really started me on thinking that there is more to life than trading time for money. It was so exciting and we had so many opportunities and because we were getting a lot of media, there was a lot of interest that we both realized that we were good at marketing but not so good at selling clothes.

Because as we spoke to, yeah locals, they were like, ‘It is a tough trade:, like the right trade was like having a particularly challenging time. So it was interesting because it was really challenging for us to let go of that business because it was our freedom but it was not our financial freedom. And I said to my business partner, who was my best friend, I said to her, ‘Look everybody is getting paid other than us and we just got to let it go’. So we actually found someone to buy it.

And it still exists to this day and so that was kind of our first taste of freedom, even though it wasn’t financially rewarding at the time; it actually was the first stepping stone for me being where I am here today. So it was a blessing.

Jeff Steinmann – Oh ok. So what happened after that?

Madisen Harper – So we had to go and make money. You know, what a lot of people are caught with because they want to follow their dreams and they don’t know how to monetize that so I decided that instead of going back and being an employee i would start and be a consultant. So I felt like I had some semblance of freedom and I used to joke that I was a consultant with a bit of a bad attitude but always charming in my way. You know they would, ‘say can you come in at 9?’ and I am like no that’s peak hour traffic, you know. So I really managed to and they were all very gracious with me because you now, my personality sort of allows it because I am not being totally obnoxious but putting my, you know, list out there, of what I want out of life.

So that was very fulfilling and also very financially rewarding and I really enjoyed the work and as I said a lot about works from website stuff to SEO to PR, I did for my many clients which I later used for myself to this day, but it was fulfilling financially and from that point of view, but it did not fill my heart. That is probably the best way of saying it.

Jeff Steinmann – Okay. So then what happened?

Madisen Harper – So basically I have had, as you know it is quite challenging for any small business or entrepreneur to be open for more than 5 years. I think the stats are 90 % fail within the 5 years or even 2 years. So I managed to keep that business alive and I still consult form time to time but only through referrals just to help out, but I have had that business for 13 years. So I managed to really sustain and flourish and be well respected in that arena but I really still had that desire that and I call it ‘purposeful work’ and I guess every part of our existence is purposeful because what I noticed when I went into these corporations apart from doing the marketing and the project management and all that kind of strategic work, I noticed a lot of my clients as employees, I was like Lucy, you know from Peanuts, where she would put the doctors in for 5 cents and, you know, you could never talk to her. I would get a lot of that from my clients and colleagues because for some reason they saw something within me, maybe that I did have an abundant and joyful life more so than they did and they really tapped into that positivity of my energy because I didn’t allow that kind of gossip and office politics into any of the projects I worked on and so I noticed that it was important and I enjoyed that aspect of them almost mentoring them and giving them different perspectives, so that they could flourish in their current environments because

Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Right?

Jeff Steinmann – Right. Sure, sure thank goodness.

Madisen Harper – Scary right?

Jeff Steinmann – What a crazy world this would be. Well so that fascinates me, because you and this is so interesting because every time I talk to someone, we talk about how they transition from one thing to another, they always have taken something that they learned or experienced or whatever it is from what they did and they moved because it, in other words I am getting ahead of you because I think I know where this is going. But keep going, keep going, what was next?

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Madisen Harper – So basically I worked over those 13 years from 5 days a week to 4 days a week to 3 days week to 2 days a week to one day a week and because I had established my reputation, I was getting basically paid 1 day a week what I used to get paid 5 days a week a decade ago, so that was a very lovely situation.

And what I was doing on those other days was building that side of the business stack really made my soul sink, so I was very brand schizophrenic for years, I felt like I had a lot to offer but the brand schizophrenia was so confusing for me and then about 2 years ago, I sort of got into this vision of seeing people around me thinking they had no choices and as you said before people often think wow, why don’t you just have the secure job and I would look at them and I think wow, if you got retrenched tomorrow or let go from your job, you would be devastated and you would be looking for another job. If I have an opportunity that tends to float away from me, I’ve got a million other opportunities.

That is, is overwhelming. And I realized that it was just the way people perceived their lives and their choices which was limiting them so that’s how the whole limitless thing came about and I actually did my PhD on that topic of looking at the subconscious mind and exploring how it’s in it people and how to overcome it. So the PhD became the book, which became the best seller and here we are today.

Jeff Steinmann – That is awesome. So when you talked a little bit about, you mentioned brand schizophrenia. Can you talk a little bit about what brand schizophrenia is?

Madisen Harper – Well, to me it was not being able to pinpoint something that I could easily effectively communicate to a market. And that means not only could I not effectively communicate it but I also couldn’t put sound benefits around it to excite them and really call them to action. I had so many things I could offer and you know, that’s kind of the challenge when you’ve done a lot of study or you had a lot of experience and it’s really challenging, as you know, to go out to the marketplace without a strong brand. And I really suffered from that and it was just by, I call it connecting to my inner guru which I’d say tapping into that universal wisdom that’s available to everybody that it started all of a sudden download from me. I am like, ‘oh my gosh, people are limited’. So what’s the opposite of that? Limitless. Let’s teach them how or guide them I say I assure God.

Because yeah, everybody has their very specific recipe for life and I can teach them my recipe and it might be the wrong cake, you know.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well you know, I am so glad you brought this brand schizophrenia up because this is something that I see with clients and people I work with all the time and what ultimately happens is that they have so much to offer just like you said. They have a lot to offer. They have a lot of great life experiences and they just have a tremendous desire to use what they know and what they have experienced to help change and improve other people’s lives. But what we struggle with is figuring out what that thing is that we know and we do and the transformation that we can offer and translating that into really clear marketable benefits.

Madisen Harper – Absolutely.

Jeff Steinmann – And it sounds like you also struggled with that but being a marketing expert yourself was certainly a huge advantage because you knew you had to get there. I think a lot of folks who aren’t experts

On marketing, they don’t know that’s where they need to go so what advice would you give to  somebody who has just a ton of gifts flowing and they probably have like a website with here’s all the 95 different things that I do. And there is no real cohesiveness there. There is no real brand. So what kind of advice would you give to those folks?

Madisen Harper – I have got to say you know you did say that there is an advantage of simply having that marketing background and I do. I am very thankful that I have it. But you know, sometimes, when you have no clue, you just get out and do it. And I used to watch entrepreneurs just go by the seat of their pants and I am like they’ve got no business plan, they’ve got no brand, they’ve got no idea in reality and they were flourishing. And I think sometimes, I overthink things. So what I noticed, over-time, was that and you probably experienced this as well that in the corporate world, we have business plans, marketing meeting plans, strategic plans, 5 year plans, 1 billion years plans and then every quarter they assess these plans, and then they reel back anyways so what’s the point of the plan when you are not going to stick to them. You know, I now recommend to people to have like a 1 or 2 page plan for the year because otherwise they get so overwhelmed and really, what do we really need to know. Okay, I want to do 1 online product a year. Oh, I want to do 5 articles that I am going to send out to people to get on their website to get traffic back to mine. I want to do 5 Facebook posts a month. It’s not rocket science. We just need something to keep us on track. That’s what I recommend for people and in terms of figuring out what your offering is it has to come back to that question. If you knew time and money were not an issue, what would you do? And it’s what makes you heart say what you would do for free if you could do it for free and that is usually something that you could really strongly put out to the marketplace because it won’t hurtfully burn you out because you are excited by it although some people turn their hobbies into their work and then they hate the hobby.

But, you know, hopefully it will help them really look at things and also the things and say what do people ask you for advice on. Where do you go in the bookstore that is there a favorite topic that you always go to? What movies do you love and why do you love them? And you will often see a theme that’s going on and that’s a really good indicator because people think that they got to have this big grand purposeful scheme and you know what, their purpose is just to be happy. So whatever makes them happy is right on track.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. No that’s awesome. And I love the 2-page yearlong plan. Because how simple is that?

Right, if it doesn’t fit on 2 pages, you probably taken on too much. That’s awesome.

Madisen Harper – And you are not going to implement it. I have seen it time and time again. They just don’t implement it because they become so overwhelmed and if they can just take a few little footsteps each week, you know because that’s what happens to entrepreneurs. We get so excited, there are so many opportunities that we are like mouse chasing around. Oo, there’s another new one and we never finish the old one, you know. So I am not saying not to finish things, I mean don’t finish things if there is no longer inspiring but also don’t stop because you are challenged by it either. And that’s a fine line of knowing the difference.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you know you mentioned something that’s kind of close to my heart. You said you like the finer things in life. And you mentioned that you had a beautiful apartment with a beach view. I think that’s tough for a lot of people because I mean, I don’t know very many people who don’t like all those things. Some of us get more into it than others. But as you are doing all of this and as you are going through the transitions that you went through, did you find that you had to give up some of those things? You had to give up some of those nicer dinners, some of those nicer bottles of wine, vacations and things for a short term in order to get to where you wanted to be?

Madisen Harper – Well, you know what I found to be really interesting especially in the beginning when I was like I said went from 5 days to 4 days and on the other days, I would be doing, what I would call my purposeful work. I found that when I was doing the stuff I loved, I didn’t have the need for the other stuffs so much because in the past I was buying myself all these Gucci, Pucci and Smucci bags you know to make myself feel better. So I didn’t have that big need. Saying that though I had a challenge around transitioning because I had a belief and proof that I could make exceptional money from that marketing business consulting. But I had no proof that I could make it as an author and as a speaker. So that was very challenging for me. And for the first probably 6 months, a year, it was a transition period. And I did still have money coming in from my consulting job but it’s interesting the universe just decided one day that’s enough. No more consulting work. And I think it was basically imploring me to say come on step into it, step out. It’s time to do it. And it was a huge leap of faith and trust in the universe that everything was going to be fine because I was coming to it from the right heart space and it was uncomfortable. It was definitely uncomfortable. I don’t like, I like to live by what I choose. Not what I can afford. And when I have to go into what I can afford mode, it’s not a good place.

Jeff Steinmann – Right, no I understand. I understand that. So it sounds like the thing that you did that really helped you get through that was focusing on what you loved.

Madisen Harper – Yes. And also I had to do lot of focus on my beliefs and work with the subconscious mind because I had to change that within me to think that I couldn’t make money in another way. And because you know where’s entrepreneurial school. There is no entrepreneurial school. If anything, you know my husband’s an entrepreneur as well. He is an inventor and he used to go the coffee shop with his buddies and they would go why don’t you get a job. Get a proper job. You know, that’s what you get thrown at you all the time, you know. My parents you know, where do you get your money from? I hope you can pay your mortgage. It’s all mirroring your internal fears. So you got to have huge belief in yourself and you also I think kind of got to dialogue within yourself when these fears come up. Say why are these coming up? Are they really serving me? And if they are not, just send them on their merry way. Plant something new in there and you really do fake it till you make it, quite honestly in the beginning.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Yeah, that’s for sure. That’s for sure. So tell us a little bit about, I mean speaking of that, tell us a little bit how did you build your limitless brand and the book and kind of all that went into that.

Madisen Harper – Yes it happened really quickly and that’s what I’ve noticed. When you are clear, you are on track and all of a sudden, it’s something there’s like a force or energy that propels you forwards. So I did the thesis over 2 years and I had a worldwide study of people. I basically had tapped into that universal wisdom that I have talked to you that I’ve called your inner guru, which we all have, your intuition. That whatever you want to call it. And I downloaded knd of work that people could facilitate so I could see if the process worked and after that, it was quite clear that I was to turn it into a book. And fortunately I managed to have a lot of J.V partners, joint-venture partners so that I could get it out there that would become a bestseller and that happened all very quickly like within a 6 month period. So it’s called limitless.10 energy accelerators, yeah, to access your infinite potential. And it’s super easy to read and now I am doing book clubs, group coaching, speaking around it because you may know something about me that I hate trading time for money and anything that I can do that creates residual income, oh, like makes me the happiest girl in the world.

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Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. I know that’s awesome stuff. And we are going to put a link to the book below to show. So if anyone’s interested, you can just scroll down and get a link to that. But that’s awesome. So what would you say like what was the most effective thing that you did in terms of getting yourself and your name out there. What was the thing that you did that propelled you forward the most.

Madisen Harper – Okay. Probably one of the things I find really valuable if you have the skillset is, I love doing PR. So I love getting content out there with my name. Either being interviewed or writing articles or doing videos. I like to do videos just because it cuts through that online clutter and I find that that’s one of the best ways to do that. And the other thing I really enjoy is I love the online experience because I can do it until midnight. I can do it when it suits me because I’m not an early riser so that’s really amazing. And I think that that was probably one of the best things I did. Now saying that, you do have to have a little bit of a basic skillset but you can always you know find a online how to write an article and make sure it’s full of keywords that people love and you know that people find you when you have resources box at the bottom so they go back to your website and I just found doing simple things like that and I am somebody who does work on my own cause I prefer it and I have people who work with me and I tend to have contractors. I don’t even want a team. That’s how free I want to be. Because I don’t want to be kindergarten cop. You know I was kindergarten cop for decades.

So you know just knowing what I’ve done I don’t know if your listeners know anything about an Alexa Rank but an Alexa Rank is, it’s actually a toolbar that you can put on your website and you can see how a website ranks in the world. So guess who’s number one? Google. Number 2 I think is Youtube. You know and I’m a chick that like sits at home with 2 dogs and a cat and a husband and I am 479th thousand in the world right now. Like that’s pretty good and I know what I had to do to do that. And it’s not a lot of work.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. That’s awesome. So you just kind of went with the grass roots Internet marketing stop and it was really successful for you.

Madisen Harper – I did. I did and I love that because as I said, I also loved the internet and online is because it can create the biggest ripple possible. If I go and speak to an audience and it depends what part of the world I’m in but Australia’s population is like 24 million. It’s tiny. If I go to an event here, it could be anything from 25 to 300 people. If I go to the US, it’s a different situation. But online, I am hitting thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. So it creates fantastic limitless ripple.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah. Well that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well so you know, you’ve talked a lot about your lifestyle preferences. That’s kind of have been peppered into everything that you’ve said. You don’t really do morning meetings. You don’t like to trade time for dollars. And I never ask lifestyle entrepreneurs what a typical day looks like because there is none. Right. I mean if there was, then we would get bored and we wouldn’t be doing this. But tell us just a little bit about what is your life look like. Like what are some of the typical things or some of the things that you do on a regular basis?

Madisen Harper – Well, my like looks pretty awesome. So that’s probably why all those co-workers are like what are you doing? Because they want a piece of that. So I am a late riser. So doing this interview at this time does not bother me at all. It’s midnight in Australia which is where I am right now.

And you know I am often up working. I do like to get up at that 9-10 o’clock and I really try and balance what I call the 4 counterparts of the soul which is the physical, the emotional, mental and spiritual. So one of the first things that I do is take my dogs for a walk cause you know it’s a great 5k walk. You know, we both get a lot of exercise and it’s just really good to keep that physical going. I come home, I’ve got this new thing now where I time how long I respond to emails because I was just watching. Yes, I was watching my life just drain away by crazy things and I thought my gosh, the hour that I have to spent on this and I’ve heard this the other day and I thought it was just brilliant. It was by Brendon Burchard who I’d absolutely love to follow and he said ‘your inbox is filled with other people’s agendas’. And I am like yes. It is.

Jeff Steinmann – It is so true. It’s so true.

Madisen Harper – So true. So I thought this morning for example, I am doing half an hour and then basically scan the emails and I see what are the business emails, maybe some media stuff that I have to do. I do them for half an hour and then I get onto some core things from the day and how I decide what I do for the day is I basically sit in meditation and say ‘what do I need to do today’ and I get really specific answers. Like today was redo my website banner and setup a new intro for my video and set up Madisen TV. Really specific things and I can’t tell you how quickly things have evolved since I started doing that. Despite all the strategies, despite the millions of pages of marketing plans I have written, if I just wake up and say ‘what do I need to do today’ it’s like I get this amazing universal guidance and that’s how I have been able to do everything so quickly and effortlessly for once in my life you know. I was always a workaholic. And now I just try and work 5 or 6 hours a day if that. I work with that guidance by asking that question every morning. You know I have lunch with my husband, we might go out, you know see friends in the evening and things like that. So I do try and really balance out spiritual that is the meditation and the emotional is just really, you know, fulfilling myself with fun and enjoyment and peace. All that sort of stuff. So that’s how my day usually peppered with really fulfilling those 4 counterparts of the soul so that they are not equal but at least balanced.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, you know that’s awesome. And I always say the key to lifestyle is you got to flip it around. You got to get out of that ‘I have to do all of this stuff first’, you know and then I get to have fun. And you have completely flipped that around and you know you can say that. I mean you can say that to somebody as much as you want but I don’t think you really understand what that means until you’ve done it. Until you’ve made that flip. When you say ‘no no no no. What I want comes first’ and then everybody else’s.

Madisen Harper – And it’s challenging. Absolutely it’s a big challenge. And not only that, like putting my priorities right because let me tell you, I did a book club and group coaching the other day and I was working with the team on how to get over what they believe like this every week, for the first 4 weeks had come and they’d be given like I call it play-work that they had to do and you know it’s based on the book’s chapters and I’d be like ‘how did you go’ and they’d be like ‘oh yeah I did half of it’ and you know being a little bit of an achiever I kind of got a little bit annoyed so I was thinking I said to them ‘look, it’s book club and group coaching. Not book club and go home and do nothing’. You know. So I thought ‘okay, this week I am going to get to the root of why they are not doing it’ because you know when I said to them ‘why do you think you can’t do it’ they said life gets in the way. And I said ‘okay, let me explain something. Life gets in the way of my happiness. Life gets in the way of my peace. Life gets in the way of my abundant. That’s what you are really saying to me’. So this week we actually just documented all the challenges but we got to the baseline thing. For example, people said they spend hours on Facebook and the Internet. That’s why I am cutting these emails down to half an hour time maybe twice a day. You know, there are distractions. Why are there distractions? Because it’s a escapism. And why are we trying to escape. Because we might be fearful of failure, fear of success. That’s the baseline issue. And so what we did in that book club is that we use the emotional freedom’s technique, which is a tapping energy alignment tool and to help relieve all those illusions that people are working on. Because they are illusions.

Jeff Steinmann – Yeah, yeah. It sounds like, that you were in that grip-coaching situation and it seems like what you discovered was that session needed to go in a completely different direction than it was scheduled to. And that probably was the most valuable thing that you could have done for them. So that is one of the things so cool about group situations like that.

Madisen Harper – Yes and it is so true, and if I had let it go on we would have been at week 10 and they would achieved a quarter. If we had not overcome those blocks it would have been a huge challenge.

Jeff Steinmann – Well and I suspect that, that has given you some insight into the next program you offer. Maybe you will start with something like that.

Madisen Harper – Absolutely.

Jeff Steinmann – Isn’t it awesome?

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Madisen Harper – It is and I mean one of the exciting things that has come out of all this is that, just as you are doing, I am also interviewing people who have limitless lives and one of the benefits of that is, I also get to talk to amazing people. So people like, Arielle Ford, who was Deepak Chopra’s publicist or Marci Shimoff, you know, number 1 New York best-selling authors and you get to ask all these awesome questions. And when I was asking them, ‘so what is in your toolbox of living a limitless life’? They had the same tools in there. One of them was this EFT, so then I thought I am going to interview the next generation of the EFT guys.

So it’s Nick Fortner, so it actually spelled out exactly she said a whole other thing that I am now placing in a membership site. And we are offering that too. So it amazing when you do follow your flow. And not just your thoughts, because the mind has been the leader for far too long. And got us nowhere in many situations. It is amazing how things really come into fruition with that ease and grace.

Jeff Steinmann – You have got this lifestyle that is built around what you want and what makes you happy. How does that work and how does affect your relationship with your husband?

Madisen Harper – Well it is kind of good that we are both entrepreneurs but I used to laugh before there were, there had really rich months or really poor months. But he is an inventor which means that in order to put patents and intellectual property around things cost tens of thousands of dollars, so it is really expensive. I mean what I do is so cost effective because it is basically me and my brain, my computer and some contractors.

You know, when you are doing IP it can be a $ 100,000 and you may not sell it. You know, so you have really got to have the guts and thankfully he, his background is in sales, because a lot of people invent things and they don’t know how to sell it and it is dead in a drawer. So, we do both work in the same environment, I refuse to get an office, just because of that whole freedom thing.

So we do both work from home and do our own things but it also gives us a lot of time, like we took one of our dogs to the beach today and just kind of had a walk around and you know, they were shooting a T.V program there, had a watch of that. You know, it was 3 O’clock, it was grey, I loved that, I loved that flexibility and the fact that because we do work for ourselves, we travel on average 3 months a year.

Jeff Steinmann – That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Do you work when you travel?

Madisen Harper – Look I try not to but sometimes I might be doing speaking, so it is a little bit of working but you know what it is like, when you tend to work for yourself, you have a, I don’t know you might not have this, but I definitely do this, inability to turn off. And if I get inspiration while I am away, I will tend to write it down in my iPad but then I will leave it. Because I really do think, you know,  from that four counterparts of the soul that our bodies need rest, our minds, mentally need rest because I think if you are too full in the mind there is no space, there is no blank page for inspiration to come through and I am sick of working from perspiration.

Jeff Steinmann –  Absolutely, you know and I think that I think that there is a clear difference between something that you let flow out because you are inspired and just that whole kind of being obsessed kind of a thing. I had, in fact on Saturday I normally don’t work on Sundays but on Sunday I was just actually sitting out in the backyard and they got this really cool inspiration from a blog post, which I just went ahead and wrote.

You know that wasn’t a, that was not a, I am obsessed with my business, I have to be doing something all the time, that was a, yeah this just feels right, this is what I want to do right now.

Madisen Harper – Absolutely, and you know what, Sundays are, I don’t know, they are very inspiring for me and also when I walk my jog because I think it is out in nature and it kind of gets in you and the other place I hear people get a lot of inspiration is in the shower. There is something to do with water and people just get it, like great ideas.

Jeff Steinmann – I think somebody has done some studies about that. That is interesting stuff. Yeah. It is amazing, so if you are stuck or if you get wires blocked, take a shower. Yeah exactly. So Madisen what is the biggest mistake that you have made on this journey that you have taken on?

Madisen Harper – The biggest mistake, I would say is not being balanced during periods, because I will say I am Madisen Harper and I am a reformed do-a-holic. Yeah I over-work, I have a tendency, I am going to affirm it in the past, so that I don’t slip back into it but I had a tendency to over-work, I had a belief and its I think a common belief that if you got to work hard in order to prosper and I would work probably 12-13-14-15 hour days, you know I did my consulting work then I do this other work which I was trying to get up and running. So I think and that was actually the catalyst on how this all happened, I got energetically burnt out, I was exhausted and I took 3 months off and when I took those 3 months off that is when everything just was just revealed to me. Do the limitless stuff, do the, you know, PhD, the book and it was amazing and like I said it all happened in the last 18 months to 2 years and that is incredibly quick to a PhD plus get a book and make it a best-seller.

So I realize I was kind of taking things from the wrong end of the stick and you know we were talking about the work before and I have realized the true work is that sort of personal development side of things, because a lot of people are like going on, oh I got to do this and you know check my Facebook and do this work and do all that and I noticed I would do that if I could do the personal development work I try and shove it in the end of the day but I didn’t do it from a place of gratitude it was like another thing on the to-do list and when I decided to, as you said, flop my day around and do the personal development work in the morning as the foundation and that is when everything really flowed and the challenge and it was uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable not working for 3 months; it was really uncomfortable because I thought if I stopped doing I would be stuck. I did not want to be stuck. So it was like breaking an addiction, basically.

Jeff Steinmann – So true. What is the final thought, the most important thing that you would like to leave our listeners with?

Madisen Harper – I think that I really just want them to know that they do have access to their infinite potential and their lives truly can be limitless and it is this simple, usually focused on looking at the minds and the thoughts and the feelings that they are emitting because that is the key in the awareness that is giving them an idea and an clue as to why it’s not happening for them. So they hear themselves saying things like, ‘Oh, you know there is no good jobs out there’ or ‘I don’t have enough education’, there are the keys right there in then, that it is basically just cutting off that limitless connection and it is a real opportunity once you gain that awareness to just turn it right around and it is truly possible for everybody. I don’t care what education, what lifestyle, what country or you know what the financial situation, you can have access to amazing potential and I always look for the power of One, if you are looking for something and you really want to do something badly, find at-least one other person that did it and let them be your inspiration because if one can do it, anyone can do it.

Jeff Steinmann – So, such great advice, such great advice. Well Madisen where can our listeners go to get more information about you and get your book?

Madisen Harper – Well they can visit MadisenHarper.com and that’s M-a-d-i-s-e-n H-a-r-p-e-r.com and there is loads of free resources on there as well, everything from how do I identify your values to meditations on how to kind of relax and reconnect with that universal energy, there’s courses and I am actually running a 3-ten week ‘Introduction to meditation and energy work’. So if any one of your listeners would want to go on there, they can do it from anywhere in the world anytime they want.

Jeff Steinmann – Awesome I see we can sign up on the right hand side, if you got meditation.

Madisen Harper – Newsletter and everything.

Jeff Steinmann – That is awesome. And the name of your book again?

Madisen Harper – It’s Limitless 10 Energy Accelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential.

Jeff Steinmann – Awesome and there is going to be a link below and that is about and then for those of you in the U.S would be inclined to spell Madisen in a different way, it is M-A-D-I-S-E-N and Harper, H-A-R-P-E-R. Madisen I thank you so much for being on the show, I have had a blast as always, I learned a ton from talking to you and got a lot of great insights and I know our listeners are going to love this, ah but thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck with everything that you are doing now and I hope that we could stay in touch.

Madisen Harper – Thanks Jeff and here is to your limitless life too.

You can get more information about Madisen and how to live a limitLESS® Life at: http://madisenharper.com.

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