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Episode #19 Transcript: Brad Morris: Life Doesn't have to be Boring - How To Quit Working
Episode #19 Transcript: Brad Morris: Life Doesn’t have to be Boring

Episode #19 Transcript: Brad Morris: Life Doesn’t have to be Boring

Jeff Steinmann:  Hello, everyone. Welcome to the How to Quit Working show. Today, my guest is Brad Morris. Now, Brad is awesome. He started a business to fund his golf career and then after a lot of self-reflection, decided that that wasn’t what he wanted out of life, so he then ended up moving to an island with his wife and living an awesome life with a mission of helping to rescue people from their boring lives. A topic that is close to my heart. Brad, welcome to the show.

Brad Morris:  Man, thank you so much for having me today, Jeff. It’s a real pleasure to be here.

Jeff:  Well it’s – I’m excited to have you because one of the things that I want to have on the show is I always want to have people who are just living life exactly the way they want to. And you really seem to be taking that to a whole new level. Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing with your life right now.

Brad:  Well, it’s been a dream that’s been unfolding for quite a few years since I dropped out of college in 2005. But I am turning all of my passions into my purpose and my business. And my website, cowabungalife is where I just share absolutely everything that inspires me from creating conscious comedies to meditation programs to adventure retreats. Everything – my life stories, my adventures, it’s – I’m living my dream every single day. And it’s such a blessing.

Jeff:  That’s awesome, Brad. Now, has it always been that way?

Brad:  No. I’ve always been rather optimistic and happy-go-lucky. But it’s been a lot of – it’s been persistence, dedication, hard work, resilience when times gotten tough. And really just choosing my dreams and what makes me come most alive over and above everything else and above everything that’s people said I needed to do and just really – it’s been a journey of my heart.

Jeff:  Okay. Well so, what does it mean for you today? How do you – we all know it all comes down to how the heck do you put food on the table?

Brad:  Well, that’s where the entrepreneur’s greatest gift is their creativity. And I feel like I am only limited by my imagination. And I feel like this is the thing that we’re all limited by. And fortunately, our imagination is unlimited. It’s–

Jeff:  So we’re limited by something that’s unlimited?

Brad:  Exactly.

Jeff:  Because we’re not living it.

Brad:  Perception it is limited, which it’s not. And so, it’s been a really – the challenging journey has been learning the business world and learning my creative gifts. And learning how to bridge the two so that I can turn my creativity and my passions into something that generates money for myself. And I feel like my first six years of being an entrepreneur was kind of my university degree. And things are really starting to take off now for my business. And I feel like I’m finally paying of all those student loans in my first six years.

Jeff:  Yeah, yeah. Well so, now you said that you dropped out of college, but did you ever have a real like a “real” job?

Brad:  I grew up in the golf industry. Since the time I was twelve, I played tons of golf and so I lived on the golf course growing up and from the time I was 16 to about 22 when I dropped out of school, I worked in the golf industry and just played loads and loads of golf.

So that was generally growing up. That was my real job and I was going to school when I dropped out for golf and business management. And so, I was kind of doing what’s my peers at school and my teachers and my parents all said I should do which was to golf course. And my dream was to play professional golf and so I dropped out of college and started the first business as a way to sponsor myself on tour. Unfortunately and fortunately, I had no idea what the heck I was doing.

Jeff:  Oh, I see. I see. So the golf business, was it a family business?

Brad:  It actually wasn’t a golf business. It was – sold really offensive degrading t-shirts online and pissed a lot of people off. And also had a major breakdown in my life which was the cause for my path of personal developments and meditation and adventure retreats. That’s like what led me here was hitting rock bottom after that being in business for myself.

Jeff:  Okay. So you were in college and decided that you wanted to pursue professional golf and you started a business to fund that professional golf career, is that right?

Brad:  Exactly. Except I have the business skills and my massive, inflated ego got me into a lot of trouble financially and emotionally and mentally. And it was great – things, my whole world crumbled down and I was left with just me.

Jeff:  So one of the things that I always like to ask folks in these interviews is, what was the thing that kind of made you make that shift from kind of money and ego being the primary thing to actually having lifestyle on what you want being the primary thing. But it sounds like everything kind of crumbled away for you.

Brad:  Yeah. I’ve always been really passionate about the things that I’m passionate about. And life – my life’s always been motivated by fun. And how can I have the most fun from this experience? And as I started thinking about what I could do next, going out and getting a regular day job just wasn’t like – I could not fit into that. It would make me miserable and so, I started thinking long term and it’s like, I ask myself a question, what is it that I really want to master in my lifetime and what could I dedicate my entire lifetime to working towards and living? And that was to be a creator. To learn how to create all my passions, to be fully successful within the business realm while living my absolute dream life.

And as soon as I realized I can dedicate my entire life to this journey, that rushed. Like I feel like so many people – and I’ve been there so many times on my own journey because there’s bills to pay and stuff. But people are racing through life and missing the experience of the moment. And my journey has been all about the moment. And cultivating as much power and presence and everything I can creatively in each and every moment to show up as my best self and take care of what needs to be done. And that’s what I’ve build my business around.

Jeff:  That’s awesome. So tell me, how did you get yourself there, right? Because you kind of worked as rock bottom place and you had to figure out, what do I do now? Did it just sure like come to you? Or was there a little bit more work that you had to do there to get to that place?

Brad:  So much work. Attitude has been my saving grace along the journey. Because I mean, at first, bunch of years, I mean, I had some amazing adventures. In 2007, my buddy Matthew Ashdown and I, we launched a video in youtube called the gratitude dance which went viral. It was an amazing opportunity for us to feel like what it is to be an overnight success. Because all of a sudden, we’re getting all these different speaking tours and engagements and so we have no idea what we’re really doing as far as teaching them up.

But all of a sudden, we’re working at these youth conferences all over north America, and that happened really quick and we got a book published with hey ho’s, and this was all within a 9-month period. Radio show, and things were exploding. And then a week before we’re scheduled to speak in Vegas in front of 10,000 people at a conference, our publishing contract got pulled. And that was also the week before it’s going to start being sold in the book stores. But again, my world came crumbling down and it was time to rebuild and to rebuild from my most authentic expression of what I really, really wanted to live. And that was the same time that’s cowabungalife was birth.

Jeff:  Okay. Well, tell us a little bit about cowabungalife.

Brad:  Yeah. Cowabungalife, it’s me and my life. It’s my journey and expression. And I have no idea what it’s growing into. I know my greatest passions and gifts. In 2009, I was – when I moved back from Los Angeles – because I was living down there and right now, I live in Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. And I was down there doing a bunch of teaching.

And I moved back and a friend of mine asked me about my meditation practice and so, I started sharing like, “Yeah. This is what I do.” and she’s like, “What would you lead a group in?” So I said sure, and so April 1st, 2009, I led the first group and people were really blown away with the practice I facilitated. And so, I started doing it twice a week and then three times a week and then four times a week, and all of a sudden in the last few years here, I’ve had probably 350 or more cowabunga meditations which is my own style of meditation. Breath work, chanting, all the best techniques I have learned, many of them intuitive and many of them that I’ve just observed through nature and learned to sync my breath with nature.

And so, then I started sending more – because I wasn’t making any money teaching these workshops at all. I was like, and it was taking a lot of time and a lot of energy. And so I was in Peru, I led a retreat in Peru couple of years ago because that was on my bucket list. So I was just like, what’s it going to take for me to get paid to take a group to Peru?

And so, I spent a few months researching and made a contact very, very magically and synchronistically who was – I met some woman and she also own a couple of retreat centers in Tucson, on a retreat business in Peru. I met her out in the middle of the Arizona desert in the hot spring. And so, it was a cool synchronicity and I was like, All right, I’m booking it so I booked it literally in a hot spring, the retreat. And it turned out that enough participants came that I could get paid to go to Peru.

And while I was down there, when I had an epiphany to start creating all my meditation programs. And my first one was called the cowabunga vision quest which is an online 40-day process to support people to create their daily peace pause that they really love and look forward to and it gives them really super diverse variety of techniques.

And I’ve created another one, the 21-day meditation make-over. Since then, I’ve had people from 15 different countries go through the journey all around the world. Results have been profound and in the last year and a bit, I’ve made more money with my business in passive incomes through product sales than I have in all the years of being an entrepreneur, in all the different ways that I’ve tried to make money. It’s been amazing. Like a profound shift in my lifestyle. And how I can show up and be a creator, and it’s really blown my mind and shown me that I can do anything. It’s a really cool chapter right now in my life.

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Jeff:  So Brad, what else is cowabungalife about besides meditation?

Brad:  Cowabungalife is about living in the moment. It’s about embracing the magic of being right here. And if people go – I write a lot of blogs. I mean, I probably got a novel and articles, I published hundreds of articles of stories of experiences that I’ve lived, I’ve created. Probably a couple hundred youtube videos.

And so I’ve really documented my journey and share a lot of my heart, what I’ve experienced, what’s been working for me, and all for the purpose of supporting people to be in the moment. Because truly there is magic that is happening every single moment. And if we get out of our mind and get out of our fear-based thinking, we can arrive to the magic and to the full potential of what is readily available every single second.

And that’s – the meditation practices that I share support people to get into the moment no matter where they are, what they’re doing, and what’s going on in their life. So that they can discover the solutions, the creativity, and the absolute adventure that is waiting for them in this exact second.

And I seriously have got myself to a place in my life where I laugh my ass off all the time because literally, we’re making this up as we go, this whole life experience. Every moment, how we show up, who we’re choosing to showing up as in the moment, that dictates what we’re able to create. And what we’re able to create is how we can cultivate money, how we can live our most joyful express life and so that’s what I’m choosing to be a master of, is the moment. And every moment, it’s so different. I love improv and so I live random acts of improv all the time which is my new chapter of creating comedy skits. Make people laugh and inspire them at the same time.

Jeff:  That’s awesome. Is that the conscious comedy that you were talking about?

Brad:  Yeah, yes.

Jeff:  Well, tell us a little about that.

Brad:  Yes. So new earth comedy, it’s my own brand of comedy. I grew up in – I always had a goal of being on Saturday Night Live.

Jeff:  Hmm. I love that show.

Brad:  Oh, me too, man. It inspired me so much and still the old reruns, especially like the Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Will Ferrell days were best. I get so inspired by that. And I see so much negativity in the world. Now I also see, as far as people on the personal path of growth, and myself included, it keeps my ego in check to just laugh at myself and my own journey and it allows me to just really have fun and embrace my ups and downs and so I create comedy because it’s a way for people to really just enjoy and laugh at how wild this life experience is.

And so, new earth comedy is a new platform. Right now, I’m just starting a launching comedy skits on my journals, my blog and my website. And eventually, it’s going to grow into a platform that I’m going to do a live show that’s going to be people submitting their comedy sketches from all over the world. But I’m not there yet. That’s a chapter that’s soon to come.

Jeff:  That sounds awesome, Brad. And I’ve actually – I’ve often thought that we need something like The Tonight Show or we need something like that online. In other words, what we need is someone to curate all of the great comedy that we have out there.

Brad:  Yes.

Jeff:  There’s so much great stuff and there’s so much garbage. Right? So we need folks to curate the good stuff for the group people who followed them and have the same interest. So that sounds like an awesome idea. I love that. I can’t wait to see that launch.

Brad:  Thank you. Me, too. It’s been a five-year vision. I took time to do a bunch of visioning because I was unclear about five or six years ago. And I did it for three months, this visioning process that I share my cowabunga vision quest, which is all about getting really grounded in center and in open receptive space and then asking really specific potent questions that bring forth the clarity and the questions and the visions so that you can piece the puzzles together as to what your next steps are.

And so, at that time I was visioning, and all I kept getting was movies and videos and directing and comedy. So I tried to push forward on that path at that time I thought, oh, this must be now. And it’s taken five years. I wrote business plans at that time around new earth comedy which have been evolving for five years and I just kept being guided to do other projects like the meditations and the adventure retreats and creating online programs and everything else that wasn’t movies in that.

And I finally got at the beginning of this year, I just felt to my whole body that I have the green light and to just pay attention this year. And so in the last leg, I think week, I’ve created about three different comedy skits that I’ve launched on my website, and it just keeps coming. It’s like, now it’s becoming effortless and I have a – my best friend is totally on the same wavelength and is so excited about creating comedy. So him and I go for epic adventures. We pull up the camera and will just do a random act of improv skit. And then launch it. And it’s fun. It’s great practice right now for the show that’s going to be birth at some point in the near distant future.

Jeff:  That is awesome. So, and you were talking a little bit about visioning, how far into the future do you vision and how far in the future do you kind of know what you’re doing?

Brad:  I vision as far into the future as the future’s willing to show me. A lot of people kind of mix up their visioning. They try and force their vision into the future rather than listening to the future and allowing themselves to grow into who it is the future’s calling them to be.

So rather than, this is what I’m going to do by this date, I sit and I become receptive to the energy of the future. And what qualities of character it’s encouraging me to cultivate within myself because there’s the worst potential and then there’s the greatest potential, and there’s everything in between for our future. When we can get ourselves presence to the fullest, highest potential for ourselves and our lives, we can start to piece the puzzles together and learn what we’re missing in this exact moment. And what we need to grow into and where our life is being directed.

And I think so many people confuse creating and forcing and trying to control our future which creates a whole lot of misery rather than allowing ourselves to align and tune in with what is the actual flow here. And when we listen to the flow, that’s where the magic is. Because there’s a current of energy just like a river that we can tune into, jump in and go for an amazing ride.

And it may sound like super new age-y, hippie stuff but this is the absolute truth. This is how we live and create our reality. It’s a co-creation where we can hear and listen to the insights and our next steps. And then we got to jump in, we got to be the ones to courageously say, yes absolutely, I’m willing to dive into the deep end because this is what the flow is guiding me to do right now.

Jeff:  Oh so Brad, if somebody was listening to this and they said, “Boy, this makes a lot of sense. I’ve been trying to cram my vision into the future for a long time now and it hasn’t been working for me. What would you tell that person they should start doing or stop doing or whatever, what advice would you have for them?

Brad:  Well, number one, sign up for the cowabunga vision quest.

Jeff:  Oh, ok.

Brad:  The absolute process. The visioning process that I’ve facilitated and I’ve been facilitating for myself for a bunch of years in order to create this type of clarity in my life. And number two, whatever path you’re on, take time every single day. Do a visioning for your day every single day. Do a visioning for your future every single day. Because the current changes, it can change in an instant.

And one day, just like what happened to you and your business, one day you might be in corporate America, the very next day you might be done with corporate America and starting up your own passion project or business. And we really, really don’t know but if we’re allowing ourselves to be open, receptive and we’re trusting. Learning to trust our intuition. I had trust issues with myself years ago. I’d always second guess myself. It’s a game.

I was out hiking with my buddy the other day. And I was like, you know what brother, I feel like I’ve been so rebirth in the last years. I feel like I’m a four-year-old right now, where I really don’t know a damn thing about anything. And I’m just here exploring and experiencing the world. I’m gaining some new skills. I’ve got this big body so I can do a lot more than I could when I was four years old. But I feel I’m just a baby and I’m learning as I go and it is so much fun.

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Jeff:  Well, a lot of people listening might think that sounds great, but it also sounds really scary.

Brad:  Totally.

Jeff:  What would you advise those people?

Brad:  I would recommend that they start breathing really, really deep. If anything scares you, the breath is our source of cleansing and clearing and grounding. That’s the way that I deal with my fears because they come up all the time, I mean, constantly creating new things that I’ve never done before. Learning new skills that I’ve never even thought I would learn. And the way that I deal with my stress and my fear and my doubts and my anxiety is I do powerful breath practices. And cowabunga breathing is one of the skills I’ve ever learned is to just sit with the fear. And we hold a lot of tension in the body. And I’m sure if people are listening right now, tune in to your body right now and notice your reaction to the words that I’m speaking. If you’re feeling resistance in your body to what I’ve been sharing, chances are you’re going to feel like there’s a knot in your stomach or your heartbeat’s going up or your body is holding on and clenching like your tensing, and that’s a choice right now. That is your body reacting based on a belief or an idea that it has to be hard, it has to be difficult, it can’t be fun, it can’t be easy, it can’t be an adventure. And if you just start to embrace life, and as you embrace life, when the fears arise, learn how to breathe properly.

One of the greatest gifts I thought myself was to breathe properly. Because this is not something we’re taught. And to breathe properly, we need to breathe deeply, slowly and with control. Into the bottom of our bellies. Because that’s where we hold our tension, that’s where we hold our fears and our emotions. And just simply draw a breath, we don’t need to attach stories to it, we can clear up beliefs and emotions and all sorts of energy that stops us from taking risks that can really help us to create the life that we want. And I have so many free meditations on my site. If people just sign up for my cowabunga dude-letter on my website, they’ll get three meditations in the first week that they could go on for a year and just practice these techniques and it’s all about breath.

Jeff:  That’s awesome, and we will put a link to the website below the show here.

Brad:  Thank you.

Jeff:  Yeah. Yeah. Well, that’s awesome but Brad, tell us a little bit about what is your day-to-day life look like? I know there’s probably no typical day, but just tell us a little bit about your life in general. What’s it like?

Brad:  I wake up early. I live on a beautiful lake right now. My wife and I, we went honeymooning in Hawaii for a few months and this is a really cool story, actually. So I feel like I’ll share the story and then I’ll share my day-to-day life if that’s okay.

Jeff:  Yeah, sure.

Brad:  This is how I create my reality and having my wife who – we are best friends and partners and lovers and it is the most amazing experience because she is so powerful. And we went to Hawaii for a few months and before going to Hawaii, we put all our stuff and storage so we can have a brand new clean slate and allow ourselves to go where we really wanted to go when we got back.

And as soon as we got to Hawaii, we realized that we wanted to move to this island, off of Vancouver island called Salt Spring. Major community driven islands. People are very conscious here and sensitive and conscious about the environment. And so we’re like, let’s move there. So we started dreaming in, doing the visioning process, what are the qualities that we really want and need for our home in order to thrive?

And so we got really clear on our list. We made this many clear descriptions of what we were calling in and what we could intuitively feel was available to us. And then we started looking two months before coming home and we didn’t find anything. And then two and a half weeks before we came back to Canada. We’re in Quay and we’re just on a retreat, really relaxing and being with ourselves and sleeping a ton and dreaming into, okay, we got two and a half weeks and we still don’t have a home. What are we going to do? And we – I don’t know if you’re familiar with kinesiological muscle testing. But–

Jeff:  Yeah, can you just give us a quick overview?

Brad:  For anybody who’s not familiar with muscle testing, definitely read the book, Power Versus Force or just google search muscle testing and I’m sure you can find oodles of youtube videos about it. But basically, our body knows truth from falsity, which is why when somebody’s sharing with us, we can just – we know instinctively that they’re lying. Or they’re telling the truth. We can just feel it in ourselves.

And same goes, we can also test for foods that we eat and so I muscle test at least 20 decisions a day just to make sure that I’m in alignment with what my body, intuition, and feeling is true. And so, when something is true, our body stays strong and when something is weak or when something is false or negative, our body goes weak.

So Celeste and I started asking the question. We asked a bunch of questions and basically we tuned it through muscle testing that we would find our home on January 22nd, we’d find it on Craigslist, we’d find it in the morning when we woke up. And that it was going to be right on a lake. And on Salt Spring Island and that we would be up and moving in March.

And these were things that we tested and sure enough, on January 22nd, we woke up first thing in the morning, we looked at each other, we’re like, “Are you ready to find our home?” We went on craigslist and we searched the new listings and this listing had just been opened. It’s a four-bedroom home, we both have our offices and a spare bedroom. It’s got a [unclear 00:29:48] offer to retreats and workshops and it’s right on a lake, we’ve got a private dock, it’s a lake with no public beach or anything, and it’s amazing. We’re surrounded by homegrown rainforests. Everything we dreamed in.

And the day we landed, we came over the islands, saw the house from the lake, this is it. Literally to a T, I had a vision of myself, going down to the dock, jumping in the freezing cold water and coming up to a steaming cup of hot coffee. That was what I – that was the vision I was holding the whole time, searching for our place and waiting for it. And the first day that we got here, made a cup of coffee, ran down to the lake, jumped into freezing cold lake water, came up to a steaming cup of coffee and I was like, “Wow, that’s how you create your reality.” That’s it.

Jeff:  That is awesome. That’s awesome.

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Brad:  So my day-to-day reality, to answer that question, I am a creator, I create it all. And generally, I play golf about three or four days a week. I’m used to getting up between 5 and 6 in the morning. My goal at the beginning of the year was to watch at least 50 sunrises. So it’s my favorite time. And it’s so peaceful outside. And it’s a great time to do some yoga and some deep breathing and just until my day ends, be my body with nature and going down on the dock and hearing the birds and seeing the sunrise is just – it’s the most amazing thing ever.

And so,  a lot of mornings I’m playing golf, go play 9 or 18 holes before I start my day. And then I come home and I do some writing or video creation and do some admin work, returning emails. And I really had some fun doing PicMonkey, so if anybody’s on my cowabungalife fan page or Facebook, I come up with random quote and sayings and ideas all the time and so I get epic pictures from my adventures and I put words with them and I post those and so that’s – I do a lot of social media stuff like that. It just keeps people inspired and I have a lot of that.

And then I do – I’m always creating something so right now, I probably have – I have a movie, project I’m working on, I have a golf website that I’m working on. All sorts of stuff. I feel most activated and inspired when I have several different projects that I’m working on that are long term visions for myself that also help to activate some new passions into businesses. And so, I’ve got two major projects that I’m working on on the side of cowabungalife and all the retreats and that that I have coming up. It’s just – it’s a lot of fun.

And I go for a hike, we’ve got a dog, a 12-year old Lab border collie, needs a lot of super foods and raw smoothies so, being on a new island, there’s so much to explore here so generally when I get home from golfing, I’ll do a few hours work and then around three or four in the afternoon, I’ll go for an epic hike up a mountain or through the forest or go running and do chin-ups in the forest on trees and just like, work my body and take that break in the day, jump in the lake, whatever it is. And I come home to a couple of hours work again and then eat some dinner and just chill out the evenings, spend some time with my wife, or go to an improv class, men’s group, or hanging out with some friends. Yeah, it’s an exciting life.

Jeff:  That sounds amazing. What’s the climate like there on the island that you’re in?

Brad:  Right now, we’re hovering between like 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. I’m not sure what that is in Fahrenheit. But I’ve been in t-shirt and shorts for a little while here. End of winter time, it stays above freezing so that’s good.

Jeff:  Okay. cool. Brad, tell us what’s the biggest mistake that you feel like you’ve made on this journey from being in a life – heading towards a life that somebody else wanted you to have and having a life that you want. What’s the thing that you would do differently if you had it all and do it over again?

Brad:  I think the thing that delayed my progress and success the most was waiting for outside sources to come save me. I always – in the beginning years as an entrepreneur, instead of learning business and how to run a business effectively, I wrote business plans and dreamed of a CEO coming to save my business and run it so I could just be the creator.

A few years ago, two years ago, I think it was, I just had the epiphany that I have to be everything. I have to be as master of every aspect of my passion and business because that CEO is me. And there might not ever be anybody. There might not ever be an investor that comes and invest in my work.

And so, it’s been learning how to utilize the resources, study the knowledge that I need to know in order to do the things that I need to get done. I only study what’s relevant to me in this moment and so if there’s something I need to learn, then I’ll study it. But I don’t overeducate myself. Feel like having a little bit of naivety is really, really good because it’s like children have infinite possibilities and potential and I really like to keep that beginner’s mind where everything is still rather mysterious because it keeps me present with it instead of being overconfident.

And that lesson of not seeking outside of myself has been amazing, especially in my life lately where there’s been a lot of really powerful synchronistic unfoldings and the question I’ve been asking myself most is, what is right in front of my face right now that is the solution or the answer to this question that I’m not seeing at the moment because of a belief or an idea? What is it that’s right here, right now, a resource within me or around me that I can access to take this next step?

Jeff:  Awesome, awesome. Well, Brad, what is the last piece of advice that you’d like to leave our listeners with? Before we wrap it up and get to your website and contact information.

Brad:  Well, it’s the greatest advice that’s ever been given to me. It’s a child, actually wrote about it for father’s day the other day. And it’s the greatest advice that anybody’s ever given to me, I know it was my father really ingrained in me and my mom as well. And it was before every tournament, every sporting event, every sleepover, every party, every trip. Everything I ever did, they always gave me two magical words of advice. And it was, have fun. If you dedicate your life to having the most fun ever, you’re going to allow yourself to create and experience and witness magic every single day. So have fun.

Jeff:  Awesome, awesome piece of advice. Brad, thank you so much for being on the show. It’s been a blast talking to you and you’ve given us some awesome, awesome insights and I think you’re doing some awesome things and wish you the best of luck continuing to spread that message. And how can our listeners get more information about you?

Brad:  Absolutely. Yeah, my website is cowabungalife.com. And also, I’m pretty active on my Facebook fanpage which is also under cowabungalife on Facebook and my youtube channel, you can also find under Bradidude or cowabungalife. And I post to people, add themselves to my dude-letter. I send out a bi-monthly dude-letter. And usually, there’s like free comedy videos, free inspirational skits, I’ve got a radio show called the Happy New Now, air every Saturday at 10am. And people can just tune it through my website. The journal section of my site is being updated every couple of days with stories and all sorts of different stuff.

Jeff:  That sounds awesome. I appreciate that. We’ll link that all up below and Brad, I just want to thank you again for being on the show and I wish you the best of luck with everything you’ve got going on.

Brad:  Thank you so much, Jeff. This has been a lot of fun. Thank you so much, Jeff. It’s been a lot of fun and I love the questions you’ve asked me. This is a really unique interview compared to some of the ones I’ve done lately, so I–

Jeff:  Awesome. Thanks, Brad. Take care.

You can get more information about Brad Morris and how he earns money at home at:


You can also connect with Brad on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CowabungaLife

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGratiDudes

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