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Episode #47 Transcript: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs - How To Quit Working
Episode #47 Transcript: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs

Episode #47 Transcript: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs

Jeff Steinmann:  Hello, and welcome to the How To Quit Working show. What an awesome show we have today. We are going to be talking to Scottie Hobbs. Now, Scottie Hobbs has built a six, soon to be seven figure business with the Team Beachbody multilevel marketing company. And he has just had huge, huge success and he’s going to tell us how he did it today.

But the really cool thing about Scottie is his story is going to take away any excuses that you might have. Now, a lot of times, what human beings tend to do is we look at somebody who’s been successful and we say, oh well, that person may have done it but I can’t because I don’t have this or I don’t have that or that person had this that I didn’t have.

Well, Scottie is going to take away any thoughts like that that you might have in your head. Because he had a really, really rough way to go before he became a Team Beachbody coach, before he built a successful business. So, there’s not a lot of looking at Scottie and saying, well he had this advantage or that advantage because frankly, he didn’t have any advantages that I can tell except for his drive and his motivation which he’s going to talk about.

I’ll let him talk about that because he does a much better job of it than I do. But there is no reason to have any excuse for not starting a successful business after you talk to Scottie. That’s why I’m so glad that we met in California at a conference and I’ve been able to have him on the show. I don’t want to delay it any longer but before we talk to Scottie, I just wanted to read a review that recently came in on the How To Quit Working book that is available at howtoquitworking.com/book.

Now, I got this email from Danny in St. Louis and here’s what he had to say. He said, “I’ve been in the restaurant industry for some 14 years with the exception of a dabble here and there. From being a cook to serving tables to various levels of management, quality and food safety and control. I currently work for a company that owns several franchises. The career path that I’m currently on seemed great. There was plenty of room for growth. My employer told me that the sky is the limit. But after reading How To Quit Working, I now realize that their sky is my limit. Well, I’m ready to reach for my own sky with no limits.

In the book, you said, “You don’t have to be no more than everyone. You just have to know more than someone.” That was the one thing that I had the biggest worry about. There are lots of people out there who have been in the business much longer than I. What makes me think I can outperform them? The answer is the person that I am. I have a knowledge and expertise to excel in the field I’ve chosen. It’s something that I’m very passionate about. The vehicle to get me there, well, that’s my knowledge and expertise. Here’s to many great days to come.”

Danny, thank you very much for the email. I cannot wait to hear what awesome things that you do with all the ideas and techniques that you got from How To Quit Working. Let me know how things go. Now, if you also want to get the book, you can get it at howtoquitworking.com/book. Again, that’s howtoquitworking.com/book.

But without any further ado, let’s get to Scottie Hobbs. Scottie, welcome to the show.

Scottie Hobbs:  Hey, thank you, Jeff.

Jeff:  So glad to have you here. Now you’ve had a lot of success as a Beachbody coach. You’re here to talk to us a little bit to our listeners about how you’ve gotten that success and what your life is like now, but I want to go back in time a little bit to before you were a Beachbody coach and when you were just a regular guy working a regular job. Tell us a little bit about what you were doing before then.   

Scottie:  Awesome, Jeff. Well, it was about… I’ll tell you a little bit about it. I have right now four kids.       

Jeff:  That’s a lot of kids.     

Scottie:  I know. I got a ton of them. You might hear them actually today in the background. They’re part of the reason I did what I did as a Beachbody coach, probably the biggest reason. But going back, I used to work… I’ll go back just a little bit further. I went to school. I wanted to be a dentist at first and I realized that those classes weren’t for me and I kind of just bailed out on it. It took an easier route and I went to a technical college to become a dental lab technician. And so I made crown and bridge, teeth for people, implants.       

Jeff:  That was a lot of fun, right? 

Scottie:  Yeah, I had fun because I’ve always enjoyed art like doing—like setting my mind on a project and seeing it from the start to the end. Doing that was like, you see someone’s mouth and the teeth are messed up and you take it through the whole process and you create a beautiful, new tooth and it kind of changes them a little bit.

Jeff:  Yeah. You’re seeing a transformation there.   

Scottie:  So, I really loved that. I did that for… when my first daughter was born about seven years, I did it. But here’s the thing, Jeff, and I know you and I have never talked about this but I did it for two years for $11 an hour and I got really good. I pretty much brand the whole department. It was just an honor, me and another guy. And I asked for a raise and some health insurance because I have a baby for the first time and newlywed and I was told that I didn’t make the company enough money. So it really hurt me inside because I put everything I could into it. So I was like, I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was like, I’m going to move back to Idaho. That’s where I’m from. See if I can find a job where I can feel more valued.

So I came here and with this talent I have of creating teeth, I looked for a job and I got one job offer for $8 an hour. And we know you can’t make a living doing that especially with a family. I took the first job I could because I needed some money to take care of my kid and my wife so I started sweeping in a factory. The owner was a good friend of mine. He gave me a job. He was like, you’re a hard worker. I know you’re a hard worker. If you need to work 10 hours, 12 hours, for a little overtime, you can do that. But I can only pay a sweeper $9 an hour but you can work as much as you can and as long as you’re working.

So I worked hard and doing that. It kind of took the sense of just, if I worked hard, I’ll be rewarded later. So I moved up through the company. As far as moving up, I went from a sweeper to running one of the C&C machines that cuts metal. And then I ran both of them and I ran them on the weekends. And then I became the programmer for those machines. And then later went on to run the service department and write the manuals for the equipment. So I just went to the owner and like, when I got good at something, I was like, okay, what else can I do? How else can I help? And so, that’s kind of how I moved up because I was that person that always just did more and asked for more responsibilities.

So I did that. And that’s what I was doing when I found Beachbody, let’s say. At the time, I was working 12 hours a day from 5 in the morning until 5 at night. And I had three kids at the time, or two kids at the time. And then my wife was working at night at the Hilton in the evenings. So I was at work from 5 to 5, she was at work from 3 to 11. It’s like, just to pay bills, we’re living pretty much paycheck to paycheck at this time and we worked hard and like that. I was exhausted all the time from working so much. I’d come home and I’d take care of my kids by myself because my wife is at work. Bathe them, feed them, read them stories, put them to bed. And like, I was just… I got what you’d call, I guess, skinny fat. My idea of fueling my body and having energy to make it through work and to take care of the kids was drinking monster energy drinks, Rockstars, and eating big breakfast burritos.

So I just got a little overweight and I was uncomfortable with myself. It was actually, a friend of mine came over and he was extremely fit. And I was like, dude, what are you doing? Then he told me some workouts he was doing at the gym, at home. He showed me like some—he’s probably made his pull up bar at his house and I was like, dude, I got to get started. You look awesome. I feel like crap. And so he’s like, well, he’s like, there’s programs. I know there’s programs like P90X. You can do P90X at home. It’s like a program. You just follow it and it has a nutrition guide. And I was like, that’s probably the best for me because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with fitness or health. So I decided I was going to give—just like everything I’ve ever done in my life, I’m going to give 100 percent on this. I’m going to see the project from beginning to the end.

So I committed the 90 days of it and went from 187 pounds to 145. And had abs for the first time in my life. And I was excited about it.

Jeff:  That’s quite a transformation.

Scottie:  Yeah. And I learned how to eat and I had more energy and I was excited about life. I know we didn’t talk about this because you can’t tell my whole life story in the amount of time we have, but I was like, I always suffered from self-esteem issues which is why I dug into projects so much because I wanted to be accepted by excelling in things. I thought I got good at something, I could get praise for it and it would help me with my self-esteem.

So, same thing with my own transformation. I did that and people are inspired by it. Neighbors, friends from high school. There were some that are like, when are you going to post another one of those transformation photos and I kind of think they’re poking fun at me. But I inspired more people than I may be like, annoyed, let’s say.

And so I was like, I was sitting at work and I was like, man, this is awesome. I was like, it’ll be incredible if I could make a little extra income doing this so that my wife didn’t have to work. So I was trying to come up with ideas and so I got online. I was looking on YouTube and I saw that there were these Beachbody coaches. Because I did my transformation on my own. I was like, oh man. I found my coach. Her name is Lindsey. I found her online on YouTube and I got ahold of her. She was like, Scottie, you have amazing results. You’re already doing the job of a coach helping people and telling people about it, you’re just not getting paid for it. I was like, and honestly, to be honest, that’s some scam thing. I’m not saying that I’m online for some time, I don’t even know… That’s how I felt. And so I had those feelings.

And so I actually wrote men’s fitness and all these magazines. I looked up contact info. I was writing them these messages about my transformation, trying to find a way I could make some kind of income maybe, like be sponsored by something. And I knew this Beachbody thing was here the whole time. And I was watching her on Facebook and becoming friends with other Beachbody coaches. And I was just kind of stubborn, I guess, you could say. But I was watching them help people and make an income and go on some Beachbody trips. I was like, that’s cool. And I don’t know what it was. This is some kind of stubbornness.

But there came a time when during this whole time, I was like, man, it’s like, I think back on it and I was so in a hard place because my third daughter was born March 19th. So with that being said, my wife’s home from work. We lost her income because she’s at home on maternity leave and it wasn’t paid maternity leave. The doctor bills are coming in from the birth of the baby. Like with my income, it was impossible to pay our bills. There’s just no way. They’d have to go on credit cards or something would have to happen. So I was in this place where I was like, man, I got to make something happen now. I learned about signing up for a Beachbody coach eight months before. It’s when I first talked to my coach, Lindsey.

Jeff:  Oh, that long.

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Scottie:  Eight months of stubbornness of watching her help people and build a business from home, doing what I was looking for but too stubborn to do. And so, I saw them go on this trip. They’re called Success Club trips and they went on a cruise. And I was sitting in my cubicle and my wife’s home with the baby. And it was a culmination of like, I can’t pay the bills. These guys that are doing what I’m doing but they’re like, official, are on a trip and I’m here on my cubicle stressed out.

And so, I called her and I was like, I’m ready to do this. Tell me what I have to do, I’m going to make it happen. And she told me. And it was like $140 a sign up. To become a coach, there was a sign up fee and then it’s getting on the nutrition which is called Shakeology. And I already had the workout, P90X that I was doing. And I was like, man, okay. I didn’t have that money of course. I was like, I have to find a way to make this happen. So I bought and sold Xboxes, laptops on Craigslist for like a week, two weeks. I would clean them up and then I would repost them and make like a $20, $30 profit.

Jeff:  Okay. So you’re kind of refurbishing Xboxes?

Scottie:  Yes, kind of refurbishing them, fix them up. So I did there was like three I did as well, thinking back on it. So I made like, $200, and I signed up as a coach. And I was kind of like asking my wife for forgiveness later. I was like, hey, I did this. And I was like, do you believe I can do that? Do you believe I can make this happen? And she’s like, I don’t know about that but I believe in you. And I think that’s all I needed was someone to believe in me and knowing that she counted on me to make this happen and to make that money back and to not put our family in more financial stress of like paying even a $15 a month coach fee which is what my coach fee was to become a coach monthly.

Jeff:  Because that was a big deal at that point.

Scottie:  That was a big deal for me. Because every dollar counted to pay the bills and make sure we had food for the kids and the light, heat on and stuff. So I went to work on building a business and here’s one of the coolest things that’s created the philosophy for me or my mindset in building this business. It’s like, I told my coach like, I already love helping people. Those eight months when I wasn’t a coach, I was helping people. I was answering emails. I was encouraging them to go get P90X or to get Insanity. So I already love helping people. I had that part in place already.

So I tell Lindsey, I’m like, okay. Lin, she’s asking me my goals as I got started. And I didn’t have internet or a smartphone at this time either, going back the financial thing. So I went to my neighbor’s house. I did a video call with her and now, these are my goals, and I was like, Lindsey—her name is Lindsey. I was like, Lindsey, I have to make $10,000 a year with Beachbody. That’s my goal. Because I can bring my wife home from work. She made like, $12,000 a year or  something like that. I was like, I can bring her home. And then, I don’t care if we make more money that. I’m okay living in paycheck to paycheck. That was my mindset then. I just want to be around my wife and see her more than once a week.

She’s like, Scottie, I can’t promise you $10,000 in a year with Team Beachbody. But I promise that your income will be a direct reflection of the number of lives that you can influence and make an impact on. And so that was my mindset. I was like, I will talk to everybody. I will help as many people as I can. I don’t care if they buy or not. I’m going to help them. Because I understand that I wasn’t a buying customer of Beachbody for more than a year when P90X and then the eight months of doing P90X while I should have been a coach but I wasn’t. I was like, I understand that people won’t buy sometimes and some people will. But I’m going to help them no matter what. Just like my friend. Even though he wasn’t a coach, he helped me. He gave me advice on what to do and it changed my life.

So that’s how I started and it was a hard time for me financially but that’s what drove me. I wanted to be around my wife. It was about eight months into the business, I’ve been hitting my goals every single month and helping people get into challenge groups, doing the Beachbody workout, using the Beachbody nutrition, having the accountability the best that I can give them. And I was about eight months in and I earned a trip for my wife and I and that was incredible.

But I remember I got sick with the flu. And you know how guys are. They get the man cold, right? So I was like that. It was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And my daughter, my oldest daughter Tina was in school. She was the only one at the school at that time when she was five. And I was in bed and my wife’s like, hey Scottie, you have to get out of bed and maybe if you get up and start walking around, you’ll start feeling better. Because I was laying in bed like on my deathbed for a little three days. So she’s like, how about you get your coat on, walk to the school bus and get Tina? I bet that will make you feel better.

So, we live in the coldest. I got my stuff on. I walked out. I started walking down the coldest at 2:30, that’s when she gets off the bus. And I was halfway down the coldest, it was about five houses. And her bus pulls up when I’m about halfway there, and she’s five years old, got a little backpack and her big puffy coat on, the big smile. I see her walk down the steps of that school bus. It stopped me on my tracks. Tears came down my face. It struck me, it was like this big moment of like, I never had a goal of being a stay at home dad or I had a goal of just having my wife home. I was already on track to be able to do that at this point eight months in.

But when I had that moment, I realized that if I just kept doing what I was doing, it was very uncomfortable to me because I was growing and still self-esteem issues that I was still overcoming. And so everyday was a challenge to me building this business of reaching out and helping people and asking them about their goals. But in this moment when I went to get her and she stepped out that school bus, I realized that if I just kept challenging myself in talking to more people, in growing as a person and developing into a leader to inspire others. That if I kept doing that, I would never have to miss another moment of my kid’s life. Not just her, but all four of them. Like, I could go at every dance recital, every singing class they did. I could take them to school. I could pick them up. I could go to girls scouts with my daughter. I could do everything and never have to ask somebody else for my time.

Because I think during this time, I realized that time is the most important thing and I’d lost in five years with my wife working at night and we working, I’d lost all that time with my wife paying the bills. And so it’s like, if I just keep doing this, it’s hard. I’m starting a business. The start a business and now that it’s hard. And I was like, if I just keep doing this and knowing that struggle is much less painful than regret. If I keep doing this, I will never have to miss one of those moments again.

And because Team Beachbody—and I’m proud to say, is a network marketing company. I have the ability to connect with other parents that had felt like I did but they’re missing out on time or they’d already missed out on so much time that they want to kind of create something where they buy back time and invest that time into their families. I realized that if I kept doing it, not only I could do that but I could help somebody else do that. And I was like, this is my… I was passionate about P90X, about the health benefits of Shakeology and Insanity and a life change that happens in the mind and in the body and in the health where you go through a workout and you get active like that. I was already passionate about.

But in this moment, I realized I had a bigger purpose, that I could make an impact on other people’s lives and they got a huge difference in helping others, other parents, other fathers like me, and make an impact on—a bigger impact on their families, on other people, but in turn, coming back and giving them more time for their families. My first three kids are daughters and I know for a fact that because I’m a present father, I’m here for them every single day and a great example to them that they will grow up making better choices on who would be a great husband for them. Choices for dating because they have a great example through me and I’m 100 percent present for them. So I was like, that’s my purpose. I’m here to help other parents and other—myself and other parents realize that they can do more and that most of them are only living the 10 percent of their potential, like I was before.

Jeff:  So you’re really dialed in to why you’re doing what you’re doing. And it sounds like when you really figured that out and the moment of truth was when your daughter stepped off of that school bus on that day, that’s when things really shifted for you, it sounds like.

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Scottie:  Yes. And that’s when I’m like, I’m all in. This is going to be a full time thing for me. My life is going to be making an impact on parents. Be an example of fatherhood and personal growth and overcoming obstacles and that your past doesn’t define who you are, that you can find success in every single day with how you live your day, the attitude that you bring everyday.

And then yes, we have awesome products that the company—to make you fit and feel really great. Yeah, that was the defining moment when I really decided why. And I think if you really know why you’re doing something, that’s the thing that’s going to—if you can reflect on that and think about that every single day, then you can go every single day and we’ll just say like, crush your day. It’s important. I teach our Beachbody coaches it’s important to show up to events. Like if we have trainings or events or webinars, it’s important to show up to those events. I tell them, it’s more important to show up to life every single day like, excited.

Jeff:  Show up to life with excitement. I love that. Scottie, a lot of people out there I think believe that their kids are a reason that they can’t start a business. What would you say to folks like that?

Scottie:  It’s false thinking because you think you’re so busy because I got kids, I got to take them to this and that, this dance recital that. And like, life’s so rushed and honestly, if you stay in that mindset, those 20 years or 18 years that they belong to you before they go off and create their own life, it’s going to fly by and you’re going to be in those same routines of like, it’s all about my kids, it’s all about my kids, it’s all about my kids which it is.

But when you can create time freedom by making some short sacrifice. By short sacrifice, I mean maybe three years, five years of taking two hours out of your day or three hours out of your day in creating a business, finding what your passionate about and making a business out of it. If you make those short sacrifices, yes, you miss out on a little time then, but then you can create the next 10 years that they belong to you, I guess, of complete freedom to do what you want with them, to be fully present to take them, help them experience things they might have never experience.

Jeff:  Yeah, and I tell you, I think a lot of people are listening here. There’s not a single person listening to this who is disagreeing and saying, no, no. I don’t want to spend more time with my kids. I want to work a full time job. Nobody’s saying that. But what I think folks are thinking is—and you’re the best person I’ve ever had on the show to answer this question.

They’re thinking, how do I get from here to there? Because we have kids. We have a job and we need the money. And of course, it’s kind of scary to start a business. And you’re somebody who when you made your transition, the deck was really stacked against you. You didn’t just have one kid or two kids. You had four kids. You and your wife were both working and the hours that you gave, you probably hardly ever saw each other. And there was even an overlap, I think, where you are both working from 3 to 5 or something.

Scottie:  Yeah, the kids are at the neighbor’s house.

Jeff:  So you had to figure out something to do with the kids there. You were living paycheck to paycheck. You didn’t even have internet or a smartphone. So I mean, you had every excuse that I could think of for someone to say I can’t do this. So how did you logistically do it? How did you logistically get through all of that stuff? Because I’m just wondering like, when in the heck did you even get on YouTube and talk to Lindsey and meet Lindsey and start having these conservations, much less to build up a business?

Scottie:  It is one of the things that I love to teach my coaches and people about. About time management. Not only time management, but deciding like, what are your life goals? What’s your purpose in life? What are your goals? And then I have people write a piece of paper. Like, get a piece of paper, put a line down the middle. On the left, put everything you do in your day. Everything from walking the dog to watching the news to reading a book to driving to work, what you do on your lunchbreak, everything that you do on a full day on the left hand side.

On the right hand side, put everything, all the things that are priorities. Everything that’s a priority in your life. And by priorities, I mean, first one should be family. Family should be on it because if you’re a family man, you can’t have success if you leave your family behind. So you got family on there but then the priority is you write them over there. What are the priorities that are going to align with my goals? And if there’s things on that left side that don’t match up with your priorities, you have to put an X through. You have to mark it off.

And you mentioned some of the things I do like, four kids, my wife was working. I play in a band. We play like, every other week, we play gigs on the weekend. We’re in the recording studio on Thursday nights as well and we have to practice. So there’s even all these other stuff but I did other things too like play softball. And I took my kids with me and they sat with the other parents.

But at that time when I started to build this business, softball had to come off the list because it wasn’t a priority. And so I had to cut softball out. My hour lunch at my job was a nap because I was always exhausted. I had to cut that nap out and I made YouTube videos in my car, I wrote blog posts in my car. I got on the phone with people that were interested in working out, my coaches that I brought on to the business with me. I had to schedule calls with them during that lunch break. And then at night, when I first started, I played Call of Duty every single night. I put the kids to bed and that was my way to unwind was to play Call of Duty on Xbox. And so, I had to cut that out.

And then from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock at night was three hours of focused to-do list. Like, make a YouTube video. Make a blog post. Reach out to five new people and build a relationship with them or further the relationship. Find out their goals. Find out what they want in life. Connect with them. Make an invite for them to join me in a fitness challenge or to join me in this business. So it was focused. And it was like, not just five days a week. Because I was building a business that I wanted to make happen. I was fighting for it like we talked about. So I worked seven days a week, three hours a night in the evening when my kids were in bed. So I had a set schedule and my priorities and I worked from a list to make sure that I knock it out.

One of the first priorities was to be proof that our products work, so I had to make sure I worked out. I had to make sure that I was becoming a better person so I have a goal each year to read 52 personal development books. So I read. I just started book number nine for this year. That was a huge part of it and to help me believe in it. And I think a lot of people need to hear this part is like, I got every book that I would ever ask business owners and successful people that they’ve read. And I got it on my phone.

And when I was working in the service department packing boxes at work, even though I couldn’t work on my business, I was listening to things that I needed to hear to grow my business person. So I probably listened back that first year, six hours a day of personal development of other coaches that built this business before me, listening to their trainings on my phone while I was packing boxes. So every moment that was free like when I was trip driving, when I was packing boxes, I was listening to good audios, stuff to make me a better person. So, How to Become A Leader, all those types of things. And that really increased  my belief and made me work harder, made me stay consistent, stay disciplined at what I did.

Jeff:  That’s amazing. Well, tell us a little bit, Scottie, what is your life like these days?

Scottie:  Holy smokes. It’s like a dream job honestly. It’s like a dream. And I remember my first friend that I met in Beachbody aside from my coach, that we kind of teamed up.  It’s like, we call it I guess you could say an accountability partner. We hold ourselves accountable to hitting our goals and to working everyday and working our priorities. And I remember she left her job. Her name is Katie. She lived in Pittsburgh. And she built a six figure income with Team Beachbody and she walked away from her job where she made like 60 or 70,000 a year. And I asked her about it because I don’t care so much about the details on how to build it because I’ll figure that out by watching everybody, but I want to know how people feel like, what’s it like? Because that’s the thing that’s going to connect with me emotionally that makes me drive harder to work.

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And so she’s like, Scott, it’s been six weeks and I honestly feel like I’m on a six-week vacation. Because she loves helping people. And like, it’s been a year and eight months since I’ve left my full time job. Just so you guys know, I retired my wife at 12 months into building the business. And we built a six figure income in 14 months and I walked away from my job. And then 18 months later now, I’m a full time coach. We paid off our home which we had to refinance during that time before I became a coach. So we paid off $170,000 on our home. We own that free. We started an LLC for our Beachbody company.

This past year, we bought a dream cabin on a lake and I get to take my coaches. We had some from Tennessee a couple of weeks come out. We had one from Indianapolis who are flying out and we get to bring them. So we have this dream cabin on a lake that’s like an hour away right by Yellowstone National Park. This is work for me right now. Like, talking to you right now is my job. I’m sitting at home in my workout tank top still, in my gym shorts. Right before that, I walked my daughter to the school bus and the other kids are in the living room. It’s really like a dream. A dream life that still seems kind of strange to me.

But I do work hard every single day. I work a solid six hours a day, making YouTube videos, encouraging people, helping people through challenge groups, doing webinars, training other coaches. It’s been now 32 months since I started—no, 34 months. So just under three years, we’re about a month away from building… it’ll be a seven figure income now in one month. It’s incredible. We have five other personally sponsored coaches that we brought into this business that make a six figure income. One of them lives three miles from me, right in my hometown as well. And it’s really just incredible to see people get outside their comfort zone. It’s really rewarding being able to do that, and we ended up at number four in the company last year.

So I get to take my beautiful wife on a… we earned what’s called the Top Ten Trip. And they’re taking us to Rome, first-class flights, everything top of the line. It’ll be during our eighth anniversary, and we never got to have a really great honeymoon. So it’s like a dream. I worked hard for it. It took me a lot of sacrifices but now, I work everyday consistently just Monday through Friday, six hours a day, seven hours a day. But it doesn’t feel like work because I wake up, I do my workout, I read, like an hour. And then I make YouTube videos, blog, connect with people, talk to people on the phone about their goals and their dreams. Just to see someone come alive and have hope again, it excites me. I wake up excited.

Sometimes I take my kids, we go up to the cabin for three days. I unplug for three or four days and I don’t touch anything. And it’s like, I can’t wait to get back to my routine. When I get back, I want to enjoy that time but by the time Monday or Tuesday comes along, I’m like, man, I got to get back into my routine. It’s exciting for me. So it doesn’t feel like work. So when I say 18, 19 months of vacation, it’s because work now for me is that rewarding. So yeah, it’s incredible. It’s hard to explain.

Jeff:  That’s amazing. Now, you’re not an old guy. You’re probably early 30’s?

Scottie:  I’m 32 years old.

Jeff:  So you’ve got a long life ahead of you. What’s next?

Scottie:  Man. I always have to think about that because we talked about like, why you do this? So we know why I did this. I wanted that time with my family, with my wife, with my kids. And so now I have that. So, what’s going to keep me fighting to continue building this business, to not get comfortable and just sit here? And close off of everybody else that’s now building a business. Because we could do that.

But I feel such a sense of fulfillment in helping other people reach their potential and see people hit their goals and begin to live their dream life, let’s say, or really find their purpose. I find so much sense in that but what’s next for me? I honestly, I want to inspire hundreds of thousands of people. I’m not the best speaker in person. Like, I’m still… I’m kind of an awkward person. I’ve always been quiet and self-esteem issues. So I mean, when we met each other, we talked in the hot tub, you could tell I’m kind of quiet. I’m laidback.

Jeff:  I’m not sure that I got that.

Scottie:  Well, I was… just know that from the inside, it’s a lot of energy for me to create that, to create those types of conversations. So, I still have to work on myself a lot. But my big goal, I was able to retire my mother from a job that she did not enjoy, that caused a lot of stress for her. And she is now my personal assistant and works on her own schedule from home. And it helped her get off of anti-depressant medication, just being away from her stressful job situation and helping me in finding—she has a purpose, she is to create now for me, helping me and she gets to work from home.

So that’s been really awesome. That kind of helped me develop a little bit more of what’s next. And my dad has worked his butt off since he was—like, 35 years at the same job. And he loves the outdoors. Everytime I take him up to the cabin, he tears up and he feels like he’s in some dream life with what we created. I want to take him up there and I want to fish and I want to hike and I want to explore the mountains with him because that’s what he loves.

So I want to create—I will drive this business. I set money goals like my seven-figure goal. To make a seven-figure income a year has been a goal but it’s like, I don’t need my money really. But I know with that, I can create freedom as well for my parents that they now have fought their whole life. So I’m going to create that freedom for my parents as well as for my wife, for her parents. They brought her—she’s 27. They brought her—they’re seven kids from Bolivia when they my wife was two years old. And they’ve worked… both parents have worked about two jobs their whole life, the past 25 years. And they still have a mortgage and they still work, both of them, a couple of jobs. So, I want to create something for them where maybe they’re—like, a full time nanny when needed. And give them a salary, take care of their bills, get rid of their mortgage and they can enjoy the rest of their life. They’re in their early ’60s. Just help them out with that.

So I have goals to help make that impact on family that I know have fought and struggled over the past years. So as far as my family, that’s what I want to do with that. That’s what drives me now to keep doing it, to go for the top ten. Actually, I set a goal to be the top coach in the company this year. I have 140,000. So I set that big goal not to be recognized as number one but because I know what type of business it will create, that I can tie purpose to that money, to that what will be created by that.

In long term, I want to write books. I want to speak on stages and inspire people to realize that path doesn’t define you. You need to find your success, not based on like, your—talking about my company for example, Beachbody. Not talking about your rank or what income you make but finding success in knowing what your purpose is and your ability to create a schedule or a list and to work on that list and knowing that if you did your job that day with all your heart, passion, and with a purpose and made an impact on somebody’s life, one, two, three people’s life that day in some way. Added value to them, that that’s a successful day. And if you live a life like that, and find success in that daily activity, the result will follow. Not just in my business but in any business. Just knowing that you can find that success in everyday activity, that you can be happy. You can live an awesome life by changing your attitude and the way you think. So I want to inspire people, not just in my company but all across country, the world.

Jeff:  I think you’ve done that here on the How To Quit Working show, and I thank you for that. But one of the questions I want to ask you is, what’s the biggest mistake that you made on this journey that you’ve been on?

Scottie:  Oh, man. Okay. So, the past year, Jeff, I’ve always worried what people thought about me. I was always afraid of hurting people’s feelings or being judged. I always wanted to be accepted. So, one thing I didn’t do in the first year that I started to do on the second year and this year is to tell more truth than flattery. Because telling somebody the truth is what’s going to help them move forward in life. If you just flatter them and they’re not doing something they should be doing with their life, and you’re just like, just train them all like, “Yeah, you’re doing great”, when you know there’s something missing. You’re going to handicap them more than help them.

So, one big mistake I made was telling more flattery in the beginning, being more of a cheerleader, rather than actually telling people the truth. Like, telling people, hey, this is what—you want to—if it’s someone in their fitness journey or someone building a business, and I know their work. They bust their butt for a week and then they slack for a week. And then they bust for a week. I’d be like, that’s okay. Just come back, work hard. You’re doing great. I had that mentality because I didn’t want to offend them in the beginning.

But now, it’s like, I know if you want to build a business or you want to have results, you have to be consistent. You got to show up every single day for your customers, for your people, for yourself. And so, that’s the biggest mistake I did was telling more flattery, being, “Hey, you’re doing great. Just keep going. Things will work out.” Now, telling more truth to people.

Like hey, this is what you need. X, Y, Z. You’re doing this wrong. I love you and I know this is your goal, this is what you want. And if we want that to happen, you have to change this activity. You can’t be excited today and then throw up on people about how bad your day is the next day. You have to control your emotions. You have to become a master of your emotions and be positive, be enthusiastic because that’s what—people want to follow somebody that’s enthusiastic, for example. So I have to tell people more directly, like, hey this is what’s wrong right now. Give them the sandwich. This is what you’re really good at. This is what we need to work on. You’re really good at this. And help them move past whatever it is that’s holding them back.

Jeff:  Amazing, amazing advice. Scottie, what’s the one piece of advice that you’d like to leave folks with who are listening to the show?

Scottie:  Oh, man. I get this question a lot. It’s kind of similar to the question like, what’s the one tip to success if you could give me one tip? And it’s like, there’s so many tips. Well, I think whatever it is you’re doing—mostly you guys, I’m assuming, are entrepreneurs and trying to build something—is waiting like… so many people wait for everything to light, for the stars to line up, everything to be perfect before taking action. And the things will never be perfect. I have failures every single day.

So my biggest piece of advice is to learn, look to somebody that’s doing what you want to do, learn from them by their example or a book they read or whatever and then immediately apply it. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Immediately apply what you learned and know that you are going to fail at it. You’re going to fail but you got to step back up and you got to try again until you get it down. And if you could do that—and I tell my people all the time, it’s important to know what to do but it’s more important to do what you know.

So any tips or advice that you hear today from me that you can apply to your life, whether it’s making sacrifices or discovering your wire or finding success in your daily activity, you’ve learned that. Now, the important thing is to go out and apply it. And going back to the one thing is I say—and this is a Scottie philosophy—is if you look at what your results are going to be, it’s like 85 percent of your result is going to be your enthusiasm and your attitude, your positive attitude about you’re doing, 15 percent on the actual details or the ins and outs of learning it. And 85 percent your attitude. Because if you do something with the right attitude and the right mindset, the result is going to be reflected by the belief you have in it and the mindset that you have about it.

So, I hope that makes sense to you. It’s like, I’ve seen people with amazing transformations, trying to build a Beachbody business. But if they have the wrong attitude or a lack of belief in themselves, they could do all the activity I do with a lack of belief and the wrong attitude, and they can have zero results. But if they have a positive attitude and a goal and a belief that they’re going to be there, and a positive attitude about life every single day, that’s going to be reflected in the result, by the activity that they take every single day.

Jeff:  Amazing, amazing advice. Thank you so much for that. Before we wrap up, tell us where we can go to get more information about you and who might want to go there and get that information?

Scottie:  This is a great question. So thanks for asking this question, actually. Anybody that needs to live a healthier lifestyle, and just you talking to me like, yes, I have people come to me that want to build a business by helping people with health and fitness. That’s what we do with Beachbody workouts like P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, TurboFire. You’ve seen them all on the infomercials. Those are our workshops. Then we have Shakeology which is a dense nutrition, a meal replacement, a health shake.

So we have all these workouts and we help people if you want to live healthier, if you have problems with the high cholesterol, blood pressure, you’re just not happy with your weight and where you at. Anybody that needs help with that, I’m here for you. We’re here to help you get in shape, get healthy, live a healthier lifestyle. And those of you that are perhaps already healthy and you want to make an impact on people and help other people get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself, and then be able to help other people, that’s the kind of person that I’m looking to help as well. Because I can help you and be a mentor and building a business of helping people with our Beachbody products. So anybody that basically needs help with health and fitness or looking to build a business of helping people with health and fitness products, I’m here for you.

The best way to get ahold of me is to email me and I’ll just tell you what the email is. It’s coachscottiehobbs@hotmail.com. Or I have a website called www.scottiehobbs.com. And if you go there, there’s tons of transformations you can see and people we’ve helped, different products. But the best way to get ahold of me, there’s a Contact Me button or there’s a Become A Coach button where I have a form that you can fill out with goals of like, things you want to change about your life and things like, get to know you a little bit. There, you can put your email, your phone number, when’s the best time to contact you. And I can get ahold of you that way.

Those are the best ways, and then of course, I’m on Facebook. We’re maxed out on Friends, unfortunately, but you can click Follow and you can send me a message on there. It’s just Scottie Hobbs. There’s a Before/After pictures, a profile picture. So it’s hard to miss if you type it in. So that’s the best way to get ahold of me, Jeff, and I’m here to serve.

Jeff:  We’re going to put all of that information below the show so if you didn’t catch it, just scroll down, whether you’re on YouTube or on my site or if you’re on iTunes, just click over to the site, it’ll take you right there and you’ll get all of Scottie’s information. Scottie, thank you so much for being on the show. I immensely appreciate this advice that you’ve given to our listeners. And I know our listeners loved hearing it. I loved talking to you and I look forward to staying in touch and see what amazing things that you do in the future.

Scottie:  Awesome. Well, I appreciate it so much, Jeff. It was awesome being able to speak with you guys today.

Jeff:  What an awesome episode of the How To Quit Working show with Scottie Hobbs. Go over to scottiehobbs.com. And look at what he has to offer. Look at what he can do for you if you want to get in a better shape as well as if you want to become a coach. There’s also a Become A Coach link on his site or you can click directly to it from this page if you just scroll down below on the episode page on howtoquitworking.com.

Scottie shared some really, really great stuff with us. And like I said at the beginning, he started this business when he was living paycheck to paycheck. Him and his wife were both working with four kids and they were both working. He was working day, she was working nights. There was an overlap when they had to send the kids to the neighbor’s house. He didn’t have a computer. He didn’t have a smartphone. And he didn’t have a lot of self-confidence when he began. I mean, how could the deck be more stacked against him but he still managed to push through and make it happen? And that’s what I think is so awesome about Scottie’s story. And I’m so glad that we could bring that to you here on this week’s episode of the How To Quit Working show.

I normally like to kind of unpack the lessons that we hear from our guests but I just don’t see any reason to say anymore because I think Scottie said it all. He just doesn’t have any excuses and that’s why he’s been so extremely successful. So go over to scottiehobbs.com and see what he can offer to you. See if there is anything over there that’s of interest to you.

Now also, if you’d like to hear more stories from people like Scottie, my book How To Quit Working has about—I think it’s 13 or 14 stories from successful people just like Scottie who have built amazing lifestyles, amazing businesses, and lifestyle is first. It’s all about lifestyle. Some of the people on the stories have had great financial success but more importantly, at the end of the day, they just get to do what they want to do. Every single day, they get up and do what they want to do.

So head over to howtoquitworking.com/book and pick up your copy of How To Quit Working. There’s also $150 worth of bonuses of free video training that comes along with that, free audio training, lots of great stuff for that and that is for a limited time. So go over to howtoquitworking.com/book and pick up your copy. And I look forward to talking to you next week when we’re going to have another amazing, amazing guest on the show who’s going to tell us exactly how they have left their job and created an amazing lifestyle for themselves.

You can get more information about Scottie at:

scottiehobbs.comClick here to become a Team Beachbody coach. You can also email Scottie at coachscottiehobbs@hotmail.com.

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