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Five Questions to Ask People Telling You How to Start Up a Business

83: Five Questions to Ask People Telling You How to Start Up a Business

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Who’s advice on how to start Up a business should you listen to?

Who's advice to listen to on how to start up a business

Jeff Steinmann, Lifestyle Fanatic

When you learning how to start up a business, you’ll get all kinds of advice. Much of it will be conflicting. Some of it will lead you to your goal and some of it will lead you away from your goal. The key to successfully starting a business is to identify what advice to take and what to leave. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Jeff Steinmann will give you five questions to ask to determine if you should listen to any piece of advice you are getting.

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About Jeff Steinmann

Jeff wants to help you Live More. He is the author of How to Quit Working, A Simple Plan to Quit Your Job for a Life of Freedom. He hosts a weekly show called The How to Quit Working Show that features lessons from Freedom Fanatics who quit their soul-sucking 9-5 job and created a business that lets them live a passionate life of freedom. Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehack and Elite Daily. Most of all, Jeff is a Freedom Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding a better way to “do life”.

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