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Free Resources - How To Quit Working

Free Resources

Below is a list of Free resources I’ve provided to supplement the book. I hope these help you to create a life that of freedom better than you could ever imagine.

  • Books I read on my journey (Click Here)
  • Elevation View: Worksheet for designing what you want your life to look like (Click Here)
  • Financial Resources for people living paycheck to paycheck (Click Here)
  • Sample Business plan you can use for your lifestyle business (Click Here)
  • Promotional Strategies. This is a list of a few common strategies you can use to promote your lifestyle business. (Click Here)
  • Blueprints: All the worksheets referenced throughout the book for designing and creating your life of freedom. (Click Here)
  • Social Media: How to get it done FAST and get on with your life. (Click Here)
  • Resouces for writing a book; traditional vs. self-publishing (Click Here)
  • Screenflow Software Options (Click Here)
  • List of Email Providers (Click Here)
  • Decision Making — How to REALLY make a decision (Click Here)
  • Technology: A complete list of the technology you need to run your lifestyle business. (Click Here)
  • Why? If you think why you do what you do isn’t important, watch this. (Click Here)
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