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From CEO to Entrepreneur with Trajan King
94: From CEO to Entrepreneur with Trajan King

94: From CEO to Entrepreneur with Trajan King

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Trajan King

What Trajan King learned on his journey from CEO to Entrepreneur

Trajan King was the CFO of a marketing company. Soon he was promoted to CEO. When he decided it was time to move on, he quit his CEO job and began looking for another C-level job. Nobody was hiring. So he was left with no choice but to start his own business — in the middle of a recession. He did so quite successfully and he shares that journey and the lessons he learned on this episode of the How to Quit Working Show.

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About Trajan:

I’ve been an internet nerd since 1995. I’ve worked in Silicon Valley for some big companies and some small companies.

I have a couple of patents on internet technology and a couple of degrees.

If you’re a designer you’ll know my name is also a font, but I wasn’t named after the font.

I love to travel and speak a few languages. I also love to fight and have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

I run triathlons, which comes in handy when I need to run from a fight.

I live in Europe where the food is better.

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