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From Drug and Alcohol Addition to a Successful Business
121: From Drug and Alcohol Addiction to a Successful Business

121: From Drug and Alcohol Addiction to a Successful Business

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Andy Zitzmann on going from drug addicted in corporate to a successful business that matters

Andy had a dream job in high tech sales. He was making great money, moving up the corporate ladder and everything was on track. But his high energy and drive worked against him when he turned to drugs and alcohol to relax after work and on the weekends. Andy tells the story of his downward spiral and rise back to success and helping others on this episode of the How to Quit Working Show.

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About Andy:

Hi, I’m Andy. I’m a Peak Performance Coach, Business Consultant, and Speaker.I’m on a mission to help high achievers who have it all, but still want more, truly have it all! People who have had success and achieved great things, but find themselves unfulfilled and not living the life they know they are destined and intended to live. I help people get clear on their mission in life and business so that they can step up their game and live each day with purpose, passion and meaning.My story is one of great professional and financial success accompanied by considerable personal failure and emptiness. You see, I was that guy who had it all, but still wanted more. I followed the path that many of us do, I worked hard, graduated from a top University, owned a small business, then went into the corporate world and worked for a Fortune 500 Company in High Tech Sales and Sales Management. I made very good money (more than I ever imagined) at a very young age.

I had it all so-to-speak. While my bank was full and I had all I ever wanted in material things, my personal bank account was completely empty and I lost my identity. I became a workaholic in service to making money by day and eventually a very high functioning drug addict escaping my life by night and weekend. I was able to step up my game and show up for business and others, but I was choosing to not show up for my own life, health, relationships and all that makes life worth living. One may ask, “What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul in the process.”

Finally, I realized that, “Success without fulfillment is not really success at all.” After considerable personal failures with myself, my loved ones, ego, pride and addiction, I had a major awakening and started on a personal journey of self-discovery, recovery, redemption and rejuvenation. And in a very short period of time, I transformed and stepped up my life!

However, I woke up and realized I was not fulfilling my life’s purpose, so I left it all to go pursue the life of my dreams. I made a decision that I wanted my life to stand for something greater than just things and money. As a result, I created the GAMETIME Movement and Podcast, as well as GAMETIME Programs and Systems to inspire and coach high achievers to step up their game in life and business so they can truly have it all and accelerate their journey to fulfillment.

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