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How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Results With Coaching
How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Results With Coaching

How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Results With Coaching

Why Coaching?

Coaching So why would anyone want to hire a business coach or a coach of any kind for that matter? The simple answer is they help you to be your best self while encouraging to work outside your comfort zone ultimately growing you as a person and a business owner. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on the past. Coaching focuses on the future. If you’ve ever thought of hiring a coach, chances are you live in constant pursuit of excellence. Coaching is also not consulting.

Difference between coaching and consulting?

Consultants are paid to be right and, therefore, give answers. The consultant is the center of attention. Coaches are paid to build the capacity of others and have the right questions. The coachee is the center of attention. Coaching is about supporting the clients in identifying an answer that leads to change. Consulting is about providing the client with an answer that leads to change.
Coaching is non-directive and is about pulling the solutions out, while consulting is directive and putting the solutions in.
Consultants do glossy, color-coordinated briefs; coaches have conversations.

Here are some simple facts about coaching:

45% of coaching relationships last 7 to 12 months, with 27% averaging 3 to 6 months. In their 2009 study, Harvard Business Review reported coaching can cost as much as $3,500 an hour, with the median hourly cost of coaching ranging from $500 to $750 per hour. The coaching available through the How to Quit Working Program is much less of an investment. Don’t be worried about the cost of coaching. A Huffington Post article titled Ways Strategic Business Coaching Moves You Forward states that 86 percent of companies who invested in business coaching earned back at least what they put in, if not more. Additionally, 96 percent of those companies would hire a coach again. It also found that working with a business coach increases productivity.

Get Results With Coaching

Benefits of coachingThey keep you on track. With regular, structured meetings, business coaching provides a source of accountability to help you stick to your goals. It offers an avenue for sound advice. Professionally trained and experienced business coaches know the ins and out of the business world, and can use their expertise to guide you in the right direction.

It produces attainable goals. One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is not clearly defining their goals. A business coach helps you set short and long-term goals, and create a plan that is manageable and effective.

They keep you inspired. When you feel like giving up they allow you to see your victories and your potential for success in your chosen field.
They have no vested interest in your success or your issues, so they can be totally honest in their assessment of your life and issues. Of course they want to see you succeed, but ultimately your success or failure pays little into their personal success.

They have a clear outside perspective. Someone who is not as emotionally invested in your business venture can often see your business with greater objectivity.

Working with a business coach can get you to your goals more quickly – and with much less stress.

When my business partners and I were going through some of the most stressful times in our business(s), both financially and structurally we turned to a business coach. Without the assistance of a coach I don’t believe that our business would have succeed. The knowledge and outside perspective that he brought to the table were worth every penny that we paid him. He gave us the focus that we needed as an organization to surpass our business expectations.

If you are interested in what it would be like to have a coach visit www.howtoquitworking.com/coach to sign up for your free 30 minute strategy session. In this session we’ll discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them.

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