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How to Get Your Business Off the Ground with Jason Kanigan
92: How to Get Your Business Off the Ground with Jason Kanigan

92: How to Get Your Business Off the Ground with Jason Kanigan

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The Three “P’s” of Starting a Business with Jason Kanigan

Jason Kanigan teaches people how to sell. If I had the choice between being able to sell or being able to read, I’d choose selling. When you know how to sell, all you have to do is find a product and people who want it and you are making money — if you can sell. Then you can spend that money on reading lessons! Fortunately, you already know how to read and on this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Jason is going to explain the three “P’s” that will get you ready to begin selling NOW. Getting a business off the ground doesn’t have to be so complicated.

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About Jason:

If you’re an already-profitable business owner, Jason Kanigan can help you explode your revenue with the three ‘P’s of Pricing, Power, and Profit.

Like most business owners, you’re probably undervaluing yourself and your efforts…and that of your company. This leads to Pricing your products or services too low.

When your Price is too low, your self-esteem suffers because you don’t feel you’re getting fair exchange for what you provide. And so you feel without Power.

Without Power, it’s tough to make Profit.

Now imagine if that was all transformed…YOU were transformed: you charged the right Price to feel great about the money you were getting in exchange for your offerings; you therefore felt Power in the marketplace and took this into sales meetings; and your Power paved the straightforward road to even more Profit in your business.

Jason Kanigan was a plant manager at 25 and a year later had over 150 people working for him and six supervisors reporting to him. He has been a credit manager for a national electrical wholesaler responsible for $2Million a month in collections, and has put together many profitable sales and marketing plans, including worldwide distributor networks, from scratch.

Jason is an expert in helping you develop your Focus and bringing your knowledge, skill and personal presence to bear on the precise market that will maximize your revenue. And if you’re bored with the repetitious projects you have been stuck with, that will change, too.

With real-world Inc. Top 1000 senior executive experience, operations management skills with a formal business education, high ticket copywriting experience, and sales force transformation abilities, Jason Kanigan is the profit maximizer for people and organizations who know how to competently deliver products or services to highly motivated markets.

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