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Getting Heard on a Noisy Internet - How To Quit Working
Getting Heard on a Noisy Internet

Getting Heard on a Noisy Internet

I think was Seth Godin who said it best: “It’s easier than ever to get published, but very hard to get heard.” It was something like that, I don’t really know exactly what the quote was, because there’s so much noise on the Internet I can’t hear a damn thing anymore.

But, I digress. His point is simply this: If you look back even 15 years ago, getting a message out to a million people would be such a monumental task for a normal person! It would take a year or more (at least) and that would be a lot of busting your rear during that year. (oops, didn’t mean to rhyme that, but let’s roll with it). Now, I’ve never tried, but I think that I could get whatever random thought is in my head right now (which at this moment has to do with bunnies playing leapfrog) out to a million people before I eat dinner. FYI, I’m writing this at 4:45 PM am and I’m already getting hungry.

Yes, bunnies do indeed play leapfrog and while that is not very valuable information, I could get it out to a lot of people really quickly. Therein lies the problem. There are a lot of people tweeting, Facebooking and blogging about bunnies playing leapfrog. Unfortunately, that makes those of us with real important ideas have to work a lot harder to get our ideas out there. Well, actually, getting them “out there” is easy. It’s getting HEARD that’s harder.

So, I guess you expect that since I created a product that teaches people who to take their passion to the world, I should know that right? As a matter of fact, my friends, I do.

Provide value.

All you have to do is provide a huge amount of value to people. Give them (for free) something that is really awesome.

I’m not taking credit for this idea. I’m just re-iterating what I’ve learned from studying this stuff for years. I do, however, think you need to take it a step further. That is, provide something that will actually shift their mindset about the topic you are an expert on. Make them actually think in a different way about your topic.

I’ll give you an example. My company partners with experts to get them known as experts. One of our expert partners, Brian M. Estey is an expert on rental property management. There is a huge group of people (almost everybody) out there who believe that the best way to maintain rental property is to do it as cheaply as humanly possible. Cheap paint, 35 year old outdated light fixtures, cheap, ratty flooring, and on and on and on. Most of us who had a cheap apartment in our early life understand that very well!

Brian provides a free, three part training series for landlords that turns that notion completely on it’s head. He says, that if you want to be successful and profitable as a landlord, you actually have to have the best property on the block. He even goes through a case study that demonstrates that the numbers simply work better using his methods. A landlord walks away from his free training with an entirely different idea of how to manage their property.

Disclaimer: This blog entry is not about bunnies playing leapfrog. They really do play leapfrog, though. I have video of it on my phone.

You are an expert and you want to share what you know, (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here, unless you are my mom and I doubt she reads my blog). Tell me in the comments below what you have to share about your topic that changes the whole perspective on the topic.

Now go create some awesome content!


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