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How could I make money with the knowledge in my head? - How To Quit Working
How could I make money with the knowledge in my head?

How could I make money with the knowledge in my head?

Have you every asked yourself, “How could I make money with the knowledge in my head?”

I did!

I’ve always wanted to be financially free, too. Who doesn’t?

Well, a few years ago, I started really thinking about how I could make that happen. I started doing some serious research on how I could get to that point of financial freedom. The big limitation (or perceived limitation) that I had was that I worked a fairly stressful, and very well paying full time job. But, I wanted more. I wanted control of when I work, where I work and probably most importantly, HOW I work. By the way, I also had a giant mortgage!

I was at the bookstore and a book by Yanik Silver called, “Moonlighing on the Internet” caught my attention. I read it in about 5 days (that’s fast for me). The book is all about making money on the Internet, with one of the key ways being to sell the information you have in your head, in the form of Information Products. That just means eBooks, online training videos, audio, etc. It requires very little (usually 0) staff members, profit margins are 90%+ on electronically delivered products and it’s very flexible, meaning if you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can do this.

So, I asked myself what topic I know the most about. Being kind of an information and hobby junkie, there was a lot. Not to mention I had learned a TON in my 15 year career working as a manager of large technology projects.  Ultimately, I decided that the best thing for me to publish information about was Do It Yourself home improvement. At the time, I had completely redone my first house and was well into the (MAJOR) renovation of my second house. So, I set out to be the Do It Yourself Expert. Kind of like Tim Allen without all the grunting. Or like Bob Vila without the flannel shirts.

As I set out to do that, I found out it’s a whole lot of work. AND there is a lot you have to learn. There is a tremendous amount of information available, but it very quickly becomes overwhelming. But, I wasn’t discouraged, I dug in.

That’s when my business shifted. . .

Suddenly, I realized that when I combined my Technology background with the two years of research I had been doing, my expertise was not home improvement, it was creating experts.

With that, my company, Braveau Experts was born. Braveau Experts partners with experts to build a brand and create product and services based on that expertise. We currently have two Expert Partners, Sami Douglass, Life Coach (samidouglass.com) and Brian M. Estey, Real Estate Expert (brianestey.com)

Braveau Experts has another project underway that I’m very excited about. We are creating an online training program that will teach you how to get yourself recognized as an expert in one hour a day.


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