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How to Change the World With Ted Manasa of Brand on Belief
78: How to Change the World With Ted Manasa of Brand on Belief

78: How to Change the World With Ted Manasa of Brand on Belief

Listen to the interview here:


Ted Manasa on How to Change the World

Ted Manasa on How to change the world with your business

Many aspiring entrepreneurs ask about marketing, accounting, products, and all the standard business stuff, when they really should be asking about how to change the world. Starting a business is never easy and it’d definitely a lot of work. How do you generate the drive you need to push through all the days you just don’t feel like doing what you must do to create a successful business? You do it based on something you believe. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Ted Manasa of Brand On Belief (brandonbelief.com) explains how to start a small business, but also how to change the world.

Is what you are creating going to change the world?

What success means to Ted:

Success for me is converting the whole world (all seven billion people) to the belief that you must choose your side and fight for that side until the end.



Working a job you don’t care about is like pouring blood in a black hole.

About Ted Manasa and Brand on Belief:

Ted Manasa is Chief Brand Developer at Brand On Belief, a branding agency in Austin, TX that specializes in startup growth, and the author of the authoritative blog on branding for entrepreneurs, BrandOnBelief.com. Ted’s upcoming book, Brand On Belief: How Brands are Built to Win Money and Blood, is due out late 2014.

Ted’s work includes brand building and strategizing for such successful brands as TruthFit San Marcos, Magellan International School, How to Quit Working, and The Clutter Diet. Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs compete in hyper-competitive industries such as fitness and education, Ted has built his practice to help brands attract attention and grow sales during their most critical growth phase: at the beginning.

After years of helping new brands succeed and researching how breakthrough brands made it, Ted has discovered a profoundly simple truth about new brands: Customers care about one thing: Whether or not a brand believes in the same better world that its customers believe in. Brands that represent that world get attention and win sales. Brands that don’t, the brand has to lower prices to stay alive. By building their brands on their beliefs, Ted has helped entrepreneurs create meaningful brands that get noticed and that command price premiums.

The former VP of Branding at the Austin American Marketing Association, Ted writes about his experiences and his analysis of both good and bad brands on his blog. Download his free eBook How to Create a World Class Brand Name In 3 Steps or subscribe to get the latest in branding techniques for entrepreneurs.

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  • http://www.brandonbelief.com Ted Manasa

    Jeff, thanks for letting me talk to your people about the importance of shooting for a mission that is worthy of their life’s work. With perhaps only one life to spend, we all have to answer the question: How are we going to spend it? I say: Spend it on what you believe in! Here’s to your belief. — Ted

    • http://howtoquitworking.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      I couldn’t agree more, Ted. Thanks for sharing this message so generously.

  • Cynthia

    ‘If you don’t have a strong belief, you don’t have a strong brand”, you don’t have a strong identity, you don’t have a strong business, you don’t have a strong anything. Really great interview, really great advice.

    • http://howtoquitworking.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      Cynthia, thanks for your comment, Ted is a fountain of devotion to his beliefs, indeed!

  • Mark G

    Greatest compliment anyone can receive, is when listeners are able to appreciate, convey, and apply knowledge learned. I personally absorbed a lot of reference points. Ted has a knack for using metaphors to easily attract interest in branding and business objectives. Great listen!

    • http://howtoquitworking.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      Indeed he has a great message and shares it well. Thanks for you comment, Mark!