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How to Open a Franchise with Pinot's Palette founders
75: How to Open a Franchise with Pinot’s Palette Founders

75: How to Open a Franchise with Pinot’s Palette Founders

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How to Open a Franchise — Charles Willis and Craig Ceccanti of Pinot’s Palette

How to open a franchise with Pinot's Palette founders

Pinot’s Palette Founders

Charles and Craig were roommates and were working corporate jobs. They got to know each other well enough to feel good about going into business together. They also knew they didn’t want to live a life that would end with regrets. So they quit their corporate jobs and, along with Charles’ wife Beth, started the Pinot’s Palette franchise system. They love that their business helps other people to quit their jobs and create their own passionate lives of freedom. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Charles and Craig join us to discuss how to open a franchise and all they learned along the way.

When you are starting a business, it’s all about passion. Passion keeps you up at night and makes you skip lunch because you are excited about building the business.

What success means to Charles and Craig:

Success is when our franchise partners are successful. It’s when they have smiles on their faces and they are thanking us for what we’ve helped them create for them and their families.


About Pinot’s Palette:

Pinot’s Palette (formerly Pinot & Picasso) opened for business on May 6, 2009. Being a new concept to Houston, we started small, with the hopes of having class three nights a week. Before long, word spread, and we now have multiple locations coast to coast, from New York to California.

Less than a year into operations, we made the tough decision to change our name. Research revealed that there was potential for legal issues with using the Picasso name, so before growing our business any bigger we decided to play it safe & make the change. We polled our customers for input (& received over 2,000 suggestions) and have come to be called Pinot’s Palette officially since May 2010.

While much has changed since we first opened our doors, our values have stayed true to the core. Our mission is to bring fine art to the masses in a fun way, and to teach our painters the magic of creating their own masterpieces! So come — Paint. Drink. Have Fun.

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