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97: How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business - FAST - How To Quit Working
97: How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business — FAST

97: How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business — FAST

As you drive into work every day you wonder how to quit your job. I get it. Your job sucks. You dread the moment you have to get there and you watch the clock until quitting time; you know there must be another way. And then you start thinking about the bills. You need that paycheck. You can’t go for months or years without making money while you build a business — you’ve got bills.

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You don’t have to.

How to quit your job — FAST

Let’s talk about how to start a business fast. First you have to quit listening to all cockamamie business advice that’s so prolific on the Internet. Guru’s telling you that Facebook or Twitter is secret magic formula or that their seminar on eBooks is going to make you rich overnight. Most of us are inundated with marketers pushing their secret, never before revealed formula as the thing that’s going to make you successful. None of that stuff works. What does work is the fundamentals — the fundamentals that make you money NOW.

OK, now that you’re no longer wasting time looking for shortcuts, let’s get started. Focus on one thing only: making money. Focus like a lazer on making money NOW. You can always sell something. If I was standing in front of you and you had something — some knowledge, expertise, connections or skills that I need – you can make a sale. Right now. You can make that sale without a logo, without a website, without business cards, without a business plan, without legal council, without email, without a phone. With nothing else besides your ability to communicate, you can make money.

Focus on making money — don’t be one of the absurdly huge number of businesses that are have formed an LLC, with a great website, logo, business cards, t-shirts and a bunch of social media that has never made a dime. Be the person who a) has something people want and b) sells it.

Here’s how to start a business fast:

1) Identify a high-margin / low-cost product or service idea.

Selling some $2.99 widget or $0.99 ebook won’t get you off the corporate teet as fast as you want. It requires too many transactions. Each transaction (sale) has a cost and it takes time. You need something that you can create easily and cheaply so you can get large amounts of money rolling in quickly with only a small number of transactions.

This is the great thing about information. You can package it up and deliver it for practically nothing. Most of what you charge is profit. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. You can keep it very simple. Whatever membership site software, online marketing systems, widget, or gadget someone is trying to sell you is unnecessary. Just deliver the information — quickly and simply. That’s the low-cost side of it.

The other side is the high-margin. You need to charge a high price for it. Remember, the price is determined based on the value the product or service provides; not the cost to provide it. If you can deliver $2000 of value and it only costs $75 to deliver, the price is still 2k. Here’s some great advice on pricing from Marie Forleo.

Keep this real high-level and don’t get married to it. It’s very important you don’t get married to it so you can start a conversation and let your potential customers tell you want they want.

2) Talk to people.

Talk to as many people as you possibly can who might be interested in that idea. If you are selling parenting advice, talk to parents. If you are selling dating advice, talk to people who want dates. If you are selling restaurant management advice, talk to restaurant owners. I think you get the idea. Ask them lots of questions. This is really important.

You’ll need to very deeply understand their issues, frustrations and what they are seeking. Deeply understand both what they want and what they don’t want. The whole time, listen very carefully. Very carefully. As you talk with your potential customers, help them. Provide information and tips that will help them. Give them some results right now for free. That’s how you begin to show them that you are the one to help them.

Next you sell them exactly what they just told you they want.

3) Sell it

Yes, this is the part where you get out there and sell that idea. It doesn’t matter if people say no. That has nothing to do with you. If people say no it just means you have an opportunity to ask them why they aren’t interested and what they would like you to add, remove or change.

If you insist on a “secret magic formula” for how to quit your job — this is it. Nothing will move you forward faster than trying to sell stuff. Only good stuff happens. Either a) people buy what you are selling or b) they give you feedback on how to make it better. How can either of those things possibly be bad?

As Brain McKnight says in in hit single from 1999, Back at One, “repeat steps one through three.”

It probably won’t work the first time. Maybe not the second time. But if you use this three-step process, very quickly, you will find that people will start to show interest — and buy. It takes very little time and money to simply talk to people and ask them if they want to buy stuff. So, it’s fast, easy and cheap to fail at this a few times. Don’t worry about failing — it’s cool. You can’t get to success without it.

Go do it!

There you go. That’s how to quit your job and start a business — FAST. Go get em.

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