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219: How to Relaunch Your Life
219: How to Relaunch Your Life

219: How to Relaunch Your Life

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Relaunching Your Life

Dr. Pei Kang had a successful dentistry practice. She supported her husband, Joel through his career transition and he encouraged her to also explore her passions as well. The end result is the Relaunch Show, which Dr. Pei and her husband Joel cohost. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Dr. Pei talks about how to relaunch your life.

About Dr. Pei

I was born in China, just a few of years before the “Cultural Revolution” ended. I witnessed dramatic changes in that great nation over the years. After college, I came to the United States to pursue a PhD in Oral Biology. As many of you know, Chinese parents put tremendous emphasis on academics, and getting a PhD in America was “as high as you can get”. The first few years of adjusting to the culture was definitely a “Relaunch” experience.
I won many awards for my research. However, inside, I did not feel accomplished, proud, or making much difference. In addition, although I LOVE teaching, I could not see myself analyzing things under the microscope, applying for grant, and writing papers for the rest of my life. I also was attracted to the time and financial freedom of a clinician. With the support of family and great mentors, I studied some more and became an Endodontist (root canal specialist).
I finally took a deep breath! I felt like I finally won the game, established my place in the world, and gained a notable identity: dentist. Soon after graduation, I became a the owner of a very successful practice. I was so blessed to be able to work with some of the most caring and talented referral dentists.
Then God had another plan (of course!). I started to feel something was amiss. One day after treatment, a sweet lady held my hand and said: “You are so good at what you do… You have met your calling”. I thanked her but found myself stumbling on my words…
I did a few things (some were planned out, others, I just fell into it:)):
  • We became debt free (including business loan), except for the house;
  • I hired five life/business coaches over a few years to help me understand myself and navigate changes;
  • I experimented with things that excite me: became a yoga instructor; trained to handle therapy dogs; ran a healthy living show;
  • I became involved in the business planning and marketing with Joel’s coaching and book, as well as speaking together with him;
  • I read lots of books and attended numerous personal and business development seminars;
  • I became a certified life coach and had great success + thoroughly enjoyed the process.
I discovered:
I am not so much a day-to-day operation person. Instead, I am more a coach/strategist – I quickly see the “kink” in problems, and I LOVE offering ideas, solutions and plans. I also need an environment that changes faster than a steady practice.
I finally had to surrender to what is true for me and what is not. I also had to learn the difference between what I am good at and what put bounce in my steps. Long story short, with the support of Joel, I stepped away from full time dentistry. I call myself the part-time dentist living a full life, enjoying being the co-host and LOVING the challenge of being the business and marketing strategist for “ReLaunch” show.

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Jeff wants to help you Live More. He is the author of How to Quit Working, A Simple Plan to Quit Your Job for a Life of Freedom. He hosts a weekly show called The How to Quit Working Show that features lessons from Freedom Fanatics who quit their soul-sucking 9-5 job and created a business that lets them live a passionate life of freedom. Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehack and Elite Daily. Most of all, Jeff is a Freedom Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding a better way to “do life”.

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  • http://relaunchshow.com/about-pei/ Pei Kang

    Thank you so much Jeff for having me on your show. Love how you dig deep. I was impressed how much you understand your audience and clients!