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Episode #34: How to Start a Business With No Money; Explained by Chris Vaca - How To Quit Working
Episode #34: How to Start a Business With No Money; Explained by Chris Vaca

Episode #34: How to Start a Business With No Money; Explained by Chris Vaca

Everything Was Great

Chris Vaca had a successful mortgage brokerage. It was making good money and life was great.


Until the housing market collapsed and the mortgage business went to hell in a handbasket. Chris’s profits quickly dried up and he had to shut the business down. Soon his savings dried up. With no income he had to use his savings to stay afloat. But before long, he had no car, he was evicted from his apartment and had nowhere to go.

Chris Vaca

Chris Vaca on How to Start a Business.

The Lowest Point

Faced with the most difficult situation of his life, he had no choice but to move in with his ex-wife! He was humiliated, but determined to turn his life around. He had heard about people making money online and thought, “Why cant’ I do that?” And he did.

A Complete Turnaround

In the span of eight months, Chris went from having no income to finally moving out of his wife’s house and into his own apartment. That was the BEST day of his life. But it wasn’t an easy eight months.

Stop making the excuses! Get off your butt and start doing something!

On this episode of the “How to Quit Working Show” Chris is going to share:

  • How the heck does a 56-year-old learn all this crazy technology!
  • What it’s like to get up and have absolutely no stress every day.
  • The biggest reason businesses like his don’t get off the ground.

It’s hard to get started, but once you’re rolling, it’s the simplest thing to do

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