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Episode #45: How to Start a New Business without Doing Stuff You Don't Like with David Newman - How To Quit Working
Episode #45: How to Start a New Business without Doing Stuff You Don’t Like with David Newman

Episode #45: How to Start a New Business without Doing Stuff You Don’t Like with David Newman

The Big Career

David Newman worked as a corporate consultant for years. He had the big salary, prestigious position, plenty of success and all you could ever want in a career. But it just wasn’t working for him.

David Newman

David Newman on How to Start a New Business.

One day, he came home and announced to his wife that he was quitting his job to start a business. (spoiler alert: surprisingly, they are still married!)

While he admits the lack of inclusion of his wife on this decision was a mistake, ultimately he has no regrets about making the decision to go out on his own.

David’s Way to Start a New Business

David has a unique perspective on how to create and market a business. The best part is that it involves doing two things:

  1. A lot less of what you hate.
  2. A lot more of what you enjoy.

Don’t miss this one. David will make you want to drop everything and start a business.

On this episode of the “How to Quit Working Show” David is going to share all that and:

  • How to start a business without doing a bunch of stuff you don’t like doing!
  • How to get attention for your product or service.
  • How to quit your job to start a business WITHOUT pissing off your wife!

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