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Invest in Yourself - How To Quit Working
Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Wow! I finally graduated!

Wow! I finally graduated!

I am not a “love to learn” person. I know there are a lot of people out there who simply love learning for no other reason than learning’s sake.

I don’t love to learn, I love to CREATE.

I am a person who is not happy unless I am creating something. It doesn’t matter if that is a blog post, a bookshelf, a book or a company. I love to CREATE. Over the past, 3-5 years, the things I’m creating are getting MUCH BIGGER!  I used to create things that would touch or affect only myself and a few other people. Now, the things I’m creating (100 Grand Brand for example) are way bigger than anything I’ve created before. They affect more people and have the potential to create more wealth, and a better life for me and many other people. That’s all great, but for one thing:


It is way harder to create bigger things! They are more complicated, they are more expensive and they require many more people.

The way I’ve been able to position myself to do all this stuff, is by, well, learning. . . and learning A LOT! I’m talking like morning, noon and night, learning. I’ve been reading like a madman for the past several years and studying blogs, and online sources, blogs, magazines, podcasts, you name it.

I know what your thinking. You are thinking, “But Jeff, I thought you said you DON’T LIKE LEARNING!”

Not at all! I didn’t say I don’t like learning, I said I don’t like learning for learning’s sake! See, that’s why I got straight C’s all through schools, with the occasional D and F. Ok, yeah, I actually was “academically dismissed” from one certain college. . . But it was their fault; they were trying to teach me something I didn’t care about. :)

But seriously, when it comes to learning with a purpose, I’m all over it! I love learning,when it is a means to DO something! Bring it ON!

So, over the past few years, when I began needing to really step up my game, I began actually spending MY HARD-EARNED MONEY on developing myself. I actually began spending A LOT of money on my learning and development.

I remember very distinctly the first time I actually spent a large sum on training. It was Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. I actually ponied up 1997 bucks for this online training and the chance to go to his live event in Arizona. Everyone told me I was insane. I told them them they were insane and quietly chuckled.

It changed how I think about everything.

It changed how I think about selling. It changed how I think about using the Internet. It changed how I think about the way humans make purchasing decisions. It was the first thing that really allowed me to get a foothold in my business.

It also got me hooked on paying large sums of money for training! I went on to purchase Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy and join the Experts Industry Association, among numerous other purchases! All of these things have had a dramatic affect on my business and developing the skills and mentality to create success. I actually enjoyed taking in the training soooo much, that I was starting to feel “overtrained.” Just like a marathon runner who didn’t give herself the needed rest days during training! I have to put myself on a “training diet” now and then.

What really inspired me to write this blog post was a conversation I had with a potential JV partner today. As most of us who do Internet Marketing know, one of the ways you get success is to sort of “walk the ladder” of others in your niche, or similar niches, getting access other’s lists as you go along. You can only climb up that ladder so quickly. You can only take a rung or two at a time.

BUT! Occasionally, you get lucky, or you are in the right place at the right time, or whatever it may be, and someone a few rungs up is actually willing to talk to you! This happened to me today. I was on the phone with someone a few rungs above me (actually the assistant or “gatekeeper” of that person). I wasn’t necessarily expecting anything direct to come of it; I would have been happy to just make a contact and lay groundwork to work together in the future. I was telling this person about the product I wanted to him to promote. As I was talking, for some reason, I mentioned that I developed the product with one of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Managers (Marc Evans). OK, actually I know the reason — I was trying to do whatever I could to pump up my credibility!

It worked very well.

While we did not finalize any sort of agreement yet, we are discussing some possibilities.

I’m pretty convinced that if it were not for the credibility that came with mentioning that the product was developed in conjunction with one of Jeff’s PLF coaches, the conversation would not have gotten to where it is.

So, I already knew this, but it was really gratifying to see the money I’ve spent developing myself and my business have real, tangible affects. If this relationship goes even reasonably well, it will make back every penny I paid Jeff Walker and more. And it’s only one of numerous relationships I’ll develop with this technique.

Thanks Jeff!

What successes have you seen from investing in yourself? Share them below!

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