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Episode #63: Finding Your Niche, Live Coaching with Jeff and Laurel Staples - How To Quit Working
Episode #63: Finding Your Niche, Live Coaching with Jeff and Laurel Staples

Episode #63: Finding Your Niche, Live Coaching with Jeff and Laurel Staples

Laurel Staples on How to Resign from a Job

Listen to the interview here:


One of the most important and sometimes challenging parts of starting a business is figuring out who your customer or niche is. On this show we talk with Kary Dunham, who has left behind a careers in teaching and instructional design to launch a business that she loves and lets her live her passions and – do it her way. Jeff and Laurel Staples of Go Fire Yourself will coach Kary through through creating her business and deciding her niche.

Listen to the interview here:



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  • TechieMuse

    Thank you Jeff for having me on your show. It was a pleasure. You and Laurel gave me a lot to think about, helping me to get more focused and see things more clearly.

    • http://howtoquitworking.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      Kary, it was absolutely my pleasure! I’m so excited to see what awesome, cool things you do with the TONS of talent and passion you have for helping people!!! Best of luck and stay in touch! Can you email me your mailing address, I’d like to send you a complimentary copy of How to Quit Working. Thanks!