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My Mistake and What You Can Learn From It
110: My Mistake and What You Can Learn From It

110: My Mistake and What You Can Learn From It

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What you can learn from my mistake

I made a bad decision on the How to Quit Working Show recently. Since we don’t believe in regrets, I’ll talk about what I did wrong and what you can learn from it on this episode of the How to Quit Working Show. 

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About Jeff Steinmann

Jeff wants to help you Live More. He is the author of How to Quit Working, A Simple Plan to Quit Your Job for a Life of Freedom. He hosts a weekly show called The How to Quit Working Show that features lessons from Freedom Fanatics who quit their soul-sucking 9-5 job and created a business that lets them live a passionate life of freedom. Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Lifehack and Elite Daily. Most of all, Jeff is a Freedom Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding a better way to “do life”.

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  • EJ

    Hi Jeff! Please don’t think that just because your show is titled “How To Quit Working”, that 100% of your shows have to literally be about people who actually had a 9 to 5 job and quit the job to start their own business.

    I started listening to your podcast because you interviewed the guy who does the Art of Charm Podcast, even though your show has very little to do with charm.

    I started listening to The Art of Charm because that guy was being interviewed on the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, even though The Art of Charm has very little to do with physical fitness.

    I started listening to Ben Greenfield because he was the “Get Fit Guy” on the same network that ran the Grammar Girl podcast.

    I started listening to Grammar Girl because, when I got my first MP3 player in 2007, there just weren’t that many podcasts.

    If there’s a common thread here, it’s that all of these shows are generally about self-improvement. And self-improvement is one of the “Rich Habits” that successful entrepreneurs do.

    I’ve been self-employed pretty much my entire life, so I hope that I don’t have to stop listening to your show simply because I don’t have a “Soul Sucking 9 to 5 Job” to quit.

    Also, while it’s nice to find success stories to motivate you, it’s more instructive to find examples of people who made mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. So, honestly, I’d love to hear a few interviews now and then from people who had to give up their “Only True Path To Freedom” and get a 9 to 5 job again.

    • http://howtoquitworking.com/ Jeff Steinmann

      EJ, thanks very much for your insightful comments! Best of luck to you and thanks for listening! :D (BTW, if you haven’t left a review on iTunes, I’d really appreciate one. Thanks!)