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How to Quit Working Newsletter

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If you’ve come here, you are a Lifestyle Fanatic. You are part of a small group of people in the world who are devoted to Living your life Exactly as you want. You expect to love every second of your life and Get Whatever You Want.

That means not working for someone else, relying on some company to provide your means, but to figure out what value you have to contribute to the world, and deliver that value in exchange for money. 

People like us need a community that provides the resources, ideas and inspiration we need to pursue what we are devoted to every day. That’s why I created this newsletter. It’s free and is mailed to your door every quarter. As a subscriber you will: 

  • Learn the Tools, Attitudes and Habits of the highest performing people on the planet. In each issue, you will get specific actions and exercises that will put into place the behaviors of the most highly successful athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs and world leaders who have ever lived.
  • Become part of a community of other lifestyle fanatics who are devoted to getting whatever they want out of life and doing what they want every single second.
  • An opportunity to get off the computer for a while. Take some time to immerse yourself in some new ideas and quality inspirational reading.

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I just reread the How to Quit Working Newsletter for the third time and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! - Jerry Willis, Missouri

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the latest newsletter. In each issue I learn new insights about how to live a happier, freer life. Thanks for motivating me and making my week better! - Linda Caffo, New Mexico

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