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Guest Post: No Matter What, Live the Life You Desire - How To Quit Working

Guest Post: No Matter What, Live the Life You Desire

I want you to realise that no matter what, you’ll strive to live the life you desire with passion and enthusiasm. What do Michael Jordan, Colonel Saunders, J.K. Rowling, and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all beat the odds. They all successfully achieved their career goals despite adverse circumstances, lack of resources, other people’s lack of support or faith in them, abuse and financial obstacles. They simply didn’t quit.

How do you know when to cut your losses or when to stay the course? What is the difference between beating a dead horse and perseverance? You’ve set your sights on a goal and determinedly pursued it. But you are not seeing the results you were expecting. You’re at the point where you are trying to decide if this is just temporary defeat and you should continue on in faith, but doubt is starting to creep in that maybe you are barking up the wrong tree.

Whether you are deciding to keep fishing a particular spot on the lake, or whether to stay in an unhappy marriage in the hope that things will change, the decision about how or if you should persevere is one of the hardest decisions to make in the human experience. When do we call it quits?

Only you can determine when you need to change direction or change tactics. Only you can feel what is right in terms of how much time and energy to invest in a career endeavor or relationship that isn’t working before you do something different. The key is in doing something different, not quitting. Your success is imminent as long as you don’t give up. For those who want to find a great partner, it is said there is someone for everyone and that is true. There is someone for everyone, except for the person who gives up.

In those moments of frustration and doubt, when you’ve worked so hard for success but all you see is evidence to the contrary, there are things you can do to persevere.

  • Step away. Regroup. Taking a break can lead to a breakthrough. A change in your perspective unleashes creative thinking.
  • Call in the reinforcements. Seek counsel. Consult a professional. Obtain guidance from a mentor. Get advice from an expert. Ask someone you hold in high regard for their opinion.
  • Consider redefining your goal. Do you want to be happy in your current job, or have a rewarding career? Don’t give up on your goal of having a happy marriage. It may just be that you need to have a happy marriage with someone else.
  • Pace yourself. You are much more prone to quitting if you are exhausted. Maintain a healthy balance in your life.
  • Take baby steps. When you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, take one baby step toward your goal per day and you will keep your momentum.

Surrender to Life. Live Life on Life’s terms. Don’t spend your energy trying to swim against the tide. Go with the Flow. This means being flexible in your thinking. Life is extremely efficient. As you move two steps forward and one step back, realise that there really are no mistakes. That one step back is your biggest gift in that it provides knowledge and experience that is needed in order to attain your goal. Pursue your passion but don’t be rigid in how you will achieve success. Rather than resist what appears to be a dead end, embrace it as a blessed detour. Allow Life to open doors and show you ways to achieve your dreams that never occurred to you. Surrender is not giving up. It is part of the process. It is a state of allowing. Your ability to persist is not possible without your ability to allow.

So continue to follow your heart. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Keep the faith. Anything is possible and miracles happen every day. Know that goals are not meant to be reached in straightforward fashion. Some of the greatest discoveries and inventions were the result of divine “mistakes.” Progress is often made via a zig zag toward your goal. The universe is aligned for the attainment of our purpose and passion. We are meant to enjoy the journey.

Tony Fahkry is an expert in integrating the mind-body connection with health & healing and personal growth to achieve greater human potential.

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