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Procrastination - How To Quit Working



Everyone procrastinates

Even my most motivated, diligent clients on occasion don’t do what they say they are going to do. Why? Life gets in the way. It sounds much more appealing to watch TV, sit by the pool, or do just about anything than to “work” on the creation of your business at times. What is the cost of your procrastination and how can you move from self loathing as a result of procrastination to true fulfillment? Here’s how:

Don’t take on more than you can handle

If you’re thinking about starting a business, the first question you should ask is what can I give up to start this business. Most people have more on their plates than they can currently handle. If you are thinking about starting a business you are going to need to be committed to the building of an organization. This isn’t an easy task. It takes hours and typically those hours fall after you’ve already worked a full day for your employer. However, regardless of the “time” situation you are in, you need to make building a business a priority. That means if someone asks for help moving, or you could work a few hours of optional overtime, you turn down the requests and focus on the task of building a business. There isn’t anything wrong with the simple two letter word of NO!

Examine and decide

Examine the activities that you are filling your life with and decide whether or not these activities are bringing you fulfillment. I’ve found over the years that habits and routines can guide my time and I often don’t even realize it. For instance, I remember many years ago when I was working, I’d get home and just sit on the couch, for hours. I was tired, I’d worked a full day I thought it was my time to do whatever I wanted. And it was, however, I was making the choice to sit on the couch for hours do little to nothing. This habit was a roadblock that held me back from success. Thinking that “my time” should be spent simply on leisure activities was sabotaging my life. I wasn’t able to build something for myself, because I was giving the best of who I was to my employer and not allowing myself to capitalize on what I had to offer.


Sometimes, tasks sound daunting

Working with many different individuals I’ve had a first hand look at this phenomenon. People are nervous that either they can’t do something, they don’t want to do something or fear that it will take them hours. Often this is simply from a lack of understanding or confidence. They aren’t confident in their own ability to complete a new task or try something for the first time. It’s also possible that they did try it and it was complicated and they weren’t able to complete the task in a timely manner. This causes them to be fearful or reluctant to try that task again. When you’re starting a business there are going to be task that are new, and often times you aren’t going to have someone there holding your hand and telling you what to do. You must build a solid level of self confidence and realize that you are going to make mistakes and that’s okay because business ownership is new to you.

The hidden reluctance

The most important issue to tackle when dealing with procrastination is the hidden reluctance. Are you reluctant to complete a task because of a bigger underlying issue. Perhaps you’re afraid that if you try and don’t succeed it means you can’t be a business owner. Or maybe you’re afraid to do a task because you don’t feel the pieces are in place. Often times we obsess about things like our logo and our website. Our business cards and our phone number. We say these are the obstacles to our success when in reality they are merely just stopping points along the blame game path. Your number one job as a new entrepreneur is to make money­ period! Do money generating activities and you’ll have the backing to design your dream logo, create a marvelous website and order 100 spectacular business cards. Think about what you are really putting off next time you procrastinate. What is really holding you back and what you are gaining by procrastinating. On the surface level we think about how frustrated about procrastination we are, but truly often that procrastination is serving us.

Why are you procrastinating? Don’t allow yourself to believe that it is out of your control. It’s not! Tackle your projects today­!

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