How to Quit Working Reveals: A Simple Plan to Start a Business so You Can Quit Your Job

This simple and easy-to-read guide contains a concise, actionable, step-by-step guide to start a business while you are still working your job and getting your paycheck. You’ll develop a business idea and find your market so you have customers knocking down your door before you even think about quitting your job, which eliminates the risk.

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When You Finish How to Quit Working,  You Will…

  • Be Armed with a Simple, Actionable Plan to Quit Your Job.

    You will no longer be overwhelmed with all that it takes to start a business. How to Quit Working provides a simple, easy to follow roadmap, complete with simple worksheets that let you fill-in-the blanks to create a business plan.

  • No Longer Fear Leaving the Security of your Job

    You will no longer Fear Leaving the Security of your Job. You’ll have a simple plan, customized to Your needs to build a business and have customers knocking on your door before you ever give up your paycheck.

  • Start a Business that is Custom-Built for YOUR Life

    You will start a business that is designed to work with YOUR life. You’ll be able to spend time on the things you love and focus on what is important to YOU.

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    A free, video training series on how to Start a Business so you can Quit Your Job. ($125.00 Value)

  • Bonus Chapter

    Bonus Chapter on how to use technology to create your dream lifestyle. ($9.99 Value) 

  • Audio Training Program

    Create, Connect, Cash-In Audio training program ($14.99 Value)

Buy Now For $13.95(plus $150 of bonuses)
Buy Now For $13.95(plus $150 of bonuses)

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The career path I’m currently on seemed great, plenty of room for growth. I’ve been told the sky is the limit for me. After reading How to Quit Working, I now realize THIER sky is my LIMIT! Well, I’m ready to reach for my own sky with no limits! This book was great!
Daniel Vance
Daniel Vance St. Louis, MO
The idea of having personal and economic freedom was always my dream and now it has come true! Jeff’s book inspired me to make it happen! I not only read “How to Quit Working”, I even got involved in his coaching program. He makes things so easy and doable…. yes, you can do it too!
Diana Dentinger
Diana Dentinger Turin, Italy
I am a fan after reading this book. I love the way Jeff explains complex concepts in a simple way. This book is very practical. I had a lot of fun reading while learning how to grow my business. I have instituted several of the techniques in the book. They work!!!!!!
Ken Canion
Ken Canion Greensboro, NC
When I buy anything, I have a means of weeding out the things that don’t tend to serve me. I observe the character of the person selling the product. So in reality, I’m buying the person before I make any money transaction in order to buy their product. Once again this has served me well! Jeff Steinmann is a man of integrity. The content in this book helps me to like, trust and respect him. Jeff Steinmann is the real deal! He is genuine, and that makes the information he provides in this book even more believable! I highly recommend this book, as well as Jeff’s products and coaching program.
Graeme Hopkins
Graeme Hopkins Dubai, UAE
I often find books give me inspiration but lack the content to allow me to follow through, but not this one. How to Quit Working is a concise, step-by-step book for anyone looking to quit their day job and start their own business. Jeff is qualified to write about this as that is exactly what he did.
Justin Brokop
Justin Brokop Edmonton, Alberta
One part memoir, one part instructional manual, and several parts straight talk and humor, How to Quit Working is Steinmann’s answer to Thoreau’s haunting observation, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. If you think having the life you want sounds too good to be true, you haven’t read How to Quit Working. This book will change your mind!”
Bobbi Linkemer
Bobbi Linkemer St. Louis, MO
This is practically the Lonely Planet guide to successfully traveling to the unknown country of starting your own profitable company. I sure wish I’d found Jeff’s book earler, because even though I’m already doing it, there are many areas in which Jeff’s advice continues to be valid and very helpful in growing that business. If you’re genuinely afraid to make the leap, this section will explain how to do it without much risk at all.
Jason Kannigan
Jason Kannigan Wilmington, NC
How To Quit Working provided me with a very approachable (and friendly) guide to the vast, untapped goldmine of internet marketing. Have a business idea? Jeff can teach you how to produce, market, & fulfill that business online—faster, easier, and cheaper than you ever thought possible. I really liked that every page is packed with actionable strategies & invaluable experience from a man who has walked the walk. If you’re like me (want to work less, earn more, and help more people), I definitely recommend you grab this book. Jeff’s wisdom will save you years of time.
Anthony Balduzzi
Anthony Balduzzi Scottsdale, AZ
A couple of years ago, I was chained to a cubicle, making money for the man, but not making anything meaningful for myself. All that changed after I went through the How to Quit Working Program. Now I run my own company helping small businesses figure out what makes them different and better than everyone else. It is the most meaningful work I’ve ever done. If you believe that you only have one life to live, you know you need to make the most of it, so join the How to Quit Working Program. You’ll never look back.
Ted Manasa
Ted Manasa New Braunfels, TX
With all the hype going on faster than the speed of light this plan is simple, logical and easy to follow. When you don’t have a lot of time it allows you to work through the process as you can and see results and feel successful. Very well thought out. You don’t have to make yourself crazy. I feel like this is one I can do.
Carol Griesmeyer
Carol Griesmeyer Portland, OR
I can’t count how many times I have wondered how to quit working, I think more people than not have. This book gives the reader a guide to changing not only the rest of their working life but something even more important than that. A new way of thinking that most of us wish we could incorporate into our day to day life. One quote from the book that resounded with me was “Now that I’ve torn you down, I’ll build you up!” J. Steinmann managed to write a book that gives the reader a new way or perceiving things and changing his/her life in a way that is informative but educational at the same time. This book is unlike any I have read before or since and I would highly recommend it!
Jennifer Turner St. Louis, MO

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