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Single Mom on Becoming an Entrepreneur
136: Single Mom on Becoming an Entrepreneur

136: Single Mom on Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Emily is a single mom who explains how she quit her job and started a business

As a single mom, Emily Kristofferson knew she had to be responsible. But that didn’t mean that she had to give up on her dreams of a life of freedom that let her decide how she spends time and what her and her seven-year-old son’s life would look like. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Emily explains how she balanced working, starting a business and being a mom.

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What success means to Emily


About Emily

Now that we’ve been introduced, here’s a little more about me and how I got to be the online business strategist that I am today:

I spent 7 years as a Regional Business Manager and 4 years at what would have been a ‘dream job’ for a lot of other people (great benefits, close to home, etc.) – but it wasn’t for me.

After I had my son, my priorities shifted. Dramatically. I realized that I wanted to live life on my own terms and show my son that it was possible to have a life + career that thrills you. I wanted the freedom to set my own hours, to build a business that could grow with me, and to have the time + space to watch my son, Emerson, grow up.

5 Figures a Month and 5-Part TV Series

So, I took a technical training course, hung out my shingle as an Online Business Manager, and quickly had a full practice of happy clients. After a few years of managing the marketing behind the scenes of several businesses, it was clear that I had a knack for teaching. My clients loved that I took the overwhelm out of online marketing and cut through all the confusion from all of the training programs they had invested in.

Since I’ve started strategizing and consulting, my clients have: had multiple five figure launches, grown their businesses to five figures a month, landed a 5-part series on TV, and finally made the switch from hobby to profitable businesses.

I’m like your own personal Marketing Department.

There’s no magic formula to success. But I firmly believe that making money online really can work seamlessly once you have a strategy and steps, sequences, and systems in place.

LindleyWhen I’m not consulting, you can find me taking my son for a swim, experimenting with healthy recipes (Emerson loves making zucchini chips as much as vegan brownie cupcakes), or cooing at my cats, aka my two office assistants! They’ve really nailed the whole “lifestyle” part of this online business world. ;)

Now it’s your turn.

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