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Social Media - How To Quit Working

Social Media

Get Your Social Media Done in Less than One Hour a Week

Social Media isn’t “new” anymore. When a technology is “new,” there are people who are really looking for “something to do” with the new toy. For example, we all probably remember when we first got Internet access. We were saying to ourselves, “This is great, now what websites can I go to?” Those were the days when you could just say, “go ‘check out’ my website at www.nobodygivesacrap.com.” and the response would be, “Yay! That’s a new website I can go to!” I absolutely loath the phrase, “check out my website”, by the way, but that’s another blog post. Social Media turned that corner a long time ago.

I have to inform you of a very alarming fact. Nobody wants to follow you on Twitter. Nobody wants to be your friend on Facebook and nobody wants another blog to read. They certainly don’t want to “check out” your website. They do, however, want the valuable information you have! Just like I’ve blogged about before, you have to provide them with value through social media. Providing that value is actually pretty easy when you break it down.

OK, with all that in check, here is exactly what you need to do on a daily or weekly basis to get known as an expert.

  1. Each day, post 1 or 2 links to valuable articles, videos or other content in your niche on each of your social media accounts (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Remember to add your own spin or comment on the things you post. This is a great way to build credibility and provide value to your crew. The great thing about this is that you are probably already following this media anyway!
  2. On a weekly basis, post a link to something you created. Something like a link to a blog article you wrote, a trade journal article you wrote, a podcast you did, invite to a webinar, anything that YOU created. Don’t try to sell anything; just provide the valuable content.
  3. Daily, respond to comments that are posted on your social media. You don’t have to respond to everything, just do your best. Don’t spend more than a few minutes on this. You can keep your comments short and sweet. Just make sure people know you are paying attention and add value where you can in a short amount of words. These comments will also help you get to know your crew better and give you great ideas for new content.
  4. On about a monthly basis, go ahead and do a little self-promotion. Post an invitation to an email signup with a strong value piece, or something a little more “self-serving”, that will turn these relationships into leads. At this point, you’ve earned the right to do that. Go for it, but again, make sure whatever it is is providing value in some form.

Many will say, what about this, what about that, shouldn’t I also be on Pinterest, shouldn’t I be running a contest on Facebook? I’m not saying there’s no value in all those other things, but get the ball rolling first. Start that dialogue with your crew and then make informed decisions about where to go next. The above steps will get you off the ground with a minimal time commitment.

Bottom line is this: If you do what I’ve outlined above, you avoid two things:

  1. Being “left in the dust” of the social media drag race,
  2. Wasting a bunch of time on social media, so you can focus on being an expert; teaching, coaching, writing, speaking or whatever your pleasure.

Yes, you can do more on social media, but you want to focus your valuable time where it makes most sense. My opinion on social media:

If it’s changing your life, you are probably on it too much.

I recommend spending no more than two hours a week on social media if you are trying to get known as an expert. It may be a little more at first, which is fine as you get going and learn the ins and outs, but make 1-2 hours your goal.

Now, go Tweet … but not too much.

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