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How to Start Living Program - How To Quit Working

How to Start Living Program

How to Start Living is for you IF:

  • You’ve been studying personal growth for a while:
    • You get the concepts, but the newness has worn off. You take the  concepts for granted, but haven’t seen results and you’re ready make change in your life.
  • You’ve been chasing stuff. You’ve been reading books, listing to podcasts, you’ve joined programs, but you’re not seeing any lasting or sustainable growth.
  • You know you are capable of more, but haven’t been able to figure out how to make change STICK.
  • You know you have to make BIG changes. You feel like you’re cheating yourself and the people you care about by continuing to be less than you are capable of.

What You Need to Know Before You Join:

  • I’m going to challenge EVERYTHING you think and believe. EVERYTHING. If that’s not OK with you, don’t join. In each module, I will break down thoughts, ideas and beliefs, so you can rebuild a new way of thinking that will allow you to be at peace and be successful.
  • This isn’t about business. It’s about YOU. It’s about making YOU into the person you must be to be successful.
  • This is a big commitment for you. It’s a lot of content, exercises and challenges. Be certain that you can commit for the next three months.

What You Get:

  • For the next 3 months, you’ll get a new training module each week. Yes, that’s a lot, but we’ve got a TON to cover.
  • As I said, this is’t about business — it’s about YOU. If you want business training, I’ll throw in the Kickstart program at no charge. Just email me if you’d like access and I’ll send it right over.
  • Email me whenever you want. I’ll reply. For the duration of the program, I’ll meet with you for an hour each month.