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Starting a Business -- How Sane People Do It with Brian Casel
117: Starting a Business — How Sane People Do It with Brian Casel

117: Starting a Business — How Sane People Do It with Brian Casel

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Brian Casel on bootstrapping your business

There are two ways to start a business. Get a big investment and put everything on the line — hoping like hell that it works OR, you can bootstrap. Bootstrapping is much more realistic for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a family, bills to pay and need to create income quickly so they can Quit Working. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, serial entrepreneur and productization and bootstrapping expert Brian Casel explains how to bootstrap your business.  

What Success Means to Brian

Freedom. Doing something that make a change in people.

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About Brian:

Brian Casel writes and teaches self-employed professionals how to level up, whether that’s going freelance or bootstrapping a new business online.  His articles, courses, and weekly newsletter can be found at casjam.com.
Brian also co-hosts the Bootstrapped Web podcast, a weekly program talking all about bootstrapping a business on the web.
As a web designer by trade, Brian started his career working full-time for a web design agency in New York.  In 2008, he quit his job to go freelance and continued serving his own clients for years.
In 2012 through today, Brian has been running his productized services, Restaurant Engineand Hotel Propeller, which provide web design service to the hospitality industry.
You can connect with Brian on Twitter, @CasJam

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