Episode #31: Starting a New Business: How to Leave Your Corporate job and Start a Coaching Business

Episode #31: Starting a New Business: How to Leave Your Corporate job and Start a Coaching Business

Kim Ades

Kim Ades on how to start a new business.

Kim Ades (in her words) is not a “corporate girl.” She worked for other people early in her career and her employers LOVED her! She did great work managing their marketing, but in the pit of her stomach, she knew it just wasn’t right.

So she started her first business, a software company that was very successful. But after selling her share of that business, she knew that just having her own business wasn’t the solution — she had to do something she really cared about. Something that she could do that would give her the satisfaction of knowing she was making a difference in someone’s life.

Finally she discovered coaching. Not only did she discover coaching, but she found a better way to do it. Now she runs a successful coaching business using the tools and techniques she discovered and perfected.

On this episode of the “How to Quit Working Show” Kim is going to tell us how she did all that and:

  • The simple technique she used to figure out if her idea for a business was going to work
  • How she scaled her business so that there is more than just HER doing the work
  • What she did when a consultant told her she was “selling snake oil”

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