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Episode #47: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs - How To Quit Working
Episode #47: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs

Episode #47: Starting a New Business with the Number 4 Team Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs

Scottie Hobbs

Beachbody Coach Scottie Hobbs on Starting a New Business.

The “Job”

Scottie Hobbs was sweeping floors at a factory. He was living paycheck to paycheck, his wife also worked and they barely saw each other. This wasn’t working. Not only that, he had become “skinny-fat.” Did I mention he had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR kids?

He knew needed to make a change.

The Discovery

Then he discovered Team Beachbody. He met a Team Beachbody mentor and learned that there was another very different way that he could make money.

But, he wasn’t sure. Was this a scam? Could people really do this?

The Move

After sitting on the sidelines for eight months, he finally decided to give it a go. At this point more than every penny they made going to bills and basic living expenses, Scottie had no extra money to invest in a business. He had no time, no computer, no smartphone, four kids and a lack of self-confidence.

But he did it anyway. Let’s repeat that: he did it anyway!

The Result

Scottie now has a six (soon to be seven) figure business and lives a lifestyle that he calls, “a dream I still can’t believe.”

On this episode of the “How to Quit Working Show” Scottie shares how he got over those hurdles as well as:

  • How his kids have been a reason instead of an excuse for not starting a business.
  • How he came up with the money he needed (when his personal finances were way in the hole) to join Team Beachbody.
  • How he found the time when he had absolutely NONE!

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You can get more information about Scottie at:

scottiehobbs.com. Click here to become a Team Beachbody coach. You can also email Scottie at coachscottiehobbs@hotmail.com.

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  • Scottie Hobbs

    Jeff thank you so much for the interview. It was amazing being able to share with your audience the things that we have learned over the past 3 years. We are so excited about life it’s hard not to share!

    • http://howtoquitworking.com Jeff Steinmann

      Thank you! You’ve demonstrated how NOTHING can get in the way when you are really devoted to something and have a good reason.