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Episode #32: Starting Your Own Business with Jason Kanigan - How To Quit Working
Episode #32: Starting Your Own Business with Jason Kanigan

Episode #32: Starting Your Own Business with Jason Kanigan

Selling is Hard

Jason Kanigan

Jason Kanigan interviewed on starting your own business.

  • Sales people are sleezy.
  • Sales people are out to get your hard-earned money just so they can make a buck.
  • Sales people are greedy.
  • Money is evil.
  • It’s the root of all evil.
  • Talking about money is rude and impolite.

If you believe even one of these things, you will want to listen to this episode of the How to Quit Working Show. Anyone who wants to achieve Freedom through Entrepreneurship needs one skill and one skill only. Selling.

There’s More to it Than Luck

Jason Kanigan started off his career selling large expensive power equipment to construction companies. And he did well. But what bothered him was that he just didn’t understand why sometimes he got the sale and sometimes he didn’t. He wanted to understand the process of selling better. So he set out to figure it out.

Jason Uncovers the Secret to Selling

And he did. He figured it out really well. He dissected selling like a frog in high-school biology class and assembled it back into a well-oiled process that gets results.

Before long, he found out (rather abruptly) that there is no security in the corporate world. He got the golden boot, which is when he said, “Enough is enough. I need freedom and security, so I’m starting my own business.”

The rest is history. Now Jason runs his own business out of his house helping other people learn how to use his process for selling.

Jason is on a mission to transform 100,000 people from slimy tricksters who will say anything (like Herb Tarlec from WKRP in Cincinnati) to get an order into trusted advisors who are well-rewarded for their expertise.

On this episode of “The How to Quit Working Show” Jason is going to share these tips on selling:

  • Avoid the dreaded “I have to think about it.”
  • Make sure you never get the client from hell
  • How to deal with your discomfort about money

Listen to the entire episode here:


Click here for a full transcript of this episode

You can get more information about Jason at: jasonkanigan.com

Jason Referenced these resources:

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