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Steal Other People's Stuff - How To Quit Working
Steal Other People’s Stuff

Steal Other People’s Stuff

Stealing other people’s stuff is a great way to get known as an expert!

No, no, no. I’m just kidding. You don’t really steal it, you promote it! And the “other people” will love you for it!

We are all creating content (just like this blog post you are reading!) that we want to be spread all over the Internet for lots and lots of people to see! We do it because we have a message inside us that we want to take to the world! I want to teach people that they can get known as an expert and they can get free from the age-old and much-disliked concept of trading their time for money. So, I write about it, like I’m doing right now. What do I really want? I really want LOADS AND LOADS of people to read this! I want everyone to read it!

And, believe me, a MASSIVE amount of my time is spent trying to get people to read the things I write. It’s pretty much “what I do.” I get people to read stuff! I never actually though of what my company does like that, but it basically is.

So, I would love nothing more than for you to share this blog post in as many places and ways as you possibly can. That would help me greatly! But here’s the great thing, it will also help  you! When you share other people’s content (preferably mine :)) you begin to position yourself as a someone who is a source of great information. You position yourself as someone who “knows where to get the good stuff” AND is awesome enough to share it! This is not an idea I came up with, but one that is very commonly used across the Internet.

There is, however, one really important addition I always like to make to this fabulous idea. I always add my own little “spin” or “frosting” onto the content or article. I am building a brand about Jeff Steinmann, so I want everyone to know that while I’m sharing and giving credit to others, I do have my own opinion and perspective on this matter! So, when I share other people’s content on my Facebook page, for example, I add a little blurb with my own thoughts and perspectives before the link and title of the article, video, or whatever I’m posting. Here is an example from my Facebook Page:

Now, while I believe whole-heartedly in this technique, it DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT replace creating your own great content. You still keep creating and publishing great content. But here is the amazing thing. When you share other people’s content, they are happy about it and more likely to reciprocate and share your content!

Now, go post this everywhere you can think of…please.

Thanks a billion!

Let me know in the comments below if you post other people’s content and how it works for  you!

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